Body Language – Techniques of FBI Agent


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Hi Mandy, I know you’ve answered this before but I can’t find the video that had the thread about it so I’m asking again, do you have any recommendations for books on body language? There are a ton out there but I want to learn more out the type of person specific yet situationally nuanced body language reading you do.
(And sorry if that isn’t the description you would use, I want to read up more so I can describe it better! 😂😂)


Do you think this is a good candidate for the “Tutorials Section?”


Being a cynic, I have to wonder how many individuals he has falsely accused because he just read a partial clue and came to a false conclusion.


Also hope you’ll read Mueller when he publicly testifies in July. 😊 Hope he survives… 😮


Thanks for reviewing this video, Mandy! Initially wondered if he was trying to capitalize on your work, then saw that he used the same “body” symbol that you use. 🤔

Hope all are well! xx

Donna Procher

Multiple “tells.” Very wise. Thanks!

Andrea Becker

I can’t imagine why anyone would ever censor you. You do very good honest work.


To phony identities, truth is like light to a vampire.

Gen. Stewart

Another winning video ! Hi,mandy ! Hope the baby and all are well. I know from personal experience that it is very important to go back and practice basic’s. Many people do not like doing it. Thinking it mundane,but nonetheless ,very important to reimprint .I enjoyed and viewed it a few times.

Great Big Smile

Mandy…Love your content….Retired from Corrections and watched body language constantly… Saved some lives in doing so…! Thank You for all you do with the criminal cases , with a Great Big Smile !!!


This is why we learn from you, Mandy. You put things together in context and do not jump to conclusions. You also communicate what you are seeing very clearly and sum up the big picture by looking at past patterns and multiple tells. I don’t know if this guy actually looks at tells in isolation in the simplistic way he presents or if he is just bad at communcating other things he sees but can’t describe. Another possibility is that he wants to make some cash without giving up all of his methods, knowing that the piblic will eagerly lap up simple explanations. Having been interviewed by multiple FBI agents doing a background check on one of my friends for a “senistive” job, I got the impression that I was observing their body language and picking up more than they were from me.


I read his book. Mandy goes into depth. Navarro doesn’t, not even in his book. On a side note, know why people would hold flowers upside down after purchasing them? It’s because once they are out of water, the flowers still need water. By holding them upside down, the water left in the stems then travels to the head, instead of draining out.

Susan McCall

I wanna know just who he was buying flowers for! heehee – (what did he do? was he trying to make a good first impression? was he sorry for something? for his mother?girl/boyfriend?)

Cheryl Cooper

Great compare and contrast thanks.

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