Body Language – DOJ Barr & FBI Wray Meeting


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She says that she doesn’t trust Wray and Barr. Wray I can see, but Barr? I wonder why.


As others have said, Wray is an agent of the swamp, who comes back to the FBI from a relatively sleazy law firm. I see him as a calculating bureaucrat, who has seen the handwriting on the wall, knows his former coleagues got caught in their coup, and sees an opportunity to look like a white hat by firing a few and pushing others out. I suspect that Barr has come with a purpose to restore public trust in the DOJ. He will probably prosecute some of the worst offenders, especially the ones connected to FISA abuse. How he handles the pay to play Clintons and Tresonous Obama administration will be interesting. My guess will be a few examples made without going after Hussain and Crooked Hillary because of the social unrest that would be created by their mentally deranged followers, but these are interesting times indeed.


That about sums it all up. Do you recall a time during the Obama years when a whole bunch of FBI agents up an quit? I’m starting to question my recollection of that, since NOBODY, not on the cable news nor on the internet, has mentioned it since. I thought it was fishy at the time and I believe those are the people that have to be brought back in order to really clean house and get back some credibility.


I am not sure how many resigned, but once Comey exhonerated Crooked Hillary, numerous FBI personnel would not speak to him, turning their backs to him in the hall when he said hello, and reflecting a “toxic work environment” and “morale crisis” at the FBI, which the fake news media tried to downplay. Many believe that the real reason he reopenrd the investigation weeks prior to the election had more to do with this than the discovery of the Weiner laptop with many of the destroyed and bleach-bitted e-mails. Unfortunately, we have the Jimmy Carter administration to thank for the Senior Executive Service, which limits Presidents to changing out only about 10% of sub-cabinet executive personnel in almost all of the intelligence agencies and much of the federal government in general. This creates an entrenched unelecteted swamp that is potentially corrupt and can easilly undermine most of a President’s first term until he manages to get rid of them. Trump’s housecleaning of the upper echelons of FBI and DOJ is unprecedented in our history. This is why I take issue with those who claim that nothing is happening because there have been no mass arrests yet. It will take two terms, but he is making more progress than anyone else ever has. If the sane ever get control of both houses again, the SES needs to be reformed. It is an unelected shadow government and a source of many of our problems.


Interesting. I wasn’t aware of that. If my memory is correct (and it may not be), the resignations I was referring to may have happened during O’s first term. Maybe a few months after he had the cops (who annoyed his friend) over for a beer to “teach” them about their job. In any event, it was long before Comey’s antics.


Ahh. The Professor Gates fiasco where Obama played the racial profiling card and stated that the Cambridge police “behaved stupidly” even though the Professor was yelling and threatening the officer with his “connections”, which is what led to his arrest for disorderly conduct. The outcry by multi-racial police organizations was pretty intense and led to the ridiculous “beer summit” to defuse the situation. In retrospect, Hussain could have set a very good example by urging all citizens to remain calm and cooperate with the police, who have to sort out what is going on when someone might pull a gun on them at any time, but he did not, which may have exacerbated future police encounters with black Americans.


I like Barr. After what they did to him and his family at the confirmation hearings, I think he can get things done.

Carol Herbert

Wray is an entrenched swamp creature! He has slow walked the release of documents to the IG Horowitz. That’s why it is taking so long for HOROWITZ’S report. Wray is covering for the corrupt coup and the corrupt FBI!!!!!


Good work Mandy! Hope all is well.

Gen. Stewart

These back slapping parties are repulsive ! It seems the fix is in and it’s business as usual.I followed Wray through most all of his committee hearings and just flat out don’t like him. He didn’t get to where he is by NOT playing the game.

Carol Herbert

Exactly! Wray is an entrenched swamp creature! He has slow walked the release of documents to the IG Horowitz. That’s why it is taking so long. Wray is covering for the corrupt coup and the corrupt FBI!!!!!

Gen. Stewart

Thank You ! I have never trusted the CIA and have lost faith in the corrupt FBI.I have been around a couple of them.They have a look that leaves you uncomfortable while with them and a paranoid feeling that they have just analyzed you.Always guarded in their conversation.Damn robots !


Thank you Mandy! I can’t believe you’re back in full swing with the wee one. She must be as cute as can be ♥ Hope you’re getting some rest and help at home.


Stress in the mouth – Wray is outh.

….he just doesn’t know it, yet….


Probably the most interesting aspect to Barr being AG, again, for me, is how most Democrats lauded him during President Clinton’s presidency and vilify him now. Same man, different presidents. Has Barr’s views or values changed that much? I think not.

Cheryl Cooper

Very interesting I really find Wray to be Slimy. I personally trust Barr but who knows what he can get done. The swamp is thick and deep.


Ditto that. “The swamp is thick and deep” and they’re all connected. Pray that Barr is a white hat,

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