Body Language – Carrie Lam Extradition Protest Hong Kong


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ej wxbs

What is intriguing to me is this press conference given by the Hong Kong Chief Executive – in Hong Kong was delivered in English to a mass of protesters whose native language is not English. At first blush I get the feeling it is staged – two different events – one camera on the mob who very well could be protesting – the other camera at the Chief Executives response.


The thing that struck me was that she was so emphatic about NOT having received instruction from BEIJING. That extra emphasis she used wasn’t necessary, imo. I know I have a lot to learn about body language but, something about her face, especially her eyes, makes me think she was holding back something. Add the stutter to that and I have to wonder, who DID she get instructions from. Is it merely an unrelated coincidence that Trump has been talking about restarting negotiations with China? Maybe, but it does make me wonder.


She obviously thinks that the ruler of China is more important than the people but if investors decide Singapore (hardly a bastion of freedom itself) is a more secure place to operate from she will regret that she did not put up a smidgen of resistance.

Carol Herbert

God bless the people of Hong Kong! They are brave but do not stand a chance under the iron fist of communist China.
What China cruelly does to its own people shows how much more cruel they will be to unrelated people. They have to be stopped!
They need the world to rise up and support them. Where is he EU, the USA, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, etc…?

Where is the rest of the world while the genocide of white farmers takes place in South Africa?

Why do some injustices get attention and other atrocities get no attention?


That crowd is insane.
Won’t see that happen in China….
Won’t see that happen in Hong Kong either in the not so distant future.

Wish the West could muster a protest that big!


if we had that size our pop would be in the billion lol


Hahaha.. ok.. came out wrong but in my defense it was 3.30am and when I woke and checked the time I saw you uploaded a video… had to watch…

I was thinking about Australia where we all live so far apart that we can’t even get a statistically equivalent number of people together.


But it does look impressive


She is appointed by the communist party in Beijing and has the votes in the legislature to pass the extradition law, so I guess she is pretty confident. Those poor people in the streets are getting only a minor taste of what lies ahead in 2047 when they probably will be totally absorbed into the Chinese dictatorship and any semblance of freedom and autonomy they have will disappear at the point of a gun. If they can get out now with private property they should. I don’t completely know the history, but it seems like the U.K. kicked the can down the road in 1997. Looks like China does not want to wait the 50 years to take full control and the people know it.


no a lot can happen in 50 years…china knows that

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