Body Language – Nicolás Maduro Response To Coup


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Profasu Cockroach

I speak spanish, this is what he said:

01:34 …of emotions (deception time)

01:56 …of “gazes” (he meant opinions) about what Venezuela should be. Today is a good day for the contrast between Venezuela of peace of tranquility of prosperity of union that aspires and we aspire, all Venezuelans(male) and Venezuelans(females), in contrast with of the venezuela of violence (hands away from his body 02:24) of violation of the political rights of the constitution, the Venezuela of the guns firing, the Venezuela of the violence, the Venezuela of the coup d’etat, the venezuela delivered to the …

3:14 …of foreign interests of the Colombian oligarchy, foreign interests, foreigners, the gringo empire, a day to contrast

3:44 …to neutralize

3:56 …of crimes that were committed against the constitution against the rule of law, against the right to peace

4:09 …and they threw a group of wounded soldiers and policemen (chin moment)

4:26 …they take the arms of the republic to direct it against their own companions and against the peace of the country? Is that what you call democracy? Is that what you call game rules? You have to be very clear and open your eyes, open your eyes, very very big in front of this situation.


Thank you.


Thank you!


Technically its not a coop because Maduro has not won a real election. He locked up his main competitor but someone else, Juan Guaido, popped up to win the National Assembly vote. Maduro has lost most of the rural areas and is essentially besieged in the government offices area of the city and an airbase south of that.
Half the military has defected but Maduro still controls the armouries and has a large poorly trained communist militia to hang on with. If he faces commandos: British, Brazilian and Colombian with US intell support then he is gone. The National Assembly government may soon switch to siege mode. Cutting him off and leaving him in the dark. the national assembly people have some captured guns but are reluctant to use them in a frontal assault. No coordinated training either.
Also the opposition leader that was locked up has been liberated.


I believe the crux is that he has won the conflict: a victory speech. Does he look like a winner or more like a Baghdad Bob?


Oh. I saw some of this with subtitles… will try to find it…

I am not sure who the people are on the closed side but the side that he extends his arm out to are the military leaders….

He praises them highly and there is one leader that nods a lot in agreement and/or in appreciations .

From what I heard yesterday there are two presidents. One that won the last election and one that refused to concede. Didnt research it and i heard that on the msm…


Maduro is a Communist and was about to take US Sec of State Pompeo’s advice and leave the country. But, Russia told him to stay in place and suddenly all hell broke loose there. Guaido is a Socialist who the US and several other nations are backing. I guess it’s a matter of the lesser of two evils for the US. Also, according to the Venezuelan Constitution, Guaido is the legitimate (interim?) leader.


It looks like Venezuela has/had a two tiered system. Guaido was voted leader in the National Assembly and Maduro dismantled it to gain full power by rewriting the constitution?

I don’t get why the msm ignore very important facts… well I do get it but journalists should be braver than what they are these days…

Sometimes I think ALL leaders are the lesser of two evils…. that is why we need to vote in people out of the two system politics!


Find the fox news youtube channels particularly Fox 10 Phoenix. Its better than the MSM. Australia’s ABC has this report.


The blue bandannas are Guaido’s people the red berets are Maduro’s people. Most of Maduro’s generals do not look fighting fit and most are not actually military men by training. Party bosses and unionist in uniform.


Definitely not declaring victory. When your people are starving to death and take to the streets and you have China, Russia, Cuba and the U.S. either trying to use you as a tool or take you out, even if you are a psychopath, it has to make a guy nervous. Don,t know what the characteristic is in the South American culture that consistently produces tinhorn dictators, but it is definitely a trend. Another fine example of the results of gun confiscation and how well socialism works. Hopefully we will resist the urge to commit American troops when the inevitable humanitarian atrocities happen In earnest. Sometimes natural selection should just be allowed to run its course.


What if your goal is to destroy humanity? He’s doing a great job.

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