Body Language – IMF’s Christine Lagarde Cryptocurrencies Shaking The System


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Anything that makes globalists uncomfortable is great in my book, but I think I will stick with what I know like gold, guns, ammo and whiskey as time honored stores of value.

Tobias Falke

Been reading through the comments & have to add my sense to it. Even though it’s gonna sound conspitorial and bossy:
– Bitcoin is a quasi CIA asset that is meant to get humanity used to digitalized cashless transactions by starting a fake grassroots anti-central-bank movement.
– The fairy tale of it’s unknwon inventor Satoshi Nakamoto is only the tip of the iceberg. There are declassified papers out there, dating back to the early 90s, discussing on how to pull this of.
– Bitcoin is not anonym, if you have someone elses address you can check their balance on
– If you have the transaction hash, you can see which amount was sent between which addresses.
– There are already tools available (by google) to analyse the blockchain (and it’s transactions & their IP’s).
– She states that there are already official implementations of blockchain tech in the real banking world (‘tips’).
– However, there are real Anonymity coins out there like Monero. These are most likley the ones the IMF is not fond of.
– The IMF is run by the Knights of Malta, like every Central Bank on this globe is run by the House of Rothchilds.
– The CIA and the Knights of Malta are two different arms of the same global power.
– Therefore, Christine Lagarde doesn’t have an issue with Bitcoin but with other coins that could actually threaten their system (of financial control or how she puts it ‘shaking the system’).
– People don’t have to worry however because this old globalist system is being brought down right now.
– That is most likley why she feels unconfortable because Bitcoin is not bringing them fruther in implementing agenda 21 and actually brought up real anti-central-bank crypto coins (‘disrupters’). The ones she felt nervous about in the beginning of the video. Haha.
– Whether she is all aware of that noone can know. However, she, as somewhat of a spokesperson, will know what is beneficial for them and what is a threat.
– They are going down and are being nervous about. Loving it.
– It’s going to interesting how this is going to play out. Will Bitcoin keep it’s underground status or will it become an official means of paying or will it even die out at some point.
– Anyway, love these videos with people from the world of Banking & Politics. Thank you. Please more.


Hi Tobias,
Thank you for your info and comments many of which I was unaware of.
I would like to say that transparency/lack of secrecy with Bitcoin on the blockchain is a consequence of triple entry accounting; every transaction is verified in full public view, which is why trust will grow in the system; it’s extremely difficult if not impossible to fiddle the books with BTC in total contradistinction to current accounting methods which are all behind closed doors ! Who knows what tricks the best creative accountants getup to behind closed doors until they are caught out after some nefarious scam is exposed. How many hundreds of trillions of dollars are sloshing around in the derivatives market at this very moment ? *
In the light of these figures BTC is certainly a decent option to have to save ones money away from the industrial scale of Banking carried out by the “Big Operators” the consequence of which when it all goes wrong is to be bailed out by Mr + Mrs Average ! It’s a total disgrace.
All BTC transactions are in the full light of day unless someone absconds with coins (which does happen of course).
Kind regards from,

* From Google :- ” According to the most recent data from the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), the total notional amounts outstanding for contracts in the derivatives market is an estimated $542.4 trillion. But the gross market value of all contracts to be significantly less: approximately $12.7 trillion.6 Jun 2018 “

Tobias Falke

Hi Ian,
I subcribe to the fact that Bitcoin can be used as a medium term asset to go around the current quasi scamy central-bank-legislation or even to gain some passive income. However, it is important to point out that there isn’t just one project that can fix this financial monopoly at this point. It is crucial, in my opinion, that people don’t fall into trap of regarding Bitcoin as some sort of savior from the Banking world. Moreso, actually understand the twisted intention behind the Bitcoin/Crypto movement. This is that type of understanding which makes people truly independent and therefore is self-impowering.



Bit coin and the others are NOT part of the Banking system. This will not stand with them. The banks will take control of them, “regulate them” as she states. Bitcoin now operates outside it as do most of new guys. It is only recently that big banks and brokerage are considering setting up their won systems.

The central bankers are scared to death of them. However I personally think you’re silly to put your faith in a system that requires: electricity and lots of it to run all the servers (most in China) for the bitcoin and other wannabes.LOts of power at foreign locations to communicate to access your bitcoins etc. . Along with the absolute control they have giving you access even if you have power and a working computer, tablet, phone to access. Bitcoin and other electronic money consist of people using them as an investment to make money, not store money. And as a way to make payments and transfers under the govt radars. Which in itself is not bad per se. However it is a way to move and store lots of illegal funds.

Bad ju ju bawanna bad ju ju. Electronic currency is a one way ticket and not round trip. They control it, not you, and many things can stop all those servers (according to Dr. Pieczenik) are in China.

The young reporters enthusiasm for electrons as currency is over the top and I think at first Legard is amused by her enthusiasm in asking the questions. Very unprofessional and biased reporter, as per the norm now.


If the internet were switched off for ten years and then switched back on again your BTCs would still be there. BTC is the only real cryptocurrency all the others have varying weaknesses because they are just inferior in design and forethought and design which just like the Banks have been designed to make someone a huge profit. Just stick with BTC and accept that it is a bit cumbersome.
see Bill Still’s film The Money Masters.


