Body Language – Donald Trump Kim Jong-un Vietnam Summit


Note: All comments in my videos are strictly my opinion.

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It looks as though the chair K J-U is sitting upon has taller legs than DT’s, DT’s knees are bent nearly in half and KJU’s are straight. Seated they appear to be the same height.

Cameron Waage

Hi Mandy, what tools are you using to record your videos? the replays with slow mo, etc?


Is it me but does Kim Jong-um literally look like a kid next to Trump? How old is this dude anyways?


Some of the under-reported information about this summit: Kim meets with the Dictator-For-Life of China prior to every meeting with the US and only does what he is authorized to do. He is not really free to negotiate. He has his marching orders. China plays the long game. There would not be a North Korea if China had not saved them from annihilation in the 50’s. They would have imploded long ago were it not for China propping them up consistently. Why does China want a buffer between themselves and South Korea? What would happen if there was not a militarized border between North and South Korea? There are many variables in this that have nothing to do with Kim or Trump. One good thing about the walkaway is that it closely followed us revealing to the NORKs that we have been closely monitoring their activities at sites that they thought we did not know about. My guess is that nothing serious will happen until we have a trade deal with China. I also strongly suspect that the real shot callers on the NORK side closely follow the news from the US and likely assumed that Trump, like every president other than Reagan, in the last 40 years, would settle for a deal for the sake of a deal due to being under constant attack by traitorous democrats and the fake media. When you think about the disloyalty in the face of a real enemy, China, it is staggering.


Yes GOMF3602. I just looked up 5th column in Wikipedia !!!!! Certainly dems are traitorous BUT how many reps are 5th column too ? reps are largely a bunch of bums too….5th column


Agreed-with the exception of the freedom caucus, and a handful of senators. They are all a part of the deep state team.

Bonnie Hawkins

Ty. Excellent. smile


I think that there is something very wrong with this meeting,trump is to stiff and kim does not look him in the eyes.That means he is not afraid of trump .That entitles him to take chances ,which a narcissist will do .Lets hope i am very wrong.


Mandy when you go to the Cpac speech we need to know if Trump is going to memory when he uses the machine guns line. There are rumours that he was standing his ground in a coop attempt and they managed to round up the plotters by the end of the week. Is that hyperbola or a hint that some thing was up? Trump had the capital effectively evacuated with staffers working from home inter state.


There is a small possibility that Kim and Trump were not talking treaty’s but were talking something far bigger.
Note; if they were negotiating a treaty why was the NK foreign minister not there? He’s back in Pyongyang.

If Kim Jong-Un was not the dictator just a puppet ruler and the real man in charge was his aunt’s husband, Jang Song-thaek. As you indicated he was in charge from 2009 to 2013. He may have been the drinker of expensive whiskey, the rocketman and the real dictator.

If KJU is not a communist then every action is a risk but he has more and more confidence and control?

What is more important than denuclearisation?

What happens if reunification of Korea happens, with free market and religious liberties and, they still have a nuclear program? Who’s in the cross hairs if that happens?

What happens if you cut the strings? How long before the puppet is in full control? Would lifting sanctions empower Kim Jong-Un’s (KJU) internal rivals? Does KJU even know where all the nuclear facilities are? If he was only a figure head in 2016 does he know all the passwords? All the names of people involved in the WMD program, rocket program and gulags?

Some of us think this is far bigger than mere nukes. Kim may be really reforming NK and ran into a snag that needed face to face with Trump to plan around. If they are secret allies not enemies it changes everything. What can’t you do via Skype and courier what did Kim put in his pocket at the end of scene one.

There is also an unconfirmed rumour that there was a threat to the leaders and that interrupted the negotiations. Air Force One was wheels up in record time and Kim hunkered down for the rest of the day. Armoured trains are not used to protect a leader from superpower states they are used to protect you from internal coop attempts and assassins. Kim flew to Singapore but he took a train this time his security challenges are changing.

Robyn Elam

Kim looks medicated….numb in the face. His eyes aren’t really bright but kind of dull….in my opinion.


It sure began on a friendly tone, soon to crash and burn. That must have been a long train ride back to NK. Trump & team were bushwhacked by an emboldened Kim who believed that POTUS would cave, needing a win. Kim’s people want a deal and he had lots of time to think about that on his long ride home … thanks for the helpful analysis.


Why do the cameras always have to be so loud? It sounds like they are running a factory behind the scenes.


I think those are people typing transcripts.


I felt the change in the room sos, and now I know why 👍
btw did you notice the blink at 10:18 ?


I started my career in HR in the early 80’s as a woman in the then, largely male, area of labor relations, specifically contract negotiations. Upon my arrival in Duluth, MN in 1984 for a meeting of both management and union heads for US master contracts in health care, steel, oil, auto, and others …. I was really somewhat overwhelmed by everything around me. Over the next few weeks, I largely kept quiet and learned a lot from the individuals representing the massive unions accross the US. I used some of the knowledge I learned as a community dispute mediator and my then role as a labor relations representative for a large health care company to settle disputes. I’m now 65…. learned over the years that observation is the best skill and patience is golden. Keep options fluid and flexible. Moving towards an agreement over time usually results in an option that has a chance to last….. I really appreciate your insights into human behavior … I learned a few of these things myself over the years and use this knowledge when challenged in my every day world now! Thanks for what you do!


I think Pompeo and others had the President convinced that this was a done deal. And with all the talks of an agreement signing. When all along Kim was so comfortable and smiling because played this great negotiator all along. Had to hurt for the President. I would not want to be in Pompeo’s shoes. I think this may have been their last meeting. Too bad.


A day or so later, Kim sent a communique to the WH, wanting to proceed with the talks. So, I believe he was shocked went POTUS walked. Never say never …


I want you to be right..The Pres deserves a big reward for what he has had to deal with over the last two years… the scumbags that he really walks the talk !!!!


“… he is a little chunky!” Ahahahaha! You are hilarious, Mandy! XD crying laughing hand crying laughing hand


In a country where people are starving, it’s probably a status symbol to be “chunky.”


I’ll bet! Great point! I thought the way she said it was funny!


Also why kings back in mid evil times and ancient Rome were also far heftier than citizens, hogging all food at their giant feasts!


The obesity rate of North Korea is 1.


Us fat guys get very grumpy when people pick on us. lol. Its not diet and exercise. Obesity is now known to be a genuine contagions disease. A bacteria that messes with the metabolism hormones; and a virus that locks off fat burning. We are actually starving. Nutrients go straight though only fats and sugars are absorbed. A cure is coming slowly. Its expensive at this stage.


Thanks Wesley, I knew about the virus and from my own exoerience it seems to be that mostly fats & sugars are absorbed.. I would be very interested in the cure for sure. 5 or10 day course of tabs ?I could definitely handle that


Why Vietnam, Hanoi? Vietnam, like Kore, had a war with the US. Vietnam, like North Korea, stayed in the hands of the Commies. Vietnam joined the globalist world and its economy has boomed. And the Commies still held onto power despite having to meet US demands to enter the globalist system for making a living. If the Vietnamese can win both ways maybe North Korea can too. Vietnam does not have nuclear weapons. North Korea does not need them either. Etc, etc. Trump called the venue right this time (and the previous time).

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