Body Language – Michael Jackson Police Interview


Note: All comments in my videos are strictly my opinion.

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Ami Manning

I never felt he was a molester just a little kid himself

SirThomas Danielle

… wasn’t he on heavy opiates at this time….his kinda odd & flat out disturbing behavior on this short clip, may be that he was very high/stoned & drifting in & out of euphoria & reality of the moment…

Nick VanderKooi

Again, not a fun time to find out someone you really liked back then was very likely to have committed such a horrific crime.


Yeah, I laugh in extremely rare (Like less than once a year) instances when i’m stressed.
Or maybe its when my body just isn’t sure how to react.
I can feel the difference between regular laughter and the kind i’ve mentioned earlier.
Also, I am in my early 20s still, so theres probably time to grow still past that.

Actually that was about a year ago and a lot of … unpleasant things have happened so I just might have out grown it.

frank papandrea

it’s a child’s arrogance. You can’t hurt me, my dad will protect me.


What a sad experiment he became. It reminds me of that Christmas Cartoon show, Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer and the broken toys Island.


WOW!! I thought we were through with him a looong time ago. MJ lives………


Do you know who ZJ is?

Shannon Gifford

I was 10 years old when my grandpa died and I had the urge to laugh during the funeral. It always made me feel like a weirdo (I loved him very much) so thanks for explaining it!


I was never absolutely sure he was a pedophile till his housekeeper came forward recently with all the articles at dailymail. I mean people target rich people all the time. But now I have no doubt whatsoever. A real sicko predator.


Mandy, would you consider evaluating Jackson’s two primary accusers, Wade Robson and James Safechuck, at any point? They’ve done an interview with Oprah, as well as Gayle King, and answered questions from the audience at the documentary’s premier.


What was the point of this video? I have no idea what the point of this video was.. Could he not be acting this way because he’s being used a scapegoat, and he knows it. The entire strategy of those in Hollywood, the same people that released the documentary, is to make it appear as though there is one culprit to blame for child sex crimes. So, of course he would look uncomfortable, and act weirdly, considering he knows much more than you about this trafficking machine. And his life is in danger when talking about this topic.


IMHO, being used as a scapegoat would make me feel angry and defiant, not stress-smiling and stress-giggling through a legal deposition. There are times during this recording that the adult Michael appears – you can see it in his eyes and hear it in his voice.


So because he is not acting like you think you would act makes him a pedo?
Weird does not automatically equal pedo, quite the opposite. Pedos typically know how to act “normal”, so that no one has any clue about what’s going on. So that would now make him the opposite of a mastermind criminal.

While at the same time his personal maid not seeing anything of that matter ONCE would have to make him a mastermind criminal. Does that make sense to you? To me it doesn’t. To me the behavior of the so called parents doesn’t make sense either. To me it looks as if it was about money money money grabbing, and smearing (+ profiting off) a rich but quite psychologically broken Michael Jackson.

The media back then told us that MJ was a pedo, while at the same time protecting actual pedo networks, which again doesn’t make any sense whatsoever. Either both or none. Same with Seville for example. Let’s ignore all the high level connections Seville had. Why did someone like Seville have so many high level connections? What made him special? Don’t look at royals, nothing to see there.

Don’t look there, look here!

Read about how Michael Jackson behaved privately. He was behaving mentally like a child in some matters, while acting absolutely professionally and “like an adult” when performing and dancing. To me this behavior here actually makes sense in that regard. You see it as “weird” and connect it with pedophile, because in your mind “normal people” aren’t pedophiles, b/c you see them as “behaving normally”. That way of thinking will make you miss tons of actual child molesters.


MK – hardly the case. I worked for Child Protective Services for eight years. My pedo spidey sense, as we called it, is rather accurate. As Mandy mentions about body language, same with pedophilia behavior – takes more than one tell to paint the picture. I agree about the parents. I have two sons. Never in a million years would I have allowed either of them to be in this situation. Whether childlike or not, it is abnormal for an adult male to seek out young boys to share his bed, separate from the sexual abuse. Similar to narcissists, though, sexual predators know who to try to groom. I can’t really speak to Seville as I am in the US, but agree that the media focusing on individual predators can be used to shift the focus from the massive sex trafficking rings (adult and child) that still exist. That being said, this post was about MJ, which is why my comments were germaine to him.


