Body Language – Bigfoot Witness Accounts


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Birgit Michael

In my opinions, which are subject to change upon evidence (NOT from TV) its Plumb Island created chimeras


at 2:55 Y’all are completely missing this : SHE answers waaay too fast and nervous when she says “uh huh” . Then you see she looks down to recall the story she has constructed previously . She looks down to recall a concocted story . She pauses as she is recalling her story she has previously constructed, and she talks so monotone to be soooo smooth . Ppl that tell truthful dramatic reactments dont answer monotone and smoothly. Or if they do , they convey they are trying to recall, they dont hide their recall process.



Their accents are not local to that area, if this is sasquatch territory in the NW US. That is pure southern country I grew up with years ago (second interview man woman). I haven’t visited the NW area that much and it was recent when I did. The first girl was real to me. The second is not so much. The mans tone and demeanor and his way of telling the story was reminiscent of how I recall my relatives in the 50-60s telling their stories. Some real, some might not be. The mans demeanor struck, me from my experience, as having a little extra somethin somethin to it. That in total might be he having a little fun, with something that did happen. I don’t recall him saying he saw it, he heard it.

Laura Harrington

Hey Mandy-LOVE your work! Any possibility for an analysis of the FBI agent announing that the body of the woman who was a ‘potential’ threat to schools in Denver was found, after she suicided? Just a thought-that whole story is hinkey…much love! <3


A fascinating way of getting the truth regarding sightings. Thanks, Mandy! I knew a Native American man who claimed encounters with these beings in the backwoods of Pennsylvania. He spent a great deal of time in the forest. His stories were simple and I had no sense at the time that he was making them up. One thing that struck me was how he was overwhelmed by its smell, like the stink of a skunk.


maybe thats where the walking dead theme came from… bigfoot smell


Certainly possible that Gigantopithicus did not go extinct 100,000 years ago as the so-called experts state, but simply migrated and continued to evolve in other areas. Since the “experts” state that extinction occurred partly due to competition failure with Homo Erectus, one would suspect that they would be wary of humans who were carnivores, particularly of hunters that would kill them if possible. Perhaps this explains Jimmers point about encounters with children, who would not be percieved as a threat. Fun stuff.


yes… i think they would have higher brain function, be able to pass stories down of the danger of man, and teach the young elusive behavior to avoid man, also live as far outside of man’s reach as possible.


There is something refreshing about interviews from this era.
I am a believer of a bigfoot type thing….


much more honest back then


I am Sasquatch.

Rollie Quaid ⚫️Blackballed! Every Tuesday 10pm-Midnight est @

Joe Rogan proclaims to believe in Bigfoot as a guilty pleasure.. I believe in this as viable answer to the Squash Question ” Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot film suggests that the costume maker from the Planet of the Apes was used. While the film is almost certainly a fake, the Sasquatch in the film doesn’t really look that much like the apes in the film, so for that reason alone, it probably has another source.”


This is an interesting one. These interactions usually happen to children, like this woman. I’m reading David Paulides,’ The Hoopa Project, on his ‘police-like’ investigation of a California native-american reservation and their ongoing sightings and interactions. He dubbed the area: Bigfoot Alley. As elusive as Bigfoot is (or is it Sasquatch? ), it’s a real species that some believe is our pre-human ancestor. I wrote a adventure novel based on that premise.


Oh that is awesome Jimmer!

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