Body Language – Trump Accuser E. Jean Carroll


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At 8:17 when she smiles after making the comment “that is the definition of rape” is called delightful duping. She feels like Anderson is believing her story.

Amy Fox

She reminds me of Jane Lynch’s role in 40 Year Old Virgin. 🤣

Bonnie Hawkins

Excellent. TY.


“It makes me wonder if this is her fantasy.” And you’ll be seeing a bill from my therapist. Have a nice day. miffed

Genevieve Fosa

I believe that we really began to see in your face joy over a traumatic event during the televisation of the Sandy Hook school shootings. The responses of the so-called parents of the children who had been lost looked very fake. Since then, past trauma has been portrayed as being quite a jolly experience. Everyone, who is seeking happiness, should have some.


Maybe she should be interviewing Cooper.


Mr. Ed (the horse) did that!!

Think of the fantasies??….she fantacised this whole lie.


Oh no.. you cut the best part. “Fascinating…”


Mental illness is truly sad and it’s doesn’t get more sad than this woman and CNN using her!

Joan Hastings

Here’s the latest: a tv show story:


…there are no coincidences….

Mitzi Cole

1 brick short of a full load. She sounds a little like Pelosi. Stay away from these people.

Gen. Stewart

You left out the best part ,where she starts flirting with him before they can switch to the break. Here we have one “Looney Toon”(Andrea Cooper)trying to build on this house of cards with the help of another “Looney Toon”, And they say you just can’t make this stuff up ? The only thing that would have made this better,is for the “Looney Toon” entro and music to be playing. Ba Dea…Ba Dea..Ba Dats all Folks. SMDH

Great Big Smile

That display of mental illness was very difficult to endure but watched till the end….Yep…a glutton for punishment…!


why all of sudden now she comes out with this ,i believe she was convinced to do this .


boy, *cough cough*, sure hope Mandy does the Jre video about the alien scientist *cough cough*
Here *cough*, this one:


I’d pay her to do it but I’m poor af *cough*
that’s why I’m coughing so much


Well, one thing is for certain…..she’s not Anderson Cooper’s type either. ;o)


i donate because u r awesome. this is the BESST one yet!!!! ps i think it reaally happened. but she wasnt traumatized. she was like..i just got action from DT…a little uncomfratble but totally worth it. in other words, could have stopped it at any time if she wanted to. she didnt want to. that is the problem with men in power, you think um i dont really like this with one part of your brain, ad another part says but this is mofo- DT or whoever else…then in retrospect you go, hey that wasnt so cool….but ya still basically volunteered for it.

AHAHHAHAHAA, I just saw a vid that showed where E Jean Carroll got her rape fantasy and you were right, it’s a fantasy, it’s from Law and Order episode.

It’s exactly like how she describes it. AHAHHAHHAHAHHAA


You hit the nail on the head with this one! I do not have your talent for reading people but I did find her to be incredibly cavalier while telling her story. As a survivor of sexual abuse myself, I found her attitude to be the tell I needed to know she was lying. I hate liars. They make it harder for the rest of us.


This poor lady is literally crazy. :-/ She isn’t saying anything that makes sense about rape, or the fashion during the time.e of the alleged assault. Serves you right, Andersen Cooper!

Mandy, you are so right – the fake accusers (and those who try to give their lies support) do a genuine disservice to us survivors of sexual assault. 😡

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