Body Language – Catatonic Rosenstein at William Barr Press Conference


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Just a funny follow up from Rosensteins farewell at DOJ.


You missed the question time. One of the questioners asked a very aggressive question and Rod almost jumped in with an answer but stifled himself and Barr dealt with it.


Ed O’Callahan is probably reacting to the Russian manipulation (IRA claims) because he knows the several thousand of the so called Russian accounts have proven that they were real and have had their accounts restored including friends of mine. Part of the Internet Research Agency claims must be false too. They were never expected to a Russian company challenge them in court. Ed’s look implies its not going well.


Ed O’Callahan [beard] is one of the whistle blowers that alerted congress. When people voted for RR some republicans must have thought it was RR. The only people that voted against RR were rivals of Hillary on the left of the D’s. they probably knew enough to guess the RR would cover for Hillary. RR is just a prop. He knows it.


Rod Rosenstein has the same look here that Adam Schiff has all the time.


I was absolutely aware of Rosenstein the entire time. He was so unnatural. He usually has a pretentiousness about him but, what I felt went beyond fear. He’s catatonic because of the acts he’s committed and he’s not sure there’s a way out. I was actually fearful for his state of mind. That IMO, looks like a man who fears he has no choices & no where to go.


Miss a little, miss a lot. Go on a serious fishing trip on the day Prunefaces’ report is released and you are behind the curve, but I did see this before I left. Right on the money, as usual. Barr- ” look you twerp- you started this cluster#uck and I am going to finish it- if you want a chance for lieniency you are going to play ball and stand behind me while I reveal the last part of the coup. God help your butt-clinching, pencil-necked ass once the start of it is revealed.” Dead inside and soon hopefully outside at the wrong end of a rope. Loved how the stiffnesss, darting beady eyes and increasing sheen of persperation on the forehead showed the rat for what he is.


Thanks for doing this one. I thoroughly enjoyed your analysis. Barr is gonna be awesome. How different things would be if he were there two years ago. I hope he trots out more of these crooks and lets the American people know how much he enjoyed working with them.


Sometimes if you go in too early you don’t manage to get to the top…. and we all want to see the top ones get caught.

Joan Hastings

and, since we know nothing is by coincidence…what is up with the placement of the flags? Is it not allowed to display the American flags with the others? Is there a message that RR is not on the side of the American flag?I have not found much on flag positions, etc…during political speeches.


I now have to go back and check this out… lol

Gen. Stewart

I busted out ,when you said “hello darkness my old friend”. Love your common sense humor ! Rosenstein ,is a booger eater ! He’s the person No One is comfortable around. Having no social skills ,what so ever,makes my skin crawl.If this was an attempt to restore confidence in the FBI,by having and bragging on Rosenstein ? It didn’t work on me ! What a pathetic excuse for a security service(FBI) ! Disgraceful ! Hope all is well with the baby. Congrats

William McGonagall

Rosenstein looks terrified. A far cry from his “untouchable” demeanor during the Sessions era.
Look forward to seeing more characters in this disgraceful episode follow suit.


I thought he was going to faint like grooms who lock their knees. Further in Barr mentions it’s up to Congress to decide on obstruction and you see the old Rosenstein grin at the thought some small hope the plan could still work? Rosenstein will leave now. He’s was a cooperating witness. No longer needed. Did he flip on someone and Barr gave him protection? Mmm. Will we ever know?


If they fired Roddy he would not have to respond to a invitation to appear before committees. So the word on the street he is being kept on so they can place him in the dock and sweat him for answers.Same reason they kept Page and secret agent man lover on the payroll. Then after they had them on record out the door. Roddy’s day better come or the word on the street I roll with. Trump is not going to have all the support he needs to win, like he did the first Time. If he does not correct this and support the rule of law, its is over and four more years will not help and only delay


I finally understand…Rosenstein is not human! =)

My guess is that Rosenstein was the first to roll on everyone. He is standing there with the enemy, as Judas to his colleagues! Seems like he has earned it!


So much subterfuge in politics. :-/ Thank you for your reading, Mandy. Wish I could tie together what it all means.


Thank you for this. I’ve had limited dealings with military veterans and encountered their “thousand yard stare”. Am I interpreting this correctly that Rosenstein’s reactions are akin to that?

Again, thank you for your videos. I find the enormously varied way in which we Humans react to be endlessly fascinating. The insights you put forward add to my understanding almost every time. I don’t think I can give you a higher compliment. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.


The worm turns. He appears to be a soldier who has refused a blindfold. Rosenstein must know he’s screwed and he looks it. After trying to resign awhile back, Barr made him stick around to see through the mess he created. We must enjoy these moments. I bet he’s wearing a wire now, but it’s a little too late for him. Yum. And nicely done, Mandy. It’s good to have you back,

Win Nelson

Thank you for doing this video, Mandy!


Ah. This is what a deer in headlights looks like.


Rosenstein – robotic, MK-Ultra, dead soul he is. I love your body language analysis! Take care of yourself and baby… Congratulations!


Yep… that stare is very typical of that vacant glitch celebrities often experience but I think it looked like a controlled stare… almost normal but held for just that bit too long.

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