Body Language – Pictures of Trump, Ivanka & Prince William


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Like it!!
So now we’re gonna start seeing pictures of President Trump flipping people off.


Well said, Mandy- just like when a quote is given accurately in words but not in context or tone volume and cadance of speech. Here’s one I used to use with my crisis intervention students: Try saying the following sentence: ” I didn’t say Pat stole the money.” Now put the emphasis on each word except “the” in sequence and see how the meaning changes completely based on voice tone alone. Same thing with body language, another primal form of human communication.

Donna Procher

But this picture does have great historical context. They are in Churchill’s WWII war-room bunker and the bedroom Churchill used to grab his catnaps during the war. Surely the full measure of history having been lived out in that bunker and in that room must have washed over the two of them. It would seem they are exhibiting a normal reaction to a historical place. It is almost as if DJT is saying, “Oh my, I can just imagine the intense pressures, fears and anxieties the prime minister experienced here.” And since he too experiences many pressures as the leader of the free world, he could almost be drawing strength from Churchill. And Ivanka seems to be just standing there thinking and experiencing where great history occurred.


Thank you for the historical background, Donna. There is a possibility that you could be right in your analysis but, there is also the real possibility that you could be way off the mark. As Mandy explained, there’s no way to know simply by looking at a picture. Projecting doesn’t cut it. You can actually learn a lot from Mandy. Pay closer attention to her.

Donna Procher

Thanks, Nonna. I well understand, and very much appreciate Mandy’s analysis and expertise, which is why I became a member. But this picture, given our knowledge of DJT, seems to fit into reasonable-guess category. What else might it be? Ivanka is demonstrating classic submissive attitude to her father, and DJT hitches up his trousers in a manly gesture to indicate he is in control of the situation?? Not likely. Given that significant context was available (England D-Day visit, tour of bunker, Churchill’s room) and that DJT had well-documented, great admiration for Churchill (ordering Churchill’s bust to be returned to the Oval Office), perhaps it was not the best picture to highlight the important point that pictures may be deceiving. Now the picture of Prince William was perfect for the important point being made!


I saw the interview that he did in the bunker so my interpretation is biased as that is what I saw.
If you didn’t watch the interview and hate the Trump family then your interpretation will probably be totally the opposite.

I would never think that prince William would flip the bird to anyone so I just laughed when I saw that photo as a gotcha moment in time. But I love most of the royal family. If Megan was pictured like that however I would think it was her flipping something off because I think she is a horrible sneaky person.


Wonderful wisdom in just over one minute. A really good lesson to put in with the Tutorials.


good idea!


Perfectly said, thank you!

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