My point was:
Just imagine your boys getting sexually abused.
The abuser is a multi-trillionaire, let’s say Bill Clinton or whoever.
Let’s assume that you go to court.
Let’s assume Bill’s lawyers offer you 30 million dollars.

Would you accept those millions (which are not an actual penalty anyway for someone that rich) and drop the lawsuit?

I sure wouldn’t.
You sure wouldn’t either.

I would be even more pissed off when some filthy Sony lawyer offered me millions to drop the lawsuit.
I may even grab a gun and bam.

The weird thing is that back then every single lawsuit went like this.
Once okay, coincidence, parents want to avoid their child to tell the story.
But every single one? Nope. That’s about making money. I would be so pissed off, I would do anything to get the person in jail. At the very least to also protect other children.

Also see Epstein.

And the media actually never focused on such rich people, except MJ, at least as far as I can remember.

Did the media for example go through the really weird Clinton e-mails, that are obviously secret communication and strangely fit perfectly into pedophile slang? Where they talk about “torture chambers”, “having a pizza for 1 hour”, “using the sauce from 3 months ago”, “wondering about the different type of package that they received and so on? No. Instead media defends those even and calls people saying otherwise “conspiracy theorists”.

And Clinton is even connected to actual child trafficking (Haiti, etc.).
But nope. Media turns a blind eye.

Does that make sense to you? To me it doesn’t.
Why didn’t the media pull the same with MJ? Was he not rich enough? And instead did the exact opposite right from the start?
To destroy him? Why?

“it is abnormal for an adult male to seek out young boys to share his bed, separate from the sexual abuse”

We already know that MJ was weird. MJ also never actually had a childhood.
Is it weird to try to get some sort of (weird) childhood after what he went through? I say no. Is it weird? Yes. But the more people I listen to, who actually were around MJ, the more I have serious doubts about him being an actual child molester.
Was he mentally sick? Probably, but not in a way that I would hate him or blame him. His father made him a superstar, at a really high cost.

Also weird that this was effectively public knowledge.
You would think an actual pedophile would keep that hidden away and do it in secret.

Same with the 3 books or so, that were found. and at least 1 of those you can still buy at Amazon.
“In Search of Young Beauty”.
Media says that it’s basically cp. Strangely you can still buy it at Amazon and reviews say that it’s actually art.

So let us go through with this:
MJ is a criminal mastermind, highly intelligent, but keeps those books around for anyone to find, has no problems with it that tons of people know that a few children were sleeping in the same room as him, but then somehow makes it so that his personal staff doesn’t notice a thing.

That’s were theories burn to the ground.

You know what I’m reminded of? The media trying to paint Trump as a pedophile as well. Trying to connect Epstein, Clinton (<- actually connected) and Trump somehow. Happened in 2016. Media dropped it, because it didn't work out.
And for Trump it was even more obvious. He was the darling before 2016. As soon as he went for presidency, media went 100% against him. Weird.

Or let's go through more of that – media said that MJ hated black people and bleached himself.
What did MJ say? Lies.
We KNOW for an actual fact that this was media lies, because MJ actually had a severe skin disease. And you still believe that media? I sure wouldn't.


MK – as Mandy (and others) say, we all have a belief system/filters/biases/prejudices, whatever adjective we wish to use. I am solely expressing my opinion based on my experiences, and I presume you are, too. I don’t express myself to convert, debate, or criticize your opinion. Only trying to communicate why I think and feel about MJ. As I’ve said, I didn’t want to face my rapist in court as an adult. I can only imagine how scary that would feel as a groomed child whose parents allowed the abuse for money. My opinions are specific to the MJ documentary, separate from any other pedophile. We all deal with trauma differently. None is right or wrong. Also doesn’t mean the abuse didn’t happen simply because someone else wasn’t abused, hasn’t come forward, or denied it. I denied being abused in my marriage because admitting it meant I had to be ready to deal with the reality that my husband was abusive. There are so many psychological facets involved with abuse that judging is unfair and often inaccurate.


