Body Language – Crenshaw & Cruz on Big Tech


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I absolutely loved to see them squirming in their seats lol. Thank you Mandy for your work . Blessings to you and your family.

Barbara HEDGES

What is with his right eye covered in black ?

Christa Mosher

He lost his eye serving as a Navy SEAL in Afghanistan. He has said that wearing a glass eye in public tends to be more distracting to people than his eye patch.


Apparently she didn’t get the memo. Psychologically healthy men will lose interest if laughed at. Men who rape are turned on by the violence and a victim’s fear. If you laugh at a rapist the violence will escalate exponentially. She forgot, what every woman knows….. It’s impossible to remove tights or panty hose with one hand.

Carol Herbert

Yes, thank God for Project Veritas and James O’keefe’s assiduous and dogged hard work!


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frank papandrea

this is really a chance to expose Goggle and others but otherwise these people are nobodies


Time for the virtue signalers in congress to pass some legislation redifining what constitutes a publisher to bring the law into the 21st century. Then for the DOJ to go after these companies as monopolies and trusts. The time for talk by any of these people is over.


I don’t want or trust congress to redefine anything. Introducing new laws that reflect 21st century tech might be in order, though. I agree that the DOJ should be going after these companies for being monopolies. Personally, I would prefer “Glexit”, that way the O’Crazios would be able to exercise their First Amendment rights in their own little echo chamber, while the rest of us can retain (or get back) our First Amendment rights, as well.

Gen. Stewart

We have the carrot and the stick. We paid it forward when we signed the user agreement. We paid it forward trusting them to be an honorable site. It’s time to use the stick !


Crenshaw-Cruz has a nice ring to it, maybe 2024?

Part of me feels for the minions who are sacrificed by their companies to Congress, and another part wonders whether the minions were given a choice. 🤷‍♀️

Gen. Stewart

We have several people on the right that could step in at anytime and the countries heartbeat wouldn’t miss a beat. Where as these LOONEY TOON characters at the debates right now are a pathetic excuse for decent human beings.


It’s almost hard to watch a 2nd time. Google’s guidelines now extend Hate Speech to “Superiority over protected groups”(?) His first words represents divisive sanctuary elitism. Superiority? Like some hard working, law abiding, tax payer over some antifa activist living in their parent’s basement and won’t leave. Protected Groups? If you’re not a Marxist, Leftist, gay, MAMbLA pedo, non bright, undocumented, NWO, sharia supporting terrorist, or hell, a satan worshipper… you’re not part of our “group”. NO protection for you! Says the Google Nazi {Seinfeld soup nazi reference ok – not political}. Their ambiguous twisting to redefine ‘hate’ is extreme bull shitery. We’re headed for dangerous times if we’re not alert. History will repeat itself. Protection for some and not for others was how some of the greatest atrocities began. I wanna see them haul in Jen Gennai, and grilled so bad that she’s shakin & sweatin in her panties. Same w/ Pichai, Brin, Page, Porat, and Schmidt.


The name Jen “Gennai” reminds me of the “Patriot” Act, because it gives a name that is the exact opposite of what is really is. Zhēn’ài (or Gennai) means “the one who loves people”. (Learned that Chinese -> English translation from watching the movie “The Inn of the Sixth Happiness”… and the Patriot Act is hardly patriotic.)


You can almost hear these snakes hissss when they talk.


I loved it when Crenshaw basically called them all stupid! #Priceless!! 😂🤣 Congress needs to throw back the little fish & demand the CEO shows up to answer the questions. After all, no matter who else does what & says what, they don’t do it without his approval.


it would be nice to see them all

Gen. Stewart

Let me finish that sentence for you. “IN JAIL” “BANKRUPT” “HOMELESS”


Pricessless indeed


Have not watched it yet but I am guessing there is going to be something about the guy all hunched over and folded into himself!



Cheryl Cooper

very interesting as usual.

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