Body Language – Trump & May, UK State Visit


Note: All comments in my videos are strictly my opinion.

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I love our POTUS, he’s taking out the trash, even if he has some tell tale signs of emotions, he is still working for the people. Great video, thanks.


At least we don’t have to look at creepy snake-face in the previous video now.


Maybe he shouldn’t have even made this trip.

Gen. Stewart

Praying for you and your’s a long happy prosperous life ! I believe May was told to resign. Given her involvement in the coup attempt. Not for being involved ,but for getting caught. For England to be subtracted from the long shit list.If it were up to me ,ALL the conspirator’s would meet with systematic accidents.Leaving a clear message TO THE WORLD. DO NOT MESS with America ! I also think that she was told that “she’d better sale this BS,OR ELSE”. Excellent coverage,Mandy !


I was watching them as they departed out the door of # 10. Strongly suspect that there was some discussion of British Intelligence role in the coup attempt during that meeting. Shortly afterward, it is announced that Christopher Steele has changed his mind and agrees to talk to representatives of the Justice Department Inspector General. Based on the timing, my guess is that he was ordered to do so prior to the President’s visit as a gesture of cooperation and the timing of the announcement was pre-planned. I still can’t believe that Britain would willingly surrender it’s sovereignty to the E.U. in any way. I’m hoping that the President will offer them a win-win trade deal that makes the bitter pill of getting out of that mess easier to swallow.

Tom Nova

I liked what you said. Good read Mandy. I have to say you always make it interesting; I especially agree with the dynamic between the two; May looking for approval from President Trump. Good to know my take on this is what you explained yourself and that gives me verification


In comparison to how happy both Trump AND the Queen were when they met this was a very stern public address.

I noticed the Queen was really smiling with her whole face… ears and all.. in the footage I watched.


Yep! the coup attempt! May looked like she had swallowed a lemon throughout the press conference. Great analysis!


I completely agree with Cheryl and jimmer. Mandy turned a boring video into a very interesting one with her analysis.

Speaking of opposite extremes, for several days I have been having a problem viewing the videos on this site. The audio is not in sync with the video and the video keeps stopping and starting throughout. This video was a long one. I finally changed the speed to 0.5X and that problem was solved, except for one little thing. Everyone, Donald, Theresa, and Mandy, all sounded like they were out on a drinking binge with no sign of stopping until alcohol poisoning set in. Is there anything else I can do to get the video at normal speed?


Try a different browser maybe….

I have had a lot if videos not matching voices on random sites…


Thank you, Cat. I will try to muster up some courage and attempt to install Opera over the weekend and hope the computer doesn’t crash. So, if you don’t see me back here for a while, you’ll know my computer is in the repair shop. Not having a problem with videos on other sites, so I thought it might have been because of something new on here.

Gen. Stewart

Yes ! Play the video again ,but don’t drink this time. grin XD


Hey! The bar must have closed! Tried the video again today and it works just fine!

Cheryl Cooper

Very interesting at the end there I would have missed her stress bet the election interference is at least part of her stress as you said.


Much more professional? I say it was painfully diplomatic and extremely boring. Your analysis made it interesting. May did act like she had swallowed her tongue. Since I was just locked-out from Twitter for calling Milly Cyrus a slut, I think I’ll see you over at Parler.


see you there!


What’s you Parler handle?


Never mind. I figured it out.

Gen. Stewart

Just a side note: Trump rented four of the five floors of the same building lisa Page,Strok and the english Co-conspirators used while coordinating their plan. President Trump knows how to send a message.

Gen. Stewart

Big thumbs up on the CYRUS WHITE TRASH CLAN.

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