Mandy is not here to prove guilt or innocence but to try and show us body language to help us make better decisions when interacting with people in our lives.

My brother was a nervous laugher… omg my dad would give him a hiding for laughing when he should have shown utter fear.
People that do the nervous laugh make me uncomfortable because of that and now I have to work at not judging them for it


If she is here to show us body language, she shouldn’t be making the extra negative comments on the side. Like saying he isn’t taking it seriously. Maybe he’s taking it extra seriously. If he were to act serious and defiant, he would be in big trouble with those that are capable of taking his life. If he jokes around and nervously acts like a child, they have no reason to see him as a threat. If that was his goal, to remain non-threatening to the trafficking rings so he could stay alive, then he succeeded, very well. It’s very obvious to everyone here that the actual threats that run these operations are never on the stand, ever…


She’s a body language expert. This is based on her expertise. It’s her production, about what she thinks. Go make your own videos refuting it.


Notice how a theory that involves the truth is downvoted. Has child trafficking stopped? No. But is Bombard doing a video on Michael, a very real potential scapegoat, without talking about the context of the situation – yes, she is. She’s jumping on the HBO doc train, the one that the Jackson family is suing over. Instead of providing positive and negative possibilities relating to Michael’s behavior, she chose to put a negative spin on her ‘body language analysis’. That type of one-sided approach is weak and deceptive. From the looks of her analysis, and these comments, people are less concerned about actual child trafficking and more concerned with Michael Jackson, someone who despite 600 pages of FBI data ended in zero convictions of any kind. How intelligent you all are. I bet the actual victims just love that everyone focuses on a dead person. How helpful.



Child trafficking is ending.
Also see Clinton Foundation.
What a weird time to release such a “documentary”….

“Look here, not there!”

“You see MJ did it as well and you love(d) MJ, so don’t be so harsh on us.”

Brought to you by the same mass media and leftists, that have been pushing “pedophilia is just another sexual orientation” and “love is not about age” FOR YEARS.


She never says we know MJ is a pedophile or is guilty at all.


Maybe we would see more in analysis of the accusers. My take at the time that the allegations came out was that the parents involved were essentially prostituting their children. Having worked with offenders over the years, he strikes me as the type who was also abused at an early age, arrested emotionally at that time, and compulsively repeats the behavior and disguises it by creating a fantasy world at his “ranch” and is able to somehow rationalize the conduct by also providing positive activities for his victims that they would not otherwise experience, but that is just me. Seeing him in a close-up like that is even more jarring about what he did to himself. If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck it is probably…..


I thought scarecrows were just stuffed clothes. I didn’t know they were real living things.


The kind of uninsightful comment that is to be expected after watching a video with zero direction or point.


You need to see a proctologist.


Have not watched this yet… I really like Michael Jackson and really want him to be innocent… I watch with bias so not sure if I trust my judgement…

Ok… here I go…


Cat, I have wanted Jackson to be innocent for years, but there simply are too many similar yet individual stories. sad He was definitely a predator who groomed his victims and their families. The question becomes why – was he molested by his father, by a brother, by someone on the road during his pre-teen and early teen years? If by his father, might explain why Joe rejected Michael once he hit his older teen years. It was always presumed the rejection was due to Michael’s voice changing due to puberty (and no longer a cash cow, so to speak), but perhaps there was a deeper, more disturbing reason? Either way, what was done to Michael and what Michael did to many others was very much criminal.


Yep. I think something happened. I just always thought he was guilty of inappropriate conduct with kids because he was thrown into an adult world and abused by his father probably with violence. You know… don’t sleep with kids in your room… not even for sleepovers that you missed as a child yourself.

