Body Language – Mueller & Nadler Press Conference


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He looked like he was passing gallstones. Great analysis.

Tom Nova

Always interesting. I like to hear your “take” on these videos. Thanks

Svenska Gubbe

For an educated man he did stumble a lot. Nadler didn’t stumble at all. Did Nadler write Mueller’s speech for him? You gotta wonder


Thanks for the quick work on pruneface. Though I would like to see him shredded by Jim Jordan or Lindsay Graham, I would just as soon wait for his treason trial. He is a crooked cop who is a partner in the coup to overthrow an election and is trying to propel it to stage three by playing word games to change ” presumption of innocence” into “implication of guilt” to try to tee up impeachment, while trying to cover his own wrinkled ass from the upcoming declassification that will show that there was no predication for his “investigation” in the first place. You are being very kind and generous to refer to Nadler as “Tweedle Dee” I can think of many other nicknames.

Emily Kiebel

Love your videos. So so interesting. Thanks for doing what you do! Also jeez you have the absolute coolest voice and manner of speech. ✌🇺🇸❤


Notice that both Mueller (11:53) and Christine Blasi Ford tried to convince whoever was listening that that “No one is making me say these things.” Aka “I am not a puppet.”
Just another example of these “types” living in opposite land.
There is a part of me who feels pity for all who fell into such a controlling cuIt.
I believe he knows he may never be able to continue his life *cough* in peace after not doing his bidding correctly for them, and that that is the bone of contention he is fearing.


Russia Russia Russia! Little do they know that people all over the world have been and still are supporting and praying for our President. He doesn’t have to partake or collude or make schemes because he is and has been just plain authentically supported! My prayer is that Everytime they attempt to knock him down he keeps getting lifted right back up until they realize they are powerless. We are seeing it, let’s keep seeing it, by the grace of God.


Way to produce a video in less than 11 hours. You had to watch it at least once, then watch it again for what you believe you saw, then edit the video, add your comments and then compile it all. Even with your husband’s help, it would still take a lot of work.


my secret is majong and word search. Seriously… its training your eyes and brain to see quickly


I’ve got a long way to go.


Wow, Mueller struggled a crazy amount through the prepared statement! Even without the obvious stops and starts, the rest was almost painful to watch. Wonder who was standing to his left? Someone please explain to Nadler (in small, monosyllabic words) that the finding of no crime committed and insufficient evidence of obstruction mean just that, not the lying he seems to want to implant in the narrative.


The way his voice is shaky makes me think he seems upset. I don’t think it’s because of stress, but rather fear. Fear that his supporters will crucify him that he’s failed and he’s disappointed with himself that he did not get the target (Trump) as intended. He’s also fearing what will come next. I think you’re spot on that his ‘private sector’ life will be short lived if he winds up getting indited somewhere down the road.


Seriously… this man should know you need to read the script you are given over and over until it becomes your words…
For a spy and justice professional you would think he would have performed better…
I am sure I saw many freudian slips in there…

He is another person I find creepy and you could not pay me to go to lunch with this man.


Still planting the suggestive narrative that there was ‘insufficient” evidence… insinuating [deliberately] there was evidence and ‘maybe’ a crime. It’s typical legal word game maneuvering. From the start the investigation was fixed; determine Trump’s guilt by association of their very own phony planted dossier. Not whether POTUS was guilty or not guilty. They refuse to present it this way, which is standard for a formal pronouncement. They really are despicable. Mueller’s stress quivering breath was pitiful. His stress is so high that it’s affecting his speech. Reminds me of the Wizard of Oz. Peal away the facade and you see a little man behind the curtain, busted & scared. Cant’ imagine what Barr is about to uncover from the swamp. Thanks Mandy.


Insufficient can mean none or not enough…. a great word used when you have bias but could not find anything.


Yes. Another term is ‘inadequate’. Lawyers love the ambiguity, especially when they got nothin. It puts life in their dead bones.


Mr. Mueller looked like he was going to cry when he first came out, at least that’s the impression I got.


This was actually creepy to watch. I swear it sounds like a commercial for COPD, he is gasping so much.
I even wonder if this was a speech he created. Was this speech to throw the “wolves” off because they are coming for him and others? “Desperate times call for desperate measures?” Thanks for this amazing analysis.


It is not his speech. He could not read it smoothly, could not hold eye contact because he needed to keep refering back.

If they were his words he could have said some of that naturally… certain phrases would have just flowed even if nervous

Cherian Jacob

He knew from the start, this was nonsense. Its funny how they use such fancy language to arrive at one simple conclusion ” nothing happened”.
He knows very well that this whole investigation was a complete waste of time. That there is absolutely no proof to suggest that the russians stole the DNC emails and provided them to Wikileaks. Even if they did, it still doesn’t show anything remotely associated with collusion, which was the point of the whole case. What a shame! He doesn’t want to be asked to speak again purely because there is nothing left to speak about.

I love what you said about Dirt. In the top echelons of power, the only way one wields power is through having dirt! This is so true. This is the story of the Clintons!
Thank you Mandy smile


“funny how they use such fancy language to arrive at one simple conclusion ”nothing happened”. I worked as legal support staff for years. This is what they do. The one most masterful in word manipulation & insinuation wins.


I thought it interesting he uses the words alleged, alleges, appears, but never proof, or proves. “Which Hunt”.


Sorry, “Witch Hunt”


Which hunt could be appropriate… muller hunt, clinton hunt, democratic hunt… all hunting the Office of the President.


His investigation into Russian interference was one-sided, avoiding anything that was not Trump. The timber of his voice is suspect: thin, wavering and timid, almost ashamed to go public. Was he coerced into this by the Demos who’ll use this as their springboard for impeachment? Unbelievable. The whole thing remains rotten to the core.


Definitely sounds like the whole script, plus who would read it, was all written and determined at once, by who?

Cheryl Cooper

Thanks Mandy. I truly hope he has to testify in open hearings. He made so many others testify and jailed some. Testify or get locked up yourself.


I believe that is his biggest fear, having to testify under oath and respond to key questions, particularly from Freedom Caucus members, that would bring him and those he is protecting up on formal charges of treason and/or sedition. He probably already lied when he said Russia fed the Clinton emails to Wikileaks. Assange stated that Russia wasn’t the source.


Awesome Mandy. His trembling gasp lasted throughout the entire speech. I hope he does go before congress. I hope the democrats continue this non-sense because all it will do is peel back the facade that the Democratic Party is the party of the people.


Can he be hauled in by the GOP or do the Dems need yo do it?


dems have to haul him in the house…. republicans do it in congress

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