Body Language – Trump On Iran Strike


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We learn a little more about Trump and Trudeau here. Trudeau is tensed hands and fondling his fingers for comfort. Trump similar to when he was in Saudi with the Prince and most stressed with the Pope! Gads recall that?? Bombard nailed that 1 a couple years ago.
On top of your game here to. As usual on target, Thank you


This was no mistake. Trump knows damn well this was no accident. HOWEVER, attacking in retaliation would make the US look bad internationally, especially with Russia behind Iran. If he didn’t attack, it would make the US look bad too, for not retaliating against aggression and being weak. It’s a lose-lose situation. What Trump did was to give Iran a WAY OUT of trouble, by making them admit that one of their generals screwed up, even though he knows the attack was on purpose. It was to avoid escalation that could lead to war while sort of humiliating Iran for admitting ‘incompetence’. It was a genius move, tbh. Trump is one of the best presidents the US ever had and I hope history remembers him fondly.

Ami Manning

Trudea is such a girl

mihael simic

“they made a mistake” Trump is speaking about the CIA team that made this false flag shutdown


It’s interesting that just 4 days ago Iran said that they “dismantled a C_A spy network”


I believe that by suggesting the decision to shoot the drone down was made by a misguided Iranian underling, Trump is offering Iran an opportunity to get off the hook.

Ursula Leach

The one thing I have to say is that Trump is the best President ever. He is handling everything that’s been going on and he keeps a clear mind and that with the demonrats trying to hurt him at every turn. One other thing that really amazes me is that all Presidents I have seen so far have visibly aged within the first 2-3 years on the job. Trump doesn’t seem to age and he has more on his plate than pretty much any other president before him. We should be able to give him a 3rd if not 4th term or at least we can hope that one of his sons will run after his time is over. Trump is the best we have had ever. Reagan was best in his time but Trump is THE BEST ever. Common sense, a positive attitude and the love for the American people sets Trump far apart from any other president especially Obama who is a traitor


Stress-yes. But he can handle it. Things are coming together well. The tanker and drone attacks are a desperate act by the mullahs of the seventh century death cult/ convert-or die system of conquest, who in 21/2 years have gone from being able to foment chaos throughout the region to being isolated with 40% inflation and surrounded by a multi-cultural alliance that correctly identifies them as the real threat. All this without firing a shot. Meanwhile, the US is energy independent, while the biggest consumers of middle east oil- China, Japan and Europe are relying on the US to keep the straights open. The President is meeting with his Chinese counterpart next week. It is amazing to me how quickly we have gone from handing Iran a quick path to an H bomb and the money to build it, which they would have used on Israel, bringing about WWIii, which they want in their twisted apocolyptic beliefs, to properly isolating them. The easiest thing to do would be to lob a few cruise missles at their AA- I think the President is intent on finishing the job he started.

Susan McCall

Two things we have never seen before in our lifetime: 1. The inside hatred for America from the liberal left (thus the destruction of family cores and the take-over of transgenderism affecting women’s sports) 2. The ignorance of allowing anyone in our Country trickling down to conversion to Islam through our prison systems and schools, (35-40,000 converts a year, in America, through prison systems). There is only one person, one man, who can keep on top of this to continue this dangerous game of global chess and win! win! win!…Besides Trumps slogan of ‘Keep America Great Again’ a nice subtitle would be: ‘Bring morality back again’.


I think the two points you made are very much connected. I have been watching the radical left since 1968. They have always hated America, though at first it was disguised as opposition to a useless war that killed over 50,000 Americans and countless Vietnamese. The leaders, though, were always dangerous, violent, anti-American radicals, who sought to manipulate and control others. I think part of the reason they look like hypocrites for supporting deviance and enabling radical Islam, with it’s brutality on human rights (stoning people to death, burning them alive or decapitating them over religious differences or refusing to wear a burka) is that most people do not understand how similar they are in their authoritarian desire to control others and force them to submit to their belief system. Unfortunately some of these same people or their followers are now leftist politicians and college professors. Sir Patrick Mack on his IPOT You Tube channel just released a new documentary called The Weathermen that I highly recommend to those who want to learn more about where this ideology came from.