I find it hard to believe that those around would allow him to sexually abuse children so obviously…. like that cleaning lady… now I have learnt that some people would turn a blind eye for money no matter how evil the behaviour…

The likes of Seville, Rolf Harris, Cosby, and many other famous people made my skin crawl and when they were found guilty it did not surprise me but with Jackson I just don’t see paedophile which makes it even harder to believe.

But I am ok to say I am biased and that in court cases he was found not guilty and that I don’t see abuse survivor in those two men that came out in that movie.

What does Steven Crowder say…. Change My Mind


It’s also possible that Michael just refuses to grow up. He’s trying to preserve his childhood. Even if he doesn’t sexually abuse children, he still looks pretty creepy as a man-child. Jordan Peterson described him as someone who’s trying to relive his childhood as a full grown man. Jordan’s description seems to fit the evidence without stretching the evidence.
The video does show Michael to be childish. Well, there you have it.


@Mocking Moniker
I think that’s not even the case.
I think MJ never had an actual child hood and had severe problems because of that, was probably abused as a child as well. Probably wanted to somehow experience childhood retroactively.

Was he weird? Yes. I do not consider being weird a bad thing.
Do I think that he was a pedophile? No.

What’s interesting is that even nowadays the personal maid has never seen anything. Let’s assume MJ was some kind of mastermind pedophile, then why have 2-3 books with nude photos of children in his possession (and only 3 or so) and even keep them around. That would be the opposite of a mastermind pedophile, so add everything together and it makes no sense.

And what I find really weird – correct me if I’m wrong – is that to my knowledge there wasn’t a single case, where it was about justice, only money money money.

Let’s assume that you had children and your children were actually sexually molested.
What would you do? My primary goal would be JUSTICE and not getting lots of money.
I would want to get the pedo in a jail. That would be my primary motivation. To protect other children. And to also get justice.

In those MJ cases however – oh here’s a few millions. Thanks a bunch, now we will withdraw all lawsuits.
Wait what?

Just imagine a child going “mom, how were we able to afford this multi-million mansion all of a sudden?”
“Well, easy, we made your younger brother say that he was molested by MJ.”

It makes the parents literally pimps, if the allegations were true. All of the involved parents were pimps? No, I don’t buy that. So the only explanation out of that one is that the allegations are false.


My explanation isn’t adding evidence to the Pedophile thesis but is an alternate thesis. I’m saying, he didn’t grow up and that looks pretty gross. The moral is make sure you grow up and let go of your childhood.


Maybe more like trying to have a childhood, than preserving the one he did or didn’t have. So many celebrities are really messed up. Whatever the reason for celebrity misconduct (and worse), I put the bulk of the blame squarely at the feet of the celebrity worshiping parents. What kind of parents would allow their unaccompanied child to stay overnight with a stranger? And celebrities ARE strangers despite all the publicity.


All of the Jackson brothers stayed in the same hotel room when touring as kids and Michael reported trying to sleep while his older brothers brought girls back to the room. Joe definitely physically abused all of his children, but someone sexually abused Michael, which stunted him emotionally and mentally, IMHO. All of that being said, Michael definitely created a space around him that allowed him to be inappropriate, at the very least, with boys between a certain age range.


Cat – here’s an article detailing some of what was found in the raid at Neverland while Jackson was in Vegas:


He was chemically castrated. Not to mention, the recent hit piece on Neverland Ranch is highly political, and was funded by Oprah, Harvey Weinstein, and TMZ. The accusers already denied anything happened in court 2003ish, then after the Jackson family would not hire one of them to Cirque De Sole, they suddenly ‘remembered’ that they were abused by Michael, and then went on to say that he ran the biggest child sex ring in history. Come on, all BS.


