Body Language – Rami Malek


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i also have a pet snake

Hollywood Communications

Yes, rich people do Cocaine but they don’t call it Cocaine, rich people also do alot of Crystal Meth but they don’t call it Crystal Meth. PointIing out some one looks clean doesn’t rule out one or the other, both destroy you. I do agree Kat, coke looks like it’s still a big character in the acting circles

Gen. Stewart

This guy,who ever the hell he is ? Is waiting on his Drug Mule !


The dude does drugs or alcohol – sad.


Eyes looked dialated which would rule out opiates unless he was in the beginning stages of withdrawal. Teeth are too good for a chronic meth user, but he could be at the beginning. I thought his speech was also too slow for meth. A lot of people in Fakewood get prescriptions for Adderal from their Dr. Feelgood to have energy and keep the weight off. That would be my guess.


I immediately thought of opioids? Just a quick thought. Several years ago my dad was given a ton by his dr. and he was so agitated all the time.
How was he able to stand up after that kind of tightly wound body stress? Holy cow! Great analysis!


He looks too clean for meth… rich people do cocaine don’t they?

My laptop in not booting up so I am going to be using my tablet or phone…. hopefully.

Have you seen any.of the Kim arriving in and leaving Russia stuff on RT? It would be great to touch on that .

me you

I was in the same situation a couple of days ago. You should try pulling out the battery and putting it back in before trying again. That fixed it for me 🙂.


I think it was a power surge during the last storm we had but will try to do that. Thanks

Nathaniel Johnson

I played music and travelled with a dear friend addicted to meth and that was my first guess. Those violent jerks and excess tension in has hands was what stood out to me.


I agree. Who is this guy and why should I care? Oh, Queen movie. Right, who cares about another insecure actor? He even managed to made the SAG interviewer uneasy. Ugh.

me you

He starred in bohemian rhapsody and mr robot. One of my friends recommended mr robot to me recently. It’s funny that he’s a weirdo who played the role of a weirdo in mr robot. Guess he just had to act natural for that role.

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