I always think of the film ” The Money Masters ” by Bill Still in 1996 when I see and hear these “big know-alls” from the vested interest banks and central banks. I so look forward to the day that BTC takes them down and the masses realise how their wages are destroyed by fiat currency and printing of fiat money therein. I am sure Lagarde and her friends do not like BTC because it means the more it takes hold,the less secure is their position and that people are realising that the current financial system is a total scam to enrich banks and preserve their cosy and comfy oligopoly. It will be good riddance to the lot of them. Since Biblical times banksters have been a scourge on ordinary people.
Thank you Mandy.


While I agree with you, I still have one problem with this. Yes, we have fiat currency but, what exactly is backing up the crypto currency to give it actual value? Not trying to argue. I honestly don’t understand the whole thing yet.


Hi Nonna,
Thank you for your message. Yes Bitcoin is only recorded on line but because it is triple entry accounting, which has never been achievable before computers because it was too complicated to use however now with the advent of the internet and computers people can hold and retain their own (electronic) coins.In the case of Bitcoin there will never be more than 21 million of them so as the mining of them reduces the remaining amount,the value of each coin will increase because of scarcity (like gold) however because it is triple entry accounting Governments can not get into it and flood the market or shrink the market to suit their needs. Bitcoin is therefore deflationary and prices next year should be the same or lower and the value of your wages in BTC will be at least as good next year as they are this year and onward so helping people to retain their wealth and obviate the need for fiat currency ( these parameters terrify Governments and Banks ; a world where people are no longer subservient to the scams and games that they play need I mention 2008 ? In addition because ones money has value year to year the need for voracious capitalism and the never ending demanding for profits at any cost,that is destroying our world,will be obviated and hugely reduced.
The biggest drawback of BTC is that it is slow to access and can be upto a couple of hours. Remember todays Banks and Governments can seize your money at the drop of a hat eg Cyprus a few years ago.
I really suggest you watch Bill Stills’ film ” The Money Masters ” on You Tube (about 3 hours long and mainly American centric) to understand the scam that all Central Banks operate.
Thanks for your question from,


Thank you so much, IAN, for taking the time to explain it to me! Now I can finally understand what the attraction to BTC is. The only reservation I still have about it is that there seems to be nothing backing up that currency, like gold or silver. I know the Central Banks are evil and dangerous (just ask the Libyan people) and the sooner the Fed is audited and gotten rid of, the better. (Silly me… I know the congress critters are much too busy taking down our duly elected president than to actually do their damn job.)


Thank you, you are right BTC is not backed by anything except itself and its own intrinsic value so there is only scarcity value backing it. If you had bought it in 2008 it was a few cents per coin, now it is at about $5400 per coin. It is a very good investment with money you can afford to loose to start with, but it will keep rising because all the other modes of investment are compromised by Banks and by other modes of manipulation in the finance industry,gold included.
BTC has had big downs and losses but it continues to be increasingly secure by the people who trade it. The genius of Satoshi is that there will never be more than 21 million BTCs,which I understand will be completely mined in about 144 years !!!!! After that BTC can be divided down to eight decimal places as the value increases so it has brilliantly clever in-built configurations to keep it useable. Satoshi who ever he or they were, were totally brilliant and knew the scams that Banks would try to wreak on it before it was launched and have in-built wonderful protections into it to offer a new monetary system into the hands of all people which is outside the controls of the corrupt plutocracy of the central bankers and the big banks who do virtually nil in the public interest.

As you might imagine I am totally sold on BTC financially and philosophically. I cannot recommend highly enough “The Money Masters” on You Tube to understand the way central banksters operate and to draw your own conclusions from it.
Best wishes from,
P.S. You’re comment on congress is 100% spot on.


Thanks Mr. No Name for your video reference smile smile smile ,
I have just watched Erik Voorhees argument and he is very good and it’s a delight to hear. Very concise and puts the case really well. I don’t need to hear the counter arguments ( I probably will listen later on .) I haven’t got time today.
Kind regards from,


I have now listened and it seems to me that the biggest threat to a free monetary system is government however unless the internet is shut down worldwide BTC is will continue because all commerce now needs the internet and countries will collapse without it…the governments are in a bind they cannot escape..just look what happens when banks have computer glitches for a day or two …it is absolute chaos for their customers and beyond so the internet cannot be closed down for more than a day or two in a modern society…BTC will still be there.


Cryptocurrency cannot be controlled, even established players are retrofitting their protocols with privacy and security enhancements so that the currency has maximum use but cannot be traced.


I would say what they can’t tax, they fear.


Lol @ the cross your arms moment…..
The IMF are just trying to figure out how to control crypto currency.
That line about stability may as well be about control.
It is like the barter system and swapping of high value goods in a barter, some countries actually have laws to make you pay goods and services taxes on those barters and will audit your home and contents . So long as they have control and can tax it or take it from you under some government law then they are ok with that.


Someone was very uncomfortable about crypto currency. Likely because it has potential to shake up the banking cartel.

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