Body Language – Kim Jong Un & Vladimir Putin Meeting in Russia


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Awesome. Thanks for doing this one. I never thought these two were that that close. Kinda scary. Neither one ever appeared that comfortable with Trump.


Super analysis again! Is being BFF’s a good thing for either in the long run? I would shake with one hand and have the other ready… we’ll see…


Great and revealing analysis. Loved how Putin could not take his eyes off the sword. It would have been nice to get a better look at it. I echo the sentiments of Nonna and Jimmer in wondering how much more Trump would have accomplished had he not been the target of an attempted coup by the deep state, media, and Clintonian collussion with foreign interests. The traitors need to be held accointable as a deterrant for the future.


Thank you for doing this, Mandy. It’s interesting to see how the world leaders act around each other when Trump isn’t around.


Kim likes the attention and seems to think he has the Big Three over a barrel over denuclearization. Let’s hope he serious and doesn’t start playing around. At least the Big 3 are holding strong with sanctions.


Very interesting analysis, even if a little bit disturbing. I can only wonder how things might have been in North Korea if Trump hadn’t been so bogged down with “Russia! Russia! Russia!” and could have had real talks with Putin over the past couple of years.


It appears the DNC got what they desired: a mess. Next year, across the country, let’s let them know what we think.


From your keyboard to God’s Big Screen. Amen.


Not so fast… now Fat boy is Russia’s problem.


Look at how friendly and jovial that fat Asian man is. Who could possible thing of him as a brutal dictator who starves children to death?

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