Body Language – Pelosi & Clinton On Barr


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Broomhilda is a congresswoman, who’d a thunk?


I don’t know if I can watch this video. These two women are the epitome of evil and need to be burned at the stake. I would actually be one of those fools in the audience cheering the fires on that engulf their wretched bodies!

Angela Smith

Thank you Mandy.

Her skin looked like it was pulled back and clipped with clothes hangers and botoxed maybe. She just gives me the creeps


Pelosi looked wiped out and scared. Nice.
When I see Hillary I see Ma Barker. Early in his administration, Trump was going to give her a break. No more, her goose is cooked.


You are right on the money. Too bad they can’t use your services in a court of law!

Sherri Ward

The crypt keeper (Pelosi) is in rare form in this video. She’s such a liar! I think it’s wrong that our politicians can bold face lie, with such impunity, with zero consequence! This must change- if we ever expect to have an honest government, that works for THE PEOPLE, we must demand truth, honesty and integrity from our government reps! PERIOD
They LIE, LIE and oh yeah, LIE and never answer for it.


Someone pleeeze make them go away!!


Heard it here first-will crooked Hillary enter the presidential race to delay prosecution for violation of the espionage act, treason and criminal conspiracy with foreign assets? I really think she does not care what happens to the country or her pathetic party if she can delay justice. Her only other option might be to flee to a country with no extradition treaty. Hmm…like Russia for instance?

John App

I wonder how may 1000’s of takes it took to edit out hillz coughing & fainting..

Diane Hering

Good video Mandy. Thank you. I’d love to see you do one on Marie Harf and Chris Wallace.

I think Chris Wallace is as dishonest as his drug addled father.


Post a good vid of him for Mandy to analyze: SUBMIT VIDEO
Wallace gets a total pass at Fox. I, too, would like to see his veneer peeled back.

Gen. Stewart

WoW ! I was trying to make a comment and it said I have been banned. I kept trying and it finally let me ? Is that just a ruse they use to discourage us from associating ? My comment: We commonly hear ,history is going to be ____? I think it is important to note that…..The victor Writes History !


I am sure the majority will have no idea what I am talking about. but they remind me of the old talking toys and dolls with a pull string. Pull the string and the same four sentences come out. Predictable narritive, and unlike most good sociopaths, who are able to read the reaction of their target or victim and adjust, these two chatty cathys have so completely insulated themselves from reality in their bs narritive that they cannot see that it is crumbling beneath them, and that more people are awakening to their deception. At least Pelosi shows a bit of anxiety when questioned. Their further downfall will be fun to watch.


That’s good insight.




What they suffer from is akin to narcissism. They believe they can do no wrong. they accuse the other side of the crimes they commit. You could never convince them with any amount of evidence they are wrong. I know, my dad is this way and its scary as hell. God help us when they regain power. they will feel justified to do anything. You see it now….


Yeah, 2020 is extremely important.

Martin Rogers

did u see her eyes when clinton mentions putins name


As Barr has prepared the indictments against Clapper and Brennan etc.
Clinton tries to counter with the Russian-Meddling narrative
and Pelosi with the Evil Villain Barr narrative.

My guess is, they are in full damage control mode and preparing for a massive bomb-impact and are horrified.

Time will tell.


I wouldn’t trust Barr with a ten foot pole

John App

Your 10 footed pole is 33,000 feet short of moral & sound character.

Birgit Michael

No, he has that same snake face like Kenneth Copeland. People who trust any of the creatures in DC are NAIVE beyond hope.


Mandy, the thing is they are so engrossed in their own narrative, are so use to lying, and getting away with it that they can’t stop. Here’s the thing that Hillary can’t deal with, she is highly incapable person. She is just bad at what she does. The only reason she got as far as she did in her life is because of Bill. Once she started going rogue is where the incompetence kicked in plus she is so use to just going on TV, lying, and people believing her. Now the veil has lifted and she is completely obtuse to it.. Her and her elk, thinks if they continue on the same path they’ll win. That’s only because the system they’ve operated from made sure they won. Now something has snapped. Its not working. Listen, the current censoring is a sign of their own frustration. I am sure they are SHOCKED Trump has survived staying in office. They threw everything but the kitchen sink and he’s still there. These are signs its falling apart. If I were the powers that be, I would silence Hillary. Her going on TV and say oh China should hack our system and dump Trump’s tax returns is a probably the stupidest thing anyone in the secret world can say.


sadly in watching them both…they arnt even going by a well thought out plan…. just vengeance


That’s what makes her a highly incapable person.

me you

me you

There’s one thing that’s true, they hate her guts. They would get her killed, if they could get away with it. Chances are they need her in some way or the other.
As for Nancy, her act is there since the first video Mandy put up of her. It’s cute she thinks people would fall for that. Idiots like to think everyone is like them.

SirThomas Danielle

… wouldn’t it be ironic, if Bill were to flip on her, she is endangering his lively hood as well..


Bill is neck deep in shit she would turn on him in a blink of an eye. That’s probably why they are still married…

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