Body Language – Nancy Pelosi House Speaker


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This entity is pure evil. I have a pit in my stomach just watching her speak here, which I never do. I have no interest in listening to liars, and she is most definitely one. Gross gross gross.

Dorrie Gillingham

Amazing work!! I just wished it had been longer! Would love to view the whole thing!


So sick of these psychos Term limits should have been passed long ago but it will never happen with the likes of her around.
Guess you gotta wait for them to die. Then they’ll probably wheel the casket in for them to vote.
Excellent analysis Mandy……..


What’s with her teeth? Dry mouth from substance? Drives me crazy. Such an insincere “smile.”


I’m guessing it’s a combination of loose dentures and substances.


A woman of her wealth would have implants, not dentures, surely?


One would think, Rho, someone of her wealth and with her insurance would have implants, etc. Clearly, there is something loose in her mouth, since it’s a movement she repeats often. ๐Ÿคทโ€โ™€๏ธ

Bonnie Hawkins

I feel some sorrow for her. She is not only damaged but also afraid. Tyrants come from tyrants. TY. and Happy Baby.:)


I’m curious why 60 Minutes had to film her on two separate occasions. Did her mentation change? ๐Ÿค”

Scott Sanders

What do you expect from a Don’s daughter, her father was a Mobster!!! They ALL “Rule by Fear”

Sam Mudd

Thank you Mandy. Everyone knows she’s jelly, while the MSMedia acts as if she sane.


Yes, definitely severe drain bamage. Some of her statements where she completely loses her train of thought and sterts combining and substituting words into gibberish are even worse. I used to think that she was in permanent believe me because she has had so many face lifts that the skin of her forehead was originally on her cheeks and she paints on her eyebrows halfway up the forehead, but they actually went down for a few brief moments in this close up. What is up with her left eyebrow?-obviously not fake since it goes almost completely around her left eye. Looking in to her family mob background as well as the family connections between the Pelosis, Browns, Gettys and Newsomes helps explaon a lot of her psychology.


i had no idea about the mob connections. i think the only thing that can protect against this, is term limits.


I CAN’T STAND this woman. Her and KIllary literally make me sick! All they do is lie, lie, lie. She along with Killary need to be arrested, charged, and convicted of TREASON! Where’s the petition to get rid of GRANNY NANCY?!


I’m pretty sure Hillary’s day will be coming soon, among others.


I think she scared the makeup people out of fixing her lipstick. Instilling fear has a price, Nance.


Why do you think she keeps the Believe Me look on her face all the time? Because she DOESN’T believe, and subconsciously the Believe Me look comes up to make YOU believe, thereby increasing HER belief?




In my opinion Pelosi is a bully and a liar who never gives a thought to bipartisanship. I don’t think she knows the definition. She cares nothing about the people who live in this country and would rather help illegals who may vote Demoncratic than her own neighbor in need….until, of course, the President states he is considering moving the illegal alliens to the sanctuary cities where they could have a better life. After all, it was Nancy and her demwits who said the city would be safer with the illegals there. (What planet did she come from again?) It would enhance the school system and crime would drop. Drop from where??? Heaven to hell??? Is she insane, demented, or just brain dead from her ocntinual flow of booze.

My gosh, it seems the SOH is believing her own lies….until it is not longer convenient! Then she fabricates a new one.


She’s kept alive with some weapons-grade formaldehyde.





Lesa Ullig

Now thatโ€™s some funny truths there! I needed a good laugh ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

Birgit Michael

I figured it was botox.. seeing how her mind( programming ) is failing


I’ve seen arteriosclerosis come up lately about different people, including the symptom of arteriosclerosis causing the brain to be unable to distinguish a good act from a bad act; i.e. Joseph Stalin late in life. I wonder if it could be that.

Birgit Michael

naw.. the botox is leaking out

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