Service Announcement – Baby Leave..


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Debbie Madonio

Oh my gosh, you two are so cute! Congratulations!


So happy for you both! My basketball is now 13 years old but it feels like she was just born yesterday. Congrats!! smile


Congratulations! I came over to see if you’d done a body language video on Joe Biden’s comments about his “friendliness.” I hope that’s one of the first ones you do when you get back to it. Can’t wait to see what you have to say.


Congratulations on the baby. When you get back, can you do a quick video on the girl freaking out over Georgia’s heartbeat bill, please? I can’t figure out if she’s serious or just making a crazy video to get views.

In case the origins video gets deleted, this guy shows the whole short video at the beginning of this video, before weighing in on his thought about her view:


I’m not sure if this is the original video/poster/post or not, but here one link I found to it:


Peg Brush

Question: How do I search? I want to re-visit a video of James Langford being sworn in while Uncle Joe Biden tries to worm his way in to get at James’ wife and daughters. James stepped in and wouldn’t let him pass. It was a sight to behold and I want to share it, but cannot find it.


there is a browse button next to the home button. I believe he is in the creepy Joe Biden video

Metzer Metcalfe

Yeah Carol… continue with the anti Liberal propaganda – alternatively – Body language expert Patti Wood, author of ‘Snap’ says about Cortez…
“Her gestures show that she’s trustworthy and honest. When identifying integrity or deception in a statement, you look for when the gesture occurs. When someone is being authentic, they gesture just before or at the moment of their statement,” Wood said, pointing out at how Ocasio-Cortez gestures to emphasize the key points of her platform during speeches and other talks. “She does that, over and over again. What happens in your primitive brain is that you trust, you believe, because it’s in sync. It almost musical, it makes you feel good to watch her.”


So happy and excited for you both. Congratulations Mandy and Mr. No Name!! Wishing you a lifetime of happiness, laughter and joy with this wonderful gift from above.


Mandy and Rhys, I just received a feeling to go to Bombard’s Body Language website and see if a message/announcement is there about your baby. And here it is! Now I’m wondering if today is the day for the brith of your little one. Congratulations! Take your time returning when you’re feeling recovered and up to full energy. I miss you both.


Congratulations! What wonderful news! but timing…..ha ha ha !

Catherine Dale

Congratulations! That is wonderful! May we know if it is a girl or a boy basketball?

Light of Hope

I’m so excited for you!!!! Love your videos, I am learning so much!


Awesome! Very exciting! <3

Karl Pearson

Congratulations! We welcomed our 17th grandchild into the world Monday, 18 Mar 2019! He has a complication requiring surgery, but the success rate is statistically 100% for this, so we’re very positive. We learned last week that another of our children is expecting their 2nd; our 18th. We Love Babies!

On a side note, how is it the progressives are continuing as a species considering they murder their offspring at an alarming rate… Something to think about.


Congratulations!!! May you all, especially baby and mom, be healthy and happy! smile

Profasu Cockroach

Congratulations Mandy! Hope you can check this video when you come back is an interview with Craig Wright about why he got banned from twitter… Last time i cheked his video he was not lying about being satoshi. Will love to hear your thoughts about this:


Julie Rouse

Oh my goodness, Congratulations!!!

Suzanne Keil

Congratulations btw what did you think of sixty minutes au interview with carol mathey

Danny Prill

Congratulations!!! And all the best. In germany we say “Schöne Kennenlernzeit!” , which means something like: “Have a great time while get to know each other. (Parents and baby)” I hope my translation is understandable.😆😉


It is so wonderful! A new baby! Wishing you and your family all the best Mandy!


Congratulations on your baby! We’ll be here when you get back!

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