Body Language – Mom of Missing Colorado Woman Kelsey Berreth


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Bonnie Hawkins

Excellent. TY.:)


At first, her emotionless replies seemed odd, but you put that into perspective. She’s always battling losing it.


At the time of the interview, she must have had no clue of any crime scene evidence or of what a psycho the guy was or she would have given it away in some kind of tell. Distraction and denial are potent defense mechanisms. I have always marveled at the human capacity for erronious belief systems/denial in the face of overwhealming evidence to the contrary. When reality breaks through, it must be even harder to deal with.

Gen. Stewart

What scares me about this interview,is when i look and listen to this woman.I see,exactly what we are facing with these liberal/leftist we are dealing with today. They are incapable of facing reality ! They live in some alternate reality,that looks for any excuse not to accept the truth of what is happening. If my child were to be missing ,even for a few hours outside of their regular daily habits or comings and goings. I would be concerned and would be checking on them. I have spent a lot of time in Colorado.The people in this state are as close a mind set to California as one could get. Their hedonist attitude and lifestyle of drugs and heaven may care is truly shocking to a person of conservative values.

angela villali

I learn so much from you. Thank you.

Marry Duvall

would it be safe to say , Like myself I am really shy, Could this be why she is smiling ? If you think otherwise I’d like to hear it, And she I dont think id be as relaxed as she is ,if one of my kids came up missing. Thanks Mandy ,always following your videos .


Thanks Mandy! I am learning not to jump at the first tell! They have determined that Kelsey died, but have not found her body.


OMG! Thank you for the update. It looks like the article was written just a couple of days ago. So sad.


Very enlightening. Thank you!


This is the first I’ve heard of the lady missing. I always find these stories interesting. And I really really hope it ends positively.

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