Body Language – Bitcoin Vs Libra Regulatory Certainty


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Profasu Cockroach

hi mandy! i dont know if you are aware of the big block vs small blocks/ bsv vs btc war right now GOING ON IN Crypto Twitter, but this two are the biggest representative of each side, can you please take a look to this video and analyse these two ^^, i think tone(BTC core) looks really stressed but daniel(BSV) more relaxed. hope you will be able to chekc it pleaseeeeeee <3.




Nice! I’m not comfortable with the topic but, even I enjoyed that analysis! Imagine, a congress critter who doesn’t read from a script because he actually knows what he’s talking about. Will wonders never cease? Here are my limited takes from this video:

1) Libra is controlled by a central bank, only they don’t call it that. 2) Libra is absolutely secure… Facebook says so! (Seriously?) poo

3) When I turned my eyes away from the wiggly woman (too much wiggling), I got fixed on the guy next to her. There sure was body language going on with him! LOL! Did anyone else catch that? in-love

Subliminal Theta

Actually, I couldn’t take my eyes off the guy. He seemed to be feasting on every single word that came out of her mouth.


What a contrast after the commie squad of puppets. A congressman who is well informed and thinks for himself. I think he replaced John Bohener. Quite an upgrade.


It makes a difference when the people asking the questions know the topic and write their own questions!


Shitcoin! I love it! Excellent explanation and analogy by both Mandy and the presenter here.

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