Body Language – Trump China, Russia & Saudi Relations


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Saudis know that we are a net exporter of petroleum, don’t need them anymore, never forgave them for the 1973 Oil Embargo, and know they were heavily involved in 9/11.


Even though some moments may be disingenuous it’s still good to see them together shaking hands and smiling. Face to face meetings make such a difference.


Trump’s posture in all three videos is very concerning, less so with Putin, thankfully.

Thank you, as usual, Mandy. xx


What struck me about those clips the most was how difficult it must be to negotiate with dictators, kings and “supreme leaders for life” who can wait you out if you play hardball hoping the mentally deranged people of America elect a dumbass or a corrupt HRC that they can manipulate. Given that handicap, he is not doing too bad.


Mandy, early in the clip Trump can be seen mouth breathing few times as well as sort of rocking back and forth. Do you think this is congestion (he looks like he’s got a mint in his mouth as he sits). Am I making a mountain out of a molehill? smile


Trump is out of shape. that may be it as well

Our congress recently voted against all military defense and missile systems as well as the technology from going to Saudi Arabia. The $6.8 billion in military sales has been stopped as of last month. Wonder why this relation with the crown prince has grown cold. As seen in the last 2 minutes. FYI


i didnt think they had that power


Déjà vu all over again? (Pardon the Yogism.) Am I psychic or did we see this before?


See what?


I know I saw this video before somewhere. I thought it was here and you had already done the analysis. Apparently, I am mistaken and was experiencing “senior minutes”. Since starting to learn body language from you, I guess I learned a whole lot more than I realized. I must have unintentionally done an analysis in my head when I first saw it this, wherever I saw it. I distinctly recall the Xi and the Putin segments. The Saudi segment was a bit foggy in my mind, though. Hey, I’m old! Senior moments happen. LOL Carry on…


lol you are fine. in reality these people tend to repeat a lot. the media is just slow to catch on wink


Putin understands English. If you watch him while he’s speaking through an interpreter he’s checking the translation. Trump and Putin both now what’s going on and it’s nice they can joke about it.

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