Body Language – China Trade War Negotiations


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Fisk Svett

You are really amazing!


Phew! Glad to see a new video. I was worried about you, with all the reports I’ve been hearing about the terrible flooding and devastation going on out your way. So relieved to see you’re okay.

Tudor City Lady

Many thanks, Mandy. EPOCH TIMES Newspaper, (I don’t know if she is the owner) but spoke to a group of us at the Women’s National Republican Club. She said China’s 100 plan started in 1949 and in increments up to 2049. They are on schedule to be world leader of Economy with India and US. They stole Intel because they could. Trump is the only one who has recognized and taken action of any kind. China sends their people here with the threats of family members back in China. I want to say that here in NYC, since Trump ELECTION Chinese population has more than DOUBLED in the city and heaven knows else where. In Queens, all owned by Chinese now. The trains are like the Orient Express. I think they are here to vote in 2020!


Good analysis as usual but it would be nice to see you cover more pop culture + entertainment clips like you used to


Why? If you look at the top of the page, underneath the title you will see: Body Language, News & Current Events. An occasional pop culture + entertainment clip is fine, if there are “tells” that teach us more about body language which we can apply in our own lives. But, it is Mandy’s analysis of news and current events that helps us to be more informed about what’s really going on in the country/world. Remember the old Boy Scout Motto?


I agree. Pop culture is unimportant. I demand more News & Current Events.


I hear you, just noting that the balance used to be quite different, and seems to have swung almost fully in the political direction now. There are plenty of recent pop culture vids I’d love to hear her thoughts on. How about the new Tarantino conference where he gets angry over a question? What’s Mandy’s take on the vid of GOT actors admitting they don’t like the current season? Where was Mandy when Kanye talked with Trump? etc. Call that stuff unimportant, I call it fun


To be honest with you, those don’t interest me in the least. However, if there is a body language lesson to be learned, I could hold my nose and watch such things. There is a tab up top where you could submit videos for analysis. If Mandy and/or the community finds value in what you submit, maybe you’d see more of what you like.

Anyway, I find Mandy’s personal comments on things highly entertaining.


“I could hold my nose and watch such things” ha, must be nice being such an intellectual. you guys can act above pop culture if you want but I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who got into Mandy’s analysis through vids like James Franco on the Tonight Show. Just speaking up for the contingent that misses that side of the content! Have a good one


Interesting. There wasn’t much go by, but it was something, To change their intellectual property laws (or lack of), what are we willing to trade? Those must be the toughest of negotiations.


Thanks, Mandy, for being one of the few to take the time to scrutinize China. The fake news has focused on nothing but the collusion coup and the President’s actions when he is the only one tryimg to stop the Chinese from robbing us blind and bribing politicians with sweetheart business deals for family members. They demand that companies share data and steal their intellectual property if they want to do business in China. They insert bugs and malware in their products to steal data. They infiltrate our research universities with intellectual spies to steal classified research aided and abetted by leftist professors who violate security on military grants. That is why they have duplicated our aircraft carriers and the F-35. If the FBI were doing their jobs instead of trying to take down a President or cover their asses, more of them would be discovered. Mr. Hand Dancer has a lot to hide.


Thanks, as always, for reviewing body language on important topics, Mandy! I was watching a video of someone who was explaining something and they used the exact same hand gestures that President Trump uses. My awareness is gradually increasing, thanks to you.


im glad! the world is starting to see!


Unless you’re reviewing a new female Avenger, lol. 🙄😳😁

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