Body Language – DNC Squad Leader


Note: All comments in my videos are strictly my opinion.

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Karen Hulick

The P O S Muslim NEVER addressed the QUESTION! Send her back is for HER !

Karen Hulick

Sorry people like her just trigger me. I know all are not bad but she IS.


this “Squad” has lit a fire under people with investigative skills who WILL find any dirt they have in their closet. They already have a LOT on Omar (all documented by “paper-trail”) it looks like. I am sitting back and watching the show. It is getting more interesting by the day.


Had to add this- my wife just dubbed them ” The Socialist Spice Girls”. True at multiple levels.

Gen. Stewart

I WAS RIGHT ! Omar was radicalized before coming to America. PROOF:…Qanon/News,The Squad,utube 7/18/2019 . Spread it around as much as possible.


This analysis reminds me of Viktor Suvorov’s analysis on Soviet behavior. I was trained by Suvorov when I was in uniform.

frank papandrea

Saul Alinsky Squad


And their rules are radical. And his nod/acknowledgement/dedication to satan “…the very first radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom – Lucifer.”

Diane Hering

It’s obvious, IMO, that red dress spoke first so that the Queen would have a proper introduction.

Gen. Stewart

Wasn’t there a casting call by the soro’s group and these four were selected ? Isn’t Cortez’s COO her handler ? I believe Omar was radicalized as a child before she came to America.

The truth always speaks

This is just another psyops sideshow. AOC isn’t old enough to run for President and their support of Antifa will eventually result in another Kent State standoff. They completely and totally under estimate the true patriots of this country, who will let no harm come to this country.
I’m the one who got wind of the email threat to you and confronted the “David” character and told him my address and to show up with 100 of his friends anytime they like and to bring at least 100 of them. Hopefully they have ceased their harassment of you..

They have no clue the hell that awaited them.

Keep up the good work. We love you.


I was hoping you would do a video on this – thank you. What’s with all the blinking from red dress? Was she just nervous? She blinked a lot!


I’m waiting for the cat-fight between this squad and Speaker Pelosi. 😇


They’re creepy and they’re kooky, mysterious and spooky, they’re altogether ooky………


… the Ilhan Family.

Gen. Stewart

Humor is a good tension release .


How did our country ever come to this? I turned on CSPAN today and all they where doing in the house was calling each other names. Such a waste of time and money. And we do need to stop allowing this and start standing up for this country.


I suspect that part of the reason that Omar is the dominant one is that unlike the other three, she did not audition with the Justice Democrats to run for office, even though she is supported by them. The others answered a casting call and were handpicked based on appearance, demographics and communication skills and were funded by them. The are basicly actresses hired to present the Justic Democrat platform. Omar actually ran her own campaign though she took money. Americans should research this. It is an insidious plot to infiltrate the Democrat Party with more hard core commies.


i wonder if it was Omar’s organization that was doing the hiring


Though I am surprised it is still up, the Justice Democrats You Tube Channel still has a video up basically bragging about their audition process and how AOC went from bartender to being selected to run for congress by them. They are hardcore leftists led by Alexandra Rojas, Zack Exley and Siakat Chakrabhati and primarily funded by George Soros’s Open Society Foundation. The three more submissive ones are leftist puppets that are true believers. Omar is even worse. This whole plot to get rid of moderate Democrats was hatched by that foul mouthed fat Turkish guy on the “Young Turks” TV show. These people are a serious threat, and if people in heavilly Democrat districts do not wake up, they will gain more seats. I have heard that part of their scheme is to run commies as Republicans in suburban primaries, hoping the slumbering populations will fall for a pretty face, white guilt or low turnout.


Mr Reagan produced a two part video on this a few months ago… The Brains Behind AOC Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez + The Brains Behind AOC Part II. Worth watching.

Gen. Stewart

Very good point ! That would answer why she seems to be the leader. I believe omar was radicalizes as a child in that camp and built on it during schooling in America. I also believe that Cortez is scripted by her handler ( can’t spell or pronounce the ragheads name).


Excellent to get a read on the “squad.” I’d be interested in knowing if red dress actually believes their “squad” is large?


I think the squad of 4 fidiots believes it, all based on the millions of worthless Twitter followers they have. Fortunately, those mostly young adults and teenagers don’t vote. Most adults of all ethnic backgrounds know what these socialist-communist race baiters are doing and they don’t approve at all. In a recent poll of swing state voters Der Leader, Purple Jacket, has a 9% approval rating. Yeh, good luck with that come 2020, Dems! Just let them keep running their mouths. Fidiots!

Gen. Stewart

They think that their followers are the number on facebook and twitter. That is their squad


I completely agree & am not surprised that purple girl is the lead sh*t disturber nor that gold girl wants to be the lead sh*t disturber while the other two are merely loud-mouthed followers. I hope they eat each other into oblivion.


Reading the physical dynamics of this group gives us so much depth of meaning. Thank you for sharing your skill!

Cheryl Cooper

This is like the whole country. There are many more whites and Christians but they shrink from the few’s criticism. Now we have these 4 taking over all other politicians. Better start fighting back like Trump or we all lose.


This is going to be a delightful show that this gang of girls puts on.

Do you think this group were forced together by circumstances after they were elected?
Does a group that is forced together by circumstance falter faster than a naturally grown group from mutual grass roots ideologically?

Why is it only women are in the “spuad”? Is it because muslim women would not be allowed to spend late nights with men strategizing or is it the protected victimhood of ethnic women?

A good journalist would ask them why there are no men.


Wish we still had good journalists in the USA. :-/


Purple jacket glanced back at gold jacket, because gold jacket was the only other Muslim in the squad.


I think these two are the most dangerous. They have all muslims behind them regardless of their policies and once they move into your country they all live in the same area and take over local, , state, and federal political seats. They are happy to turn 1 state totally sharia compliant and plot the next state take over.

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