Body Language – Theresa May Brexit Delay


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She would be looking a Jacob Rees-Mogg.

I didn’t know you had a baby. My heartfelt congratulations. I have 2 daughters and they were a joy to watch growing up. Enjoy the time and every moment while she is little, because they grow up way too fast.

Love your Videos, learning a lot from them.


Congratulations Mandy! What a pressious cutie. Thank you for sharing her picture. Hope you two are enjoying every minute of this time together.

What about Macron talking to French people about the blaze in Paris.
Cleary something is wrong with him.
That would be great vid!

Win Nelson

Congratulations, Mandy and Mr. No Name! She is beautiful!


Congratulations on your new baby Mandy!


Welcome Home! I add my heartfelt best wishes and congratulations on the birth of your beautiful Pippa, and I add my prayers to others here for your speedy recovery.

I appreciate this particular video because your comments about May’s subtle body language taught me a lot! A quick hypothetical question: What if she were standing on one leg while sweeping the other leg back and forth in front of her? Would that be drawing a line in the sand movement or enclosing herself in further? Any one?

Cheri Elliott

Happy news and full congrats! XD angel


Please listen to the wife of the former prime minister of Malaysia on “lies” that she bought a $23 million pink diamond:

♥♥♥ Absolutely Precious – Congratulations


Welcome back! Your baby is adorable!!


Beautiful baby and Welcome back! I also noticed May’s blue outfit. Talk about “hiding.” She looked like a head peaking out of blue wallpaper!


CONGRATULATIONS!! So good to hear your voice again. Love her name and take care of yourself.
Stupid stuff just to give the Brits something to talk about like we have so much stupid stuff just to give us something to talk about……..


A sweet picture and beautiful name. Glad you are back and hope you are feeling better soon. Hard to choose which lying rats to deal with first after a month, I am sure. May is a great place to start.

Hatti Nuff

Welcome back! And CONGRATULATIONS! Beautiful young’un!!

Janie Schreibeis

A nice surprise video! I pray complete healing over you… in Jesus’ name! Blessings on the new baby! We so appreciate your gifts, and teachings!


Hi Mandy,
Congratulations…I am pleased you are all doing well..getwell and thanks for your newest assessment. Best wishes from,

Angela Smith

Congratulations, beautiful baby.


She’s just beautiful! Love little Pippa!


So sweet. Love the name. Congrats.

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