Body Language – Binance Bitcoin Hack Changpeng Zhao #SAFU


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At one point I saw his lower torso/ hip area make sort of a circular motion, So I think he may be sitting on a large Exercise/ Yoga balls in this video. It’s becoming more common for people to sit on them at desks, There are even devises that look like chairs which hold the ball & have wheels to roll around & even a small back support on some. However I think he was just sitting on the ball without one of those devises. Because, When an exercise ball is in one of the chair like devises you’re unable to make the circular rolling kind of motion which would cause his hips to move in that circular type of movement.

Robert Hall

I just want you to know I find your videos to be of great value


Bitcoin is scary…..


I am going to write this reply with the knowledge of a Guinea pig… I have no idea of the terms used so I hope it makes sense.

Isn’t the idea of bitcoin the ability to trace it? I thought there was a trail for every transaction and that is why some big businesses are going for that hidden one?

Why can’t they see who traded it into another account and where it then went?

Also is there a way trade without using a thing like coinbase? If the average Joe can be banned then isn’t bitcoin exactly like every other currency?

I used coinbase for the first time for a sale… what if they ban me for being conservative?

Great video btw


I’ll leave it to the young people to choose what kind of currency they want in the future. For my part, I’m glad I’m old.


I had bitcoin stolen from me. The perpetrator was going to teach me about bitcoin and I invited him into my home. A young guy, and I am a senior. He got me to trust him. Ultimately he switched my device used to log in, with an empty one; and he took a pic of my passcode when I wasn’t looking. He put the bitcoin into his account, which I could see. But then he diversified the funds to many other crypto currencies. There was NOTHING the police or the FBI could do.


There’s a lovely place in Hell for those who rob the elderly.


You can’t know who owns the wallet. That wallet can go any where.

Beth Jewell

Mandy & Mr. No Name – had to re-register under a new name b/c I kept getting the same error message, saying that your website had blocked my IP address. It was very strange. Got the same message when trying to login using cell data rather than wi-fi. Also sent a PM from FB and replied to Twitter about it. Hope creating a new login doesn’t mess up my gold subscription.



I had that problem if I logged in via the top tab but no problem if I logged in on the side tab.

Beth Jewell

Thanks, guys! Was so baffling to me. Will try now and report back. Xx


Yay, I think it’s fixed!! Cat – never occurred to me to try the login on the side. 🙄


Not the first crypto heist and surely not the last. Glsd the guy is not being deceptive, and you almost feel sorry for him, but the reality is that anything kept in a wallet in a machine connected to the internet is susceptable to this and probably impossible to recover.Let’s say you keep gold in a safe that is very hard to crack or move. To steal it the crooks have to beat your security system, not get shot if you are at home, crack or move the safe, and are still on your security cameras if you install the right kind. Any security can be beat, but with computers it seems like multi-level security is harder to do or more susceptible to determined hackers.


You can move your funds to a hardware wallet. The hardware wallets can be just as useful as software wallets. You can even send to a hardware wallet even when it’s not in use at all.

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