Body Language – My Husband’s Not Gay


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Bizarre. Like living in a minefield.

Donnie Wright

I have a lot to contribute to this one. Most people have a lot of trouble understanding this. I am 56 years old and saw this throughout my life. I have been accused of being gay even though I have been married for 37 years. Apparently, I appear to be gay. Maybe because I have feminine mannerisms, have gay and lesbian siblings, a lesbian daughter, live on an Indian reservation, have associated with the gay lifestyle, or maybe it is because I have an open relationship with my wife. Choose one and run with it. See how far you get to the truth.

The fact IS as Bombard says in her last sentence of this video, my wife and I have become brother and sister. This is not a bad thing. We have become so accustomed to each other that little bothers us. We took our vows in front of God and a small congregation to have and hold each other until death parts us and that is exactly what we will do.
Since we married, I have had over 50 sexual partners. The balance of those being in the last 12 years when we opened our relationship. Not one of those have been same sex. My wife on the other hand and her stats in the last 12 years are similar to mine, has involved same sex encounters. She swore years ago that she held no same sex tenancies, but she proved herself wrong later on.

I do agree with Bombard in some respects. In a relationship under 5 years, this will be extremely difficult and may be doomed to failure but you never know. You can always find gold in the black sand of a river. On another level I see something that Bombard left out of this. That is the latitude it gives the female. Saying that all is fine and dandy on National TV is fake period. I’d like to see them when they are having conflicts because of this.

The clip in this video of the couple walking up the street with a jogger passing by is a prime example. Bombard claims that the woman is being strong and I agree but not for the same reason she cites. No audio but it looks to me like she is cussing him out! Rightfully so although me wife and I often point out good looking women to each other because we can without getting into trouble with each other. In some instances we have shared someone male or female we both liked. When it was a man there was no homosexual activity involved but when it was a woman, there always was. I wonder why? Hmm…

Susan Walker

My ex ‘came out’ after sixteen years of marriage and three children. This story makes so much sense. He always built me up. He encouraged me to get a degree and always joked that he married the ‘babymaker and breadwinner’ even though I married him when I was sixteen and a high school drop out (single teen mom). When he decided to change things, and I refused (and had a breakdown), he walked away.


What as sad individual we got here… give the uh uhuh uh dance every other word haha ! Love your videos smile


Dodge Gaskill

…. to hell and back

David Wynn

Interesting photo of the Obama’s. Michelle has both of her hands over President Obama’s when they are sitting together. Makes sense. She comes across as the stronger personality.

Alicia Cook

I was just thinking that there are a lot of couples who are not physically attracted to each other over the long term. It is about taking care of and supporting each other, ultimately I think that is what matters. They wouldn’t have a show called “I’m not attracted to my wife but I love her and care for my family because this is what I want out of life”. It’s an odd choice but, I don’t see it as being unsettling. What would anger me is if my partner didn’t tell me that he is gay and then runs off leaving me hanging with the household. At least they are honest about themselves.
I love your videos by the way. Thank you for all of your insights!

Jackie Boudreaux

I’m really at a loss… i’ve been watching your videos for about a year now and I am not getting any better at this. I have had a couple of situations where I couldn’t figure out for the life of me who’s telling the truth. One situation in particular the individual just got mad and flailed her arms…does that mean she’s lying?? That’s certainly not stiffness. Do innocent people get angry if they’re confronted with something they didn’t do? Anyone’s advice would be appreciated. How do I know when someone is lying to me?? Or when they’re full of sh#*??


Wow, that was amazing. I am honestly more concerned with the women who sign up for this. Because see, the guys are open about it, but what are the motives of these women? What do they want to accomplish besides kids and family? I mean, no wonder you see people going completely nuts when they turn 40’s because people cannot take it too long. They’re honest, open about it, but both are tangled in auto-deception. Maybe some years of therapy may help them but no one is truly being honest with themselves. What about the kids? Sorry, that’s messed up. They should call Dr. Laura!!!


I had a friend who had been terribly sexually abused. She still wanted a husband and kids. But men were scary to her. So she married a gay man.

Raul Herrada

Just wanted to say that I love your video Mandy lol! They are very cool


I’m not going to lie, this is pretty confusing to watch. I’m talking about the femininity with the homosexuality.


This one was a hoot. Those poor married women will never be able to trust their spouses. They have their handsome trophies, sperm donors and that’s about it. Trouble ahead.


And maybe the women is really ok with two men in the bedroom from time to time.

Douglas Ross

As a gay man, I can say this is all true. But “Mandy” – you are so sassy and hateful in all of your videos. Where castrated men in all of your comments, in every video.. What kind of man would ever live up to your expectations? Or is that part of how you keep yourself safe and single?


Sassy is good and the only hate I see here is coming from your sorry ass!!

Douglas Ross

Mandy seems very harsh and hateful towards men in all of her videos.


That’s only because your gay. Maybe you shouldn’t watch.

Douglas Ross

You may be right.

Douglas Ross

I’m actually trying to be helpful.


I’m actually trying to believe you.


What kind of men is she showing hate(or rather disdain) towards? Righteous ones? No, evil ones. Shall one tolerate evil?

Aaron Vallejo

Sassy is the female version of asshole, so check back in on how far being “sassy” gets you

Aaron Vallejo

I would agree that she had an extremely derisive tone any time men were not conforming to hyper masculine behaviors. As if because of the fact they were not one dimensional masculine cartoon characters they were unworthy of even a modicum of respect. It is a tone that I’ve noticed more and more as I watch her videos, which has been less tolerable the more I view…

Vincent Cooper

Good vid.


Great unbiased analysis of the body language in this. It is unfortunate that our society has made this issue such a political lightning rod instead of allowing true scientific research into sexual identity/deviance or whatever you choose to call it. When I got started inthe mental health field, they had just decided that homosexuality would no longer be classified as a mental disorder. They still have Gender Dysmorphic Disorder/ Dysphoria on the books, while the public struggles with whether or not to fully accept transgender individuals practicing their identity in locker rooms and bathrooms., and potentially infringing on the rights of others.. Until there is actual science and not politics on this the public will remain confused. I agree wholeheartedly that many people approach marriage with totally unrealistic and fantasy based assumptions.


I guess one can say this works on an intellectual level but it does not address both partners’ needs/desire for intimacy. If the man is not physically attracted to the wife, hugs, pecks on the cheeks and cuddles can only go so far as to develop and satisfy the desire for intimacy with another human being (both husband and wife). I think this is where marriages like this will fail but it is not different than all the other pitfalls that lead to the enormous rate of failed hetero marriages.


It seems like that’s what some women actually want. They don’t want a man who physically desires them.

Gen. Stewart

I came…I saw…My skin crawled away !


hey mandy, thanks for helping me understand this just a little more. i have gay friends, i have no issue with that, but just wish i understood this a bit better. i think this sort of “phony family” thing is very disruptive. better for gay folken to just be gay and work that out however they do. this kind of nonsense causes disruption for children of such families, etc. just better to be honest, and be one’s own genuine self, ffs….

Renee Rieser

What time? I can’t find a time. I do know its “tonight” but not at what time nor in which time zone? Thanks.

Renee Rieser

aha, I see that its already tomorrow on this website. You guys are 9 hours ahead of me as its only 4:19 here, now. oh well. lol


15 mins. central USA time


Huh? Eastern USA time right now is February 22, 2019 9:11 pm. Central time is an hour or two behind that. What I see on this site is about 5 hours past EST. It is confusing.

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