Body Language – Boris Johnson


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I have a question not related to the below but I’m not sure if I’m asking it in the correct space; forgive me if not.

I was trying to find you on YouTube but there seems to be no trace. What happened?


Body language ghost.


Thanks so much! I was looking for the wrong title, duh!

Gen. Stewart

This guy is all over the place ! He’s like an absent minded professor. Farage without a doubt would bring Britain back to its former standing on the world stage.


Right now, Johnson is the clear front runner. There is talk about Farage being appointed Ambassador to the US. Should Johnson win, that could happen.


Maybe they need a Plan D.


oh christ there goes the UK floating away lol


I was missing that laugh of yours! Hate everyday what happened on YouTube.


There was a petition to stop Johnson from becoming the next Prime Minister. It got rejected. I would love to see this guy as the next British Prime Mininster! Then the UK would have their own Donald Trump! LOL! Trump and Johnson on the world stage working together would help in the push to put an end to globalism. Who the Conservative MPs choose to succeed May will be quite telling about what will happen with Brexit. Sure hope The Winds Are Singing Freedom!


Refreshing to see a leader who values freedom over negativity and independence over globalism. Kind of similar to the President’s struggle against the “America Sucks” party and their propaganda arm the fake news media. Any news media that features the sole of somebody’s shoe as the most prominent feature in the camera angle has no credibility anyway.

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