Body Language – Joe Rogan, Timcast, Jack Dorsey & Lawyer


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Rollie Quaid ⚫️Blackballed! Every Tuesday 10pm-Midnight est @

What did you think of Snowman Snowden and Dorsey interview?



Rollie Quaid ⚫️Blackballed! Every Tuesday 10pm-Midnight est @

There was defiantly a nervous/ awkward vibe with Dorsey and the lawyer, I agree — they are plants of the deep state and they have seen above top secret info..

— though I felt though Tim Pool was spot on.. The conversation seemed unnatural, almost scripted.

there was also some anomalies with movement of Timcast as if this was a CGI interview.

angela villali

So why did big bad Joe have to have Tim on his show? Couldn’t ask the hard questions?


Timcast points out the hypocrisy of twitter, and the twitter twits go off on a tangent. Typical. Jack’s such a liar. And the liar…er…lawyer is such a bs artist and has such a shaky voice. “Can I finish what I was saying?” Arggh… Does she need to say that?? I hate that retort. What a read, Mandy! Rogan is so two-faced.


Tim had some really good questions. He seemed to get red when he asked so I sensed anger. I think the other two, Jack and lawyer, managed to take a broader question and turn it to a smaller question. I think Tim let the question get swayed towards learn to code as opposed to the larger wuestion of conservatives being shut down. Kudos to Tim for pushing the question in the first place. I have never watched him before.


One day these twitter fools will not have a platform to discuss. I would hate to be the family pet then,….


We all know what is going on. FB, Twitter, etc etc are all deep state.


You nailed that laywer and notice they had Jack side on? Hm… maybe they watch your videos?

I sort of knew 90% of what they were saying and were not saying but the biggest news that came out was the info about Middle Eastern countries investment and laws regarding blasphemy.

If you do not think that global laws will incorporate sharia law then you need to look into how these Globalists laws resemble Islamic laws.
If you want a One World Order then you must include laws of wealthiest countries around the world and the UAE is not only the wealthiest in the area but ruthless. Just look at what they do to journalist in other countries….
My prediction is that Soros and the UAE are the key influence then our local governments both federal and state.

Australian government has met with social media companies recently to discuss fake news and our upcoming Federal election in May. Wehy can’t I find any info online about it?


Since I have resisted doing anything on socials other than looking at them, guess I need to *learn to code” No cooincidence that the CIA terminated the Lifelog program on the same day that Facebook started. I was always highly skeptical of the wisdom of putting personal information out there, regardless of the illusion of “private settings” if you look at the big picture and how much personal information is out there on users through the combination of Facebook, Google, Twitter and Youtube, not to mention GPS features of devices, the spooks and clowns should reduce their staffs since the public is voluntarilly doing 9/10 of their work for them. Just like the morons that post their most recent heist or new gun or gang tattoos on Facebook. I have friends who are cops that have solved many crimes by looking at social media.

Gabriel Morner

The dems have showed their colors on this topic of censorship.
“Sen. Chris Murphy calls for more Silicon Valley censorship: ‘Survival of our democracy depends on it'” FOX news, aug 7, 2018. Just saying 🙈🙉🙊


I wonder who is the power that has tied their hands???


I watched the entire video. It makes me laugh how Jack D. talks in obscure Twitter jargon. His lawyer is a Hillary acolyte. Both certainly have a political bent they both attempt to hide, unless factually outed. Fact is, the DNC has weaponized Twitter and the other socials. Hell, they’ve weaponized the weather, all proving that the corrupted Dems ruin everything they touch and control.
The Twitter lawyer calls the organic event, #learntocode, a coordinated attack, because they didn’t personally like it. Weasels.


remember twitter is the last hold out on all social medias when it comes to banning big names.


I agree, but they are still conflicted and have done their share of blocks: Thomas Wictor, James Woods (although he’s back) and lots of conservative big voices. They may less severe, but they’re part of the lefty cabal, nonetheless.



Bonnie Hawkins

Good one. Ty. Excellent as usual. smile


8:15 – He knows about direct messages. They read DMs. That was an obvious tell.


Project Veritas has already published many testimonies from high ranking Twitter devs bragging about how they have 100s of employees reading DMs and watching private dick pix. Check out Project Veritas youtube page.

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