Body Language – Fed Chair Jerome Powell Before Congress


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With regards to the plumber gardener thing around 13:00…Obviously Brown is doing some political posturing, but I interpreted the question as a standards check. The Fed is presenting a measurement and saying, ‘here’s how long tall this thing is,” and Brown is asking, “How’d you measure it? In inches or centimeters?” So are you using Imperial or Metric?

Basically Brown is accusing (via leading question) the Fed of only reporting on indications of a certain small group’s success, instead of a much larger group’s. Brown is probing for motivation in such a way that he gets brownie points from his constituency, while Powell is the one playing ‘dumb’ and saying, “well that’s not my job, I have no responsibility beyond delivering the numbers I’ve been told to deliver…am I my brother’s keeper? Maybe if you gave the Fed some stronger tools we could begin to work towards those issues you mentioned…”

Thanks 4 the vids!

Gen. Stewart

I AM Q…and Powell is toast ! If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance…baffle them with BullShit ! He doesn’t want to be there ,because he has been proven wrong and is trying not to be humiliated. He does not want to admit it. Republicans sent a full panel to promote the successes while trying not to embarrass him anymore than they have to ,to do it. Democrats sent one,to defend the democrat “Orange Man Bad”. The Economy is ROLLING ! Enjoy this brief respite,Folks. They stole the honeymoon from us that is typically enjoyed shortly after an election of a common mans/womans hero. wwgowga !

Bob bradley

Max Headroom in the back.
What if we flooded the room with water and locked the doors?


How can you hold the fed to anything? They are totally independent of you guys.That has to change.


JFK wanted to get rid of the Federal Reserve and put us back on the Gold Standard, among other things. No wonder he got assassinated.


jfk was a great man… the more people find out how much of the deep state he was dismantling, the more these bastards are gonna hide


I think the President is on to what this enemy of the people is trying to do. The fact that he backed off the interest rate hike he was planning after being called out and warned shows that he is trying to hide in the weeds for now, but like a snake in the grass he is still there waiting to strike when he has the chance. Wanted to alert everybody to Affectiva, a company that is creating software and computer engineering to analyze facial expressions and use the results to interpret emotions. Probably has potential good uses, but something tells me it will be used for more sinister purposes. Personally, I don’t need my phone to tell me that I am annoyed when I get a telemarketing call.


im surprised they dont have that tech already implemented.
I think that is why he may be going the inflation route

Gen. Stewart

Facial Expression Recognition is not designed for the safety of the public,but for the safety of the powers that be. They want to be able to tell if ANYONE that has had enough of their bullshit has come to kill them. Little historical fact for you. The powers that be ,at the time ,that Andrew Jackson was defending himself and his wife from slanderous assaults by killing men by duelling. Quickly realized ,they too,,could be challenged,not only by jackson,but by any commoner and either face the music or be disgraced. They outlawed duelling. There were several politicians eliminated in this way. It wouldn’t bother me one bit if they reinstated it ! WWGOWGA !


Not to mention a potential solution to collateral damage in gang-infested urban hellholes. Set up “duelling parks” with bullet proof walls so scores can be settled in a fair way and the public protected from their notoriously innaccurate gunfire, until by attrition the gang problem is solved.

Gen. Stewart

And if any gunplay is enacted outside of the control areas …automatic death sentence ! PROBLEM SOLVED !


The Fed is on its last days, they just don’t believe it yet.


lol, Mr. Crapo. (@1:39).


Thanks Mandy. I like that bit at the end with Cryptocurrencies………at last……maybe a glimmer of hope that these central banks are going to have their wings clipped and are going to be eclipsed by cryptocurrencies so people get to have their labour properly rewarded and can keep the fruits of their labour instead of central bankers diluting their wages by 2% (inflation) minimum every year which keeps workers poor and money manipulators vastly rich.
These operators/plumbers/gardeners are really happy that the fiat money system is opaque,poorly under-stood and full of risk so they have a very lucrative job to trying to expound upon it and engineer it to keep it afloat. $28 billion in debt ????? If it was any person they would be in deep trouble !!!! One rule for the……
Thanks Mandy from,


This man destroys every great thing Pres. Trump does for our economic growth. That seems to be his mandate and it isn’t going to change until we end the Fed. Your analysis of his body language makes that very clear.

This is not an easy subject for most everyday people to comprehend. Know the enemy. Here’s a link to a Gateway Pundit article that will help put things in perspective:


What about “finger in the light socket” guy behind him? I feel some intamacies between them.

Gen. Stewart

I’ll bet his nails are chewed to the quick and all the pencils in his pencil pockett has bite marks.”finger in the light socket,man “

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