Body Language – Trump On UFO’s


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Chasidah Fried

I love President Trump., could you see a difference in his body language on the days where hevwears a blue tie versus a red tie?

oratio contraria

I did the reverse speech on this video clip a few days ago. Nothing earth shattering in the reversals, but Trump does say to George at the end in forward speech, “You’ll be the first to know.” And in reverse he says, “One to serve featherweight.” Not the greatest compliment in the world, but hey, at least The Donald still sees him as a fighter.



Can’t believe he did an interview with this slime. This was a look (funny) that you don’t see from him often. I liked his “not particularly” response. I think the scum asking the question was looking for something else. Like your analysis.


You are dead on about the stealth bomber. In the 80’s I am driving home from work not too far from O’Hare airport. Not only me, but hundreds of other drivers see a flying object that looks nothing like a conventional aircraft-delta shaped, dark, silent, with a white and green light. That evening it is explained that it is a weather balloon. Right- a delta shaped weather balloon travelling horizontally at high speed. Most likely an emergency landing and a cover story. If there really are extraterrestrials, the President should turn Little George over to them for experimentation. He is a disrespectful yapping pinhead who doesn’t deserve the President’s time.

Gen. Stewart

Hello ,Mandy ! Hope all is well with the baby. I cannot imagine why Trump would agree to give this Human Waste the time of day. George Stefanopolus is one of the most corrupt deep state operative in the swamp. He was Bill Clinton’s personal propagandist for eight years while working in the white house. Was assigned to give hillary softball questions in her big primary interview ,while secretly donating seventy five thousand dollars to her campaign.He was also involved in giving her insider questions while he was one of the panelist in the primary debates. Trump had absolutely nothing to win in giving this interview. AND HE DIDN’T ! I hate to say this,but this was a stupid move !


i think he is trying reach those brainwashed masses. only way is to get on the only network they watch


Thanks for doing this one, Mandy. I am a fan of most things Trump, simply because he is a good study and seems to be consistent in his behavior.


You’re right, BethJ. I love watching him during his rallies and am looking forward to the one tonight in Orlando. Should be fun. Maybe there will be something there Mandy might focus in on.

I was there last week Nonna. Orlando. Something very suspicious about the new 6th military division. Space Force. Seems a very funny subject because Mike Pence and wife Bust out laughing. Then this hands clenching and finger twirling thing.
Trump was rather hard to read in person as he clenched forward on the podium. But then again, hands do move, eye brows and full upper body movements show what he’s stressed about and a couple times blowing hot air, etc.

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