Body Language – Apollo 11 Conference


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frank papandrea

sure it was a hoax, thousands of people have kept quite for decades


So you think everyone has to be “in it” for something like that to succeed?
Do you know who worked for the NASA? Do you know what Operation Paperclip was?
Literal Nazis taken out of Germany and moved to the US, and some of those Nazis working for NASA.
Operation Paperclip was a fact.
Do you trust Nazis?
I don’t.
Tons of people simply did their work. Were even happy that they managed “to do it”.
Only a few people would have to be “in it”.
“Need to know” rule.

Is NASA military or non-military?

Do you know the name of the mother of Buzz Aldrin?
What are the odds of that to happen?
Are astronauts selected based on the name of their mother or selected based on their skill set?
Is that symbolism?
What happened to his mother?
Let’s pretend that the moon landing was fake, would that be a way to make sure that someone doesn’t spill the truth?

And why did NASA destroy the original footage (they overwrote the magnetic tapes)?
Why did they give at least one country moon rocks that weren’t actually moon rocks?
Why is the NASA saying that all the technology to make it happen was destroyed back then and that it would be “too painful to rebuild”?
What is “too painful” supposed to mean?
Too expensive I could sort of understand (but then why destroy it in the first place), but too painful?
Did they use slaves to build it?
Is technology especially computer tech way more advanced nowadays than back then?
Why are there all sorts of different answers made by astronauts when asked if you can see the stars when you are in space?
Why does NASA have a problem nowadays regarding the Van Allen radiation belts?
Did the Van Allen radiation belts not exist a few years ago?
How did they do it back then?
Why did the astronauts not die immediately because of those belts?
Why did NASA destroy the original data?
Why did NASA destroy all of the stuff that got them to the moon?
Does that make sense to you?
What is the budget of NASA?
Is NASA unable to afford some warehouses to store that equipment?
I mean it’s not like that stuff was crazy expensive or something and that it would have extreme historical value?
It’s like throwing the Mona Lisa into the trash, but even way worse than that.

What was Operation High Jump?
What was Operation Deep Freeze?
What was Operation Fish Bowl?
I could go on.

You just have to listen what NASA is saying themselves nowadays and what they did – intentionally – and what they consisted of (at least) back then (Nazis). If you think that all of that is a-okay and not worth any investigation, then I don’t know what to say.

I wonder what NASA is going to do. Trump really wants to make it a second time to the moon.

And hey, I’m not even saying that they never landed on the moon, maybe they actually did, maybe some centuries later, maybe there already was way more advanced tech back then and it’s all top secret.
But what the public saw was a stage play. And I have serious doubts about the official astronauts.

Also imagine actually broadcasting that live / “live” and then something goes horribly wrong and everyone dies.
Would the US government take that gamble?
I mean tons of CHILDREN saw it.
What would they have done then?
Cut the feed and pretend that everything was fine?
Thankfully everything worked out perfectly, like one of these Hollywood movies.

We know that the US government has lied tons of times.
What did they do re: Iraq war 1? “Babies in the incubators” stage play?
That was a massive lie, engineered by the PR firm “Hill and Knowlton”.
And no one got arrested, despite tons of humans dead because of that fraud.
Or what about Iraq war 2? Bush claiming that Saddam had WMDs and Saddam was also connected to 9/11?
Was that the truth? No, it wasn’t. It was a big lie, and millions of people died.
And US soldiers in Iraq were told they were fighting against the people who did 9/11.
And when those soldiers got PTSD and got mentally sick, they were even left alone by the very same US government.
Now that IS sick. Way way more sick than pretending to successfully land on the moon.

btw. what are the odds that Wernher von Braun (a Nazi) wrote a book back then about an “Elon” going to Mars?
Isn’t that weird?
What are the odds?



Gen. Stewart

Humans are amazing ! These men braved the unknown,death possible at any second.Yet,they are terrified of Failure. That is what stage fright is. I was a guest speaker at a university,and reacted the same way.Even tho I was responsible for and in constant physical contact with hundreds of people on a daily basis. It would help to understand that these men were raised and lived in a time that some people lived their entire lives never traveling farther than twenty miles.

Birgit Michael

MAYbe, just maybe they are scared because they were told about cement boots in case of failure.. NAW, kidding ..The guy in the middle looked frightened .


They are scared half to death being in front of the audience and yet have gone into space totally disconnected from civilization and life as we know it. Amazing, isn’t it? I will admit I was one of the skeptics even though I did see the moon landing on TV when I was a kid and believed it at that time. I think it’s the Science Channel that is currently airing a series about the moon landing conspiracy theory that is worth watching. For the first 2 episodes, I remained a skeptic. But, I just saw the 3rd episode last night and even the conspiracy guy had to admit that maybe it really did happen, since the evidence pertaining to the moon rocks proved that they were not parts of anything from space that had fallen onto Earth but, something brought back to Earth from the Moon. Glad you did this one. Now I’m not so skeptical anymore.


read reply to gomf


Not being a lunar mission denier, I’m glad you did this one. Having lived through the space program as a kid, and being fascinated by it, the thought that the whole thing was a hoax with so many missions and so many people involved is really hard to imagine. My guess is that most of the truthers are younger and did not live through almost a decade of nearly constant coverage of dozens of missions and over a hundred people in space. The assassinations of the same era, on the other hand, are as fishy as the cleaning station at Ludington Harbor on a hot July afternoon.


i just think they found structures of some sort on the moon that was ‘man’ made and that alone is enough to make people scared. something, sometime, and not present human was capable of space flight.


I try to keep an open mind and distrust the experts, who have a vested interest in sticking to old explanations and refuting new information that may lead to improved understanding. Gobeckli Tepi with megalithic structures from 10,000 b.c. and iron foundries in the U.S. from 900 a.d. that were celtic in design and mistaken for funeral pyres, being two small examples. I can just imagine Buzz and Neil saying ” Holy shit!- those are not our three toed footprints!”


Reminds me of the Tommy Makem song “Written on the Stones”. I read the lyrics in his book, “Secret Ireland”: “The answers to the mysteries are written on the stones.” He wrote the song after his strange experience at Newgrange. I believe he nailed it!


Newgrange is often overlooked as a historic site. We saw it when you could still go inside to the inner chamber. They apparently stopped that since. Sounds like an interesting book!

Jeff Sharkey

Michael Collins is the astronaut at the far end of the table in brown. He flew the command module and stayed in orbit around the moon while Neal Armstrong (Mission Commander, center) and “Buzz” Aldrin flew down to the surface of the moon in the Lunar Module.

Dawn West

Here’s a video for you…… Clearly, Nervous bout something:




Saw that earlier today. Looks like she has to pee but, no. I read they gave her three glasses of water to stop the shakes and then she was “fine”. Wonder what kind of water that was!

Gen. Stewart

I hope they had told her that they couldn’t locate the sniper .

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