Body Language – James Comey Town Hall Spying


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Yeah, and while he doesn’t call it “LYING” . . . we do!


In other words, anything is justified under the cover of an investigation. There is very little we can do to counter the conspiracy that controls the core elements of government. It’s just too deeply entrenched and has the ability to cover their actions hiding behind the veil of “national security” and “state secrets”.


So happy to have found you!! I found an old message on Patreon when I was cleaning out messages (it keeps telling me I have new messages and I don’t, typical Patreon!). I went to your Patreon to see if you were active, but didn’t see anything recent, however I did find the link to the website in my poking around! It’s been a long time since seeing one of your vids! Missed your videos and haven’t even bothered watching any other body language vids since you left! Then, when the whole Biden thing popped again recently, I was telling a friend that the best video I ever saw was yours, lol, on creepy Joe Biden! I must have watched that video 4 times, bc I kept showing to people, lol! I hope it’s still on here, I just signed up and will add the silver later, I’m afraid I’ll be late for work if I do it now, haha! It’s great to have found you! Looking forward to seeing the rest of the vids I’ve missed!


Can you please review Isaac Kappys last video before he committed suicide or was suicided?



It may be semantics, but how sad is it that a former FBI director (and some current representatives) say & think that the USA is a Democracy. We are not! We are a Constitutional Republic. Sigh…

ION, anyone else see that Kappy killed himself. sad


Hahahahah….his opening statement is bullshit as well as everything that comes out of his mouth. The only Russian relationship that was going on was the Democrats and the imaginary ball they were running with. What a joke! God I hope Trump wins again and jails every last one of these scum buckets!


Release the Kraken!!! (Strong language warning.)


Angela Smith

So the goal of gaslighting is to grow the flying monkey base which may provide enough followers to protest his way out of an indictment or at a min he would bide his time in prison waiting for someone to pardon him…

Thanks Mandy, I enjoy all your videos and perceptions on body language.


Around the 3:41 mark, do you see Comey swing his arm around and bring his hands together. It occurs to me that is a move to hide. He does that several times, and holds that tight posture. Do people “pet” themselves and “hide” at the same time?


Is this whole thing nothing more than one big cult? Great analysis!


Thanks, Mandy. You have done “Leakin’ Spyin’ St. James” before with similar results. I am trying to figure out whether he has twisted around his belief system due to his moral contempt for the President so much that he has justified acts that are clearly illegal, or whether he was set up as a chump by the ringleader Brennan to sign off on the first FISA, believing that the bogus dossier was legit intel, as a cover up for the illegal and warrantless surviellance that had already been intiated by Brennan and Clapper in conjunction with Obama. The fact that he signed off on the FISA as verified and then told the President it was unverfied later, following instructions from Brennan so Clapper could leak it to the press would either indicate that he was in on the scheme or that he is dumber than he looks. Either way, I think he will be among the first to get indicted. He is trying to gaslight as many people as he can before the hammer falls.


‘Massive’ Russian attack: some FB ads and hacking the DNC servers (which O all but disregarded). His guy sells lies and requires justice along with the rest. Comey is as rotten as DC can offer up. ‘A cult’ is the perfect description for what Trump’s up against.
This interview names a lot of names, including John Brennan as the hoax kingpin. (Starts @ 3:55—skip through the ads)




Comey…you are so full of everything but the truth! You are as guilty as sin! The word is S-P-Y-I-N-G….practice sounding out the word very slowly. Barr dishonorable? Are you crazy!? He is one of the most honorable men in the government! You simply say he’s dishonorable because he hasn’t acted the way you and all the libs want him to, therefore he has to be dishonorable and on the wrong side. A different outcome does not make him wrong. In this case he makes it very right.


I agree, very much like a cult.

Chantilly Billy

At 3:50 mark, Comey states “the Director never runs an investigation”. Kind of blows the obstruction of justice charge for his firing.


This is a room of people who at one time loathed this guy, until Colbert told them not to. And now they are attending his “Town Hall”?? Usually Town Halls are held by people who actually have a JOB. This whole thing is insane, and can only be being used as a tool to get ahead of what they know is coming. Look reasonable. Seem altruistic. Maybe people won’t believe the truth. Eeesh.

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