Off topic, going back to the last video, here is a video where Makem talks about his Newgrange experience. And yes, his book was very interesting and hauntingly beautiful. Makem combined archaeology, legends, ancient and medieval history, together with poetry, photos and a few personal stories. Go to about the 30 min. 50 sec mark for the Newgrange story:



Great music and an interesting story. When we were in Co. Armagh and the rest of Northern Ireland things were still very tense. A very beauttiful place that must have been hard to leave, but freedom is important. I remember a British soldier who must have pointed his machine gun at me because I was wearing a bright green jacket. I will try to find that book. Thanks, I like Makems outlook on life.


I support President Trump. It seems he has had so much more trouble, from the night of his election, than any other president I can recall. He’s doing his best to protect our citizens from enemies abroad, AND sadly, the evil ones here as well.

Gen. Stewart

Sorry mandy,but the real story is this pathetic excuse for a man,Trudeau. It disgust me to see this weak incompetent “Greek bath boy” being allowed to be in the company of a Man’s Man.


Turdeau may not be pissing off Trump currently, but he sure is pissing off every Canadian I know. He’s gotta get the boot in this October’s election.

johnny ashburn

I spent four plus years reading, listening to and investigating this man’s speeches and I have a “library” of information about and on him. He is a heretic from all Christian doctrine and belief systems. I have spoken at various conferences over those four plus years and find that those who heard my information regard this man in the same light as I do. He is a heretic.
Dr. J.M. AShburn
Dahlonega, GA

Gen. Stewart

Which man would you be referring too ?

me you

Lol, he’s too scared to directly say the name.

I don’t give much credit for being a pretty boy! Infact, I don’t think he’s the right man to run Canada! Shouldn’t he be making really good money being a model or an actor somewhere? Pretty boys don’t belong in elected offices because they can’t be trusted! That’s just my opinion!


A) thanks as usual, Mandy; right on the nose, as usual.

B) Trudeau is sitting so pretty on his perch. 🤣

C) There is such a glaring contrast between beta Male Trudeau and Alpha Male Trump highlighted in this video. 😁

While I definitely don’t want war, with anyone, I also want us to stand up for ourselves. #USA Praying extra for our president tonight.


Notice that Trump called him “Justin”? As opposed to a more official title. That was an intentional move to indicate he feels Justine is lower than he is in the dominance hierarchy.


Pretty sure Trudeau got the memo, too, lol!


Of course there’s a lot of stress. HE’S PISSED. And he shouldn’t have to answer these questions sitting next to Justin which made it all the worse.


And just to add Trudeau is such a mangina and his blue suit , brown shoes, and cartoon sock proves he is a sjw beta male.


You got it. He sits like her’s been castrated. He’s such an embarrassment to Canadians. SMH.


I can’t stand looking at him. It bothers me. What a princess.


Nailed it. SJW beta. As a Canadian I seriously hope this dotard gets voted out come fall.


From my limited understanding of politics over in the Middle East I think Trumps problem is he is friends with Israel.
Does Israel want war with Iran? We know the deep state does… he might be more resistance with the deep state but I think he will find it hard to resist Israel if they ask for help. And not in a treasonous way but in a true alliance kind of way.

So many things going on around the world from censorship to identity politics, spy agencies in Australia wanting to spy on Australians, Brexit, public sentiment shifting in the EU, and Hong Kong protests just to name a few….

It feels like “look over there” while they set us up for WWW3

If anyone of your recent past, present, or possible Presidents was going to be in charge during this time going into war better Trump than anyother.

Ami Manning

Yea, your understanding is limited

Cheryl Cooper

Great report as usual!

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