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jim bob

Hello, I followed your old channel for a long time and have followed Ghost as well. Great work! It has come to my attention of a yt’ber who has been making claims of having had 12 open heart surgeries as well as now needing a lung transplant and is soliciting donations under the auspices he needs to pay for this transplant. After reviewing his claims, particularly this video, I have serious doubts that either of the individuals in this video are being honest. I understand this is outside your normal celebrity or political subjects but your take on this video would help me a lot as I simply don’t have the breath of knowledge as you I just am getting all my boxes ticked for deception and have friends on both sides of this story some donating others calling him a scammer. Thanks a ton!


jim bob

for some reason my link didnt show


Kman yabish

Dr. Robert Gallo, “discovered” AIDS defense himself when being confronted for his role is bioengineering the virus for for population control.



Are there any tells?



I hope you’re doing Mueller today. This should be interesting. How does Mr No Name like doing diaper duty? Hope your not in any of the storm areas. 🤞🏻


Andrew Scheer running for Prime Minister of Canada.



Maxim Bernier running for Prime Minister of Canada.


Keith Bricker


David Hogan is a has been a missionary to Mexico for many years and has supposedly raised close to 500 people from the dead and he’s died and was raised twice. Should be a good one.


Feel like reviewing a video on reading Body Language, Mandy? 😂 I did notice the wooden ‘bookmark’ in this video looks like your mascot.



Milo and Jordan Peterson

In the first 10 min or so they touch on Milo being a victim of abuse and from about 15 min Peterson asks if they can talk more about it….

I know you have done a bit on Milo and I think this very vulnerable interview is fascinating and shows Milo is a very different light.

It is interesting to see how the patient/psychologist process happens from the outside.


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