ZJ – having been sexually assaulted as an adult by a fellow firefighter, who made my life afterwards a living hell, I can completely understand why a teenager, who was already scared of losing their special place with Jackson as well as going to jail themselves, would lie on the stand. The thought of facing the man who assaulted me and have my life put under the microscope was enough to prevent me from filing a police report. That’s as an adult, not as a teenager who was groomed and thought MJ loved them. The veil of secrecy is one of the biggest tells of abuse. MJ forced employees to sign non-disclosure agreements and would be fired if they noticed, reported, or questioned anything odd. The abuse also happened behind closed doors that no one was allowed to breach. If you watch Safechuck, he is clearly still traumatized. The film might have been funded by Oprah (childhood assault survivor) or Weinstein (ha! a sexual predator himself), but I can completely understand why these two fellas couldn’t come forward until their molester was dead. I can also understand repressing memories or pushing them down to avoid dealing with them. I mean, who wants to acknowledge that their parents allowed them to be chronically molested for money, houses, cars, etc.?


Agreed. I wouldn’t believe Oprah a single thing, when she was basically a wing leader for sexual abuser Weinstein.
And now the MSM somehow all of a sudden cares about WHITE MALES? No, I don’t buy that. BS.
Probably doing this, for a softer fall of the upcoming sexual abusers + pedos coming out of Pedowood.

“MJ forced employees to sign non-disclosure agreements”

Nothing unusual. MJ wasn’t just some regular person.
Explain to me why the personal maid literally says that she has never seen anything of that regard going on, and not back then, but saying that right now, when MJ has been dead for ages.


And don’t tell me that somehow she is blackmailed or something right now and doesn’t dare to say anything bad about him.

Again, MJ being WEIRD doesn’t automatically make him a pedo. It’s actually more likely that weird makes him the opposite of a pedo.

I mean back then MSM literally did everything to destroy MJ, WHILE at the same time protecting actual pedophiles – for example see Dutroux high profile pedo ring. Protecting Pedowoods, like Weinstein
And now the same MSM is literally saying that they didn’t do that at all and praised MJ back then somehow? Now that ARE lies. I remember it all. I don’t buy any of it.


MK – You think MJ would have allowed people open access to his room while having children spending the night or think he would have openly been inappropriate with boys, so employees would have had proof or saw things? I never said MJ was stupid, but definitely very clever. There are far too many similarities in the stories of Jordan Chandler, Gavin Arvizo, Wade Robson, and James Safechuck (and who knows who else) for MJ not to have been a pedophile. Who knows – perhaps he had multiple personalities which allowed him to switch between childlike and adult. Either way, MJ groomed and molested at least 4 boys, one of whom detailed the vitiligo on MJ’s penis.


You can take this as an opportunity to train yourself to read behavior in spite of your biases. I know this is a concern I have when I watch even these videos that I or Mandy will just find what either of us want to find.
There’s this little anecdote, “A man lost his hatchet. He noticed the neighbor’s son looked like a thief, acted like a thief, and talked like a thief. Then he found his hatchet. Then he noticed the same boy looked like a boy, acted like a boy, and talked like a boy.”
I want to know how I can know I’m seeing the facts, and not what I want to project.
Jussie Smollett looks smug to me. The Covington boy looked pretty smug too until I saw a better angle of him, now he looked both nervous and trying to portray the Beattitudes. I want to know if I’m seeing smugness, or my contempt for that person.
Mandy to me says a lot that I like to hear, but then again, I’m a conservative and carry similar views to her. So, I wonder if I’m just in a bubble, but then again, I can’t just dismiss things I like to hear on the basis of bias since many liberals use bad logic saying, “That’s just a right-wing bias.” What I have learned I carefully affirm. Still, I struggle with affirming what I know in spite of all the biases I know people to have.
I’m hoping in time I can learn how to read body language to a proficient degree such that I can bypass my own biases and see the truth of what the evidence expresses. I also hope to learn that Mandy isn’t just reading what she wants to see or telling me what I want to hear. I also wish to affirm her body language theory. Many people haven’t heard what she describes, for example, the brain search where the eyes refer to different types of memory recall.

Birgit Michael

I think he was horrifically abused as a child , his father was a monster. I also liked him, but now I dont know anymore . I also think he was killed ..Marilyn Monroe style

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