Body Language – Trump Kim Korean Border Meeting


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Inasmuch as I’d love to see Kim with a bullet between his eyes, I’d rather postpone retribution or even forgo it just to save the prisoner-citizens of NK, and to reduce or remove the NK nuclear threat.

Catherine Dale

If Kim has thousands of people being tortured and may at any minute nuke Japan then I think the most expedient way to get those people out of the torture prisons and get Japan safe is to “work the situation” which Trump is great at. If it is your outcome that you care about and not the one-upmanship Trump gets from his political enemies then the quickest way to a positive outcome is Trumps’s way. He knows what he is doing. If Nadler came out and humiliated Kim and turned his back on him then those people being tortured have much less hope than depending on Trump’s plan. The Democrat’s know this. They cannot be that stupid. They know exactly what Trump’s goals are and that Trump is doing the best thing to reach those goals as quickly as possible. Thank you for doing this one.


Remarkable that the MSM didn’t do another ‘split screen’ between this Historic occasion and something like a replay of Schumer and Pelosi berating Trump.

Gen. Stewart

Now,if only the media,deep state and politicians would butt out . That’s not ever going to happen ! Hope all is well in Mandy’s world. Hug that baby !

Ami Manning

Great job. Thanks for all the new updates!

Carol Herbert

“Like a feeding frenzy of piranhas” !
Thanks for making me laugh out loud! x


I think Kim’s stress was more linguistic. I suspect he is learning English and he’s reacting to the words he’s not gotten.

I also suspect Kim may have been secretly at the G-20 in person or electronically. Trump hinted that Kim may not be in North Korea when he sent the tweet requesting the DMZ meeting. I have a hunch that Kim was just secretly introduced to the other leaders of the G -20 in person or via Skype as preparation or staging for the next part of the process. This is based on the idea that Kim was never the Dictator and the real Dictator/ or Dictators were removed late December 2017 with a strategic hack of the North Korean internet.

Good analysis. Love the Parana lines.

Gen. Stewart

WOW ! Amazing theory .


Historic in so many ways. Glad to see this analysis!


I went out to get dinner and came back as Trump was stepping into North Korea.

It was like I came back and the world was a little bit different! 🤔 Only Trump could do this.

I bet Pompeo and his buddies were having a coronary over this!

I think the new team handling these negotiations are hand picked by Trump and Pompeo is not involved.

Did you know that the CIA raided a NK embassy 2 weeks before the last meeting? No wonder they were reluctant to budge on anything… sabotage maybe?


No, I didn’t know about the CIA raid but, it doesn’t surprise me. Just before I read your comment, I was thinking how the media is criticizing Trump for not giving the State Dept advanced notice. Idiots. Trump knows what he was doing by not giving them a heads up. The result is that Kim was happy to see him and if nothing else was achieved, at least Kim is beginning to trust Trump (as opposed to the State Dept). You’re right. The world is a little bit different now.

Gen. Stewart

I agree ! Trump knew not to give a heads up to the people that are looking to twist the knife in his back. He’s two for two ! Unscheduled and private meeting with Putin,now Kim.


I thought it was interesting (and good), that in the end when Kim moves back toward Trump, it looks like he moved slightly behind Trump. To me it looked like he was submissive to Trumps alpha. You called it protective, I call it good, 😉


Typically, the deep staters are knashing their teeth about photo ops and “validating a ruthless dictator”, which shows why we have been in so many pointless, politicized wars. This was a very big deal from Kim’s point of view and shows how Trump is thinking outside of the box that these fools have been trapped in since the days of Allen Dulles. No matter what happens, it is harder to go to war with somebody you have a dialogue with. There is no good reason why we should not attempt to get along with leaders who may not agree with the US constitution. The President is finding the sweet spot of earning respect with firm sanctions and rhetoric and attempting to achieve rapport. Kim looks like he is starting to have a little bit of trust. Thanks for the analysis.


If you’re talking you’re not shooting.


Great reference to Allen Dulles!


Thank you for doing this one, Mandy.

I’m thinking Secret Service is behind the cameras.

Mr. Kim’s smile reminds me of a kid at Christmas time. He’s walking stronger and with more confidence. Either exercise routine or because he’s no longer worried about the Deep State.

Y’all are blessed to have Trump as POTUS.


Good to see there is warmth between them and an openness to finally trust a bit. This is the first time I heard what Kim said to Trump at the crossing: “It is good to see you again. I never expected to meet you at this place.” Who would have dreamed all this was made possible because of Trump’s willingness to listen to a basketball player? Excellent analysis!


Donald J. Trump is a true alpha leader. There aren’t many like him in the world.


An, “alpha male,” is just a conservative male.

Cheryl Cooper

Trump went to Kim which will give Kim status with his country. He needs to never appear to back down so this should help both countries with negotiations.


Great review, I enjoyed it very much.


Yeet!! Thanks, Mandy! Been waiting (impatiently) for your review. 😇 xx


Same for me…

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