Body Language – Richard Di Natale Green Party


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The left beclowned themselves a few years ago accusing Andrew Bolt of being a Christian Neo-Nazi. It blew up in their faces. He’s Jewish.


Its actually fun to watch bolt go after a fellow conservative he does not pull punchs and they love it. While sky is not seen by millions in Australia because its not free to air if you do well jousting with Andrew Bolt you have material to use in a hundred ads. That is why Richard Di Natale was there. He did not do well enough to get something to use.


In Australia, the Liberals are actually the conservative party… our equivalent to the Republicans


That’s how the names were originally aligned, in France. It was a name switch, not a shifting of beliefs.


Environmentalism and leftism- the replacement of religion. As such, is a rigid belief system impervious to rational discourse. He loosened up briefly, but when his open borders beliefs were under challenge, he stiiffened up again and tried to demonize the interviewer as heartless to the plight of refugees instead of having a discussion. All emotion and no intellectual activity. I hope Aussies have more sense than to waste a vote on this goof.


“Replacement for religion”…well said GOMF….you are 100% correct…….nauseating and sadly predictable and very dangerous too IMO.


Yes this is the party of antifa and the bike lock mob…. good catch.. 👍

Sky news is equivalent to Fox, Andrew Bolt is the No 1 conservative commentator

I think this is a perfect example of someone in a belief system…. and that Green Party cult like religion.

Don’t even bother to engage because there is nothing you can do to stop them drinking to koolaid.

Thanks for doing this.


The Gangrene Party, the political party that never runs out of rotten ideas.


I can’t believe that so many people get suckered into it.

It reminds me of a comment that slipped out of a politicians mouth one day.
“Keep asking the same question until you get the answer you want”

If they talk long enough about green party issues eventually people will believe them.


Scott Adams brings up Gen 4 nuclear power.


I have to remember that one. We have a Green party here in Canada though they rarely get enough votes to matter.

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