Body Language – Former President Obama Advisor, Ben Rhodes


Note: All comments in my videos are strictly my opinion.

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He refers to the reverse investigation into how the hoax began as a ‘witch hunt.’ That’s choice and telling.

Archie Kyriacou

Thank you Mandy for taking your time to make your videos. I not only love the content of your videos and how you break them down but also hearing your soothing, calming and comforting voice is also a huge plus that I like as well. No disrespect Mandy, I appreciate your videos

Cindy Lou

Excellent commentary and yes, Trump is coming for them. yayyyy


LoL, that so funny! thank you for posting that video.

Benjamin Pimentel

Mandy, since you’re being kicked out from other social media sites, you should consider joining as a backup. Snippy won’t kick you out because it was developed by folks who are pro-First Amendment. I have no financial dealings or anything with snippy. I’m just putting this out there FYI.


Rhodes knew everything. A cat on a hot tin roof. Let’s see what he has to say under oath. Thanks for this one.


One of Hussain’s worst henchmen, but a very bad liar, and also reckless enough to admit that they used the media as a tool to lie to the public at the same time as his own brother was the boss at CBS News. I sincerely hope you are right, Mandy, and that he is low hanging fruit for the Trump Swamp Harvest. It should be a very interesting summer for fans of justice.


You’re so funny, Mandy! “One, two… Trump’s comin’ for you… ” LOL! Just so you know, I’m stealing that happy little tune. crying


have at it XD


Here ya go: One, two.. Trump’s comin’ for you. Three, four, ya can’t get out the door. Five, six, you made Trump sick. Seven, eight, this isn’t Watergate. Nine, ten, you’re going to the Pen.

Everybody feel free to make changes or just sing along…

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