Body Language – McCabe & Rosenstein The Plan to Remove President Trump


Note: All comments in my videos are strictly my opinion.

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Deborah Voyski

MERGERS, not marriages, at the swamp creature level…no love except for love of POWER, etc.


this guy is full of shit


McCabe seems to be saying ‘Yeah, there was an unlawful, seditious plot in the DoJ / FBI to overthrow the elected govt (Trump) and Rod Rosenstein was the Leader.’ ‘I just listened’.
More than the usual attack by the professional govt criminals against Trump, McCabe wants to blowtorch Rosenstein. Does McCabe in his zeal to divert attention from his own acts, not see that Rosenstein engaging in Sedition (domestic treason) invalidates Rosenstein’s appointment of Mueller as Special Counsel to be another Seditious Act to overthrow Trump?

Dawn Brown

one of your best Mandy!


Great video!
Mandy, any chance you could do a video on how to spot a sociopath?
They say 1 in 5 people in the U.S are sociopaths.
Do you think McCabe and Strzok possibly have narcissistic-sociopath tendencies?

Win Nelson

Thank you, Mandy.

Chris Mueller

Dear Mandy, thanQ again for the great analysis.
Really whish you were with POTUS in the WH, scanning all in realtime who is fishy vs MAGA. Then invite the fishy candidates for personal interviews…would sure speed up draining the DC-swamp!!!


Ha! I’ll bet they were in turmoil! Gotta get rid of Trump before “his people” get in and find out what these fools had been doing to get HC elected. I’m always puzzled that so many buy into the Trump obstructionism theory with Comey’s firing. It’s ludicrous. The grandest law enforcement agency in the world is saying they would not be able to continue its investigations if the director is gone. BS! Had Comey walked out in front of a bus the FBI wouldn’t miss a beat. No difference between that and being fired. Think they’re not prepared for something like that? I wish people would use their little gray cells.


I just found out that when I was trying to login with my google account, that I had been banned from Bombarded videos and from youtube… hmm… wonder why. Anyway, this is a great video, as always, Mandy. All I see from what’s been reported is that they were all trying to actually cover their “butts” after Trump got elected as quickly as possible. And that’s exactly what I think “Andy” was trying to hide in this interview. It is all in plain site… who’s going to hold there people accountable, that’s the question.

L Thoms

I’m confused. Are you saying McCabe was truthful when saying Rat Rosenstein offered to wear a wire? Unironically?


Mandy, I love the way you call out these lying a-holes, lol. I look forward to every video you post. Keep at ’em!

Gen. Stewart

These people are trained in the art of deception ! The best lie you’ll ever tell ,is a half truth.”muddy the water”. I get the impression that the book deal isn’t about money as much as it is about distancing himself from his legal problems. My blood boils at the thought of Trump’s cabinet being part of this”Act of Treason “. In any other country these people would have an expiration date !


trump was wrong: it’s not a swamp, it’s a viper pit.


It is so questionable how these guys have so much hatred for Russia. How is Russia an enemy? Maybe because Putin openly spoke against the NWO agenda in his UN speech.

Gen. Stewart

Job security ! Got to have that Big Bad Boogieman ! Many years ago we were exposed to this ploy,to build patriotism. They started this in high schools,with rivalry in sports.”School against School”. It subconsciously conditions young men to protect their country”Loyalty”,by becoming willing participants for the military. It starts with the Pledge of Allegiance in Elementary school “Patriotism”….I have to say,I wholeheartedly agreed with this. How ever this is not to be confused with the subversion tactics that these Traitors employed. I respect Putin !

David Daniels

My wife and I love your analyses. We’ve read many books on body language. But we would love it if you would take a video or two to show us the clusters of “tells.” Sometimes we second-guess ourselves, and are happy when you mention one of them. But we would like to know we’re on the right track when we seem to spot a cluster of “tells.” Thanks!


No offense, but isn’t McCabe the one who was cheating on his wife and sending texts to his FBI girlfriend? Mr. Integrity, he is not if that is him.

Thanks, as always, Mandy!


that was strok smile


Ah, that’s right. Thank you. So many paragons of virtue in the FBI, must have confused the two. wink


It’s hard to keep it straight when there’s so many federal employees caught up in scandals involving sex, sexting, sending photos to minors/mistresses, fondling staffers, keeping pictures on laptops, covering up with taxpayer monies… here’s a list of many that have been caught, gone to jail or removed from office because of it (but it’s only a partial list, only politicians, only the ones who have been caught. I believe that like roaches… if you see one… you should understand there’s a exponential number more you can’t see).

Eric Massa, Representative (D-NY),
Mark Souder, Representative (R-IN)
Chris Lee, Representative (R-NY)
Anthony Weiner, Representative (D-NY)
Scott DesJarlais, Representative (R-TN)
David Wu, Representative (D-OR)
Herman Cain (R) 2012 Republican presidential candidate
Vance McAllister, Representative (R-LA)
Matthew P. Pennell (R)
Blake Farenthold, US Representative (R-TX)
Dennis Hastert, former Speaker of the United States House of Representatives (R-IL)
Tim Murphy, Representative (R-PA)
Roy Moore U.S. Senate candidate in Alabama (R)
Al Franken Senator (D-MN)
Joe Barton (R-TX) US Representative
John Conyers Jr. US Congressman (D-MI)
Trent Franks (R-AZ) US Representative
Pat Meehan (R-PA) US Representative (remains in position/removed from committees)
David Sorensen (R) WH speech writer


Beth, McCabe’s wife ran for political office as a Democrat for State Senator in Virginia in 2015 (lost). “She took campaign contributions from a political action committee run by then-Governor Terry McAuliffe, an ally of the Clintons.”


Ah, there it is, Overbooked. Thank you. Knew there was a marital situation with McCabe, but couldn’t remember which one. wink

Marylou Long

This is so scary on so many levels. There are so many career government workers who apparently would over throw our republic to keep their status quo. Screw the United States of America is their anthem. These people need to be prosecuted and where the hell was our Attorney General Jeff Sessions. He needs to be brought up on charges too for his own damn stupidity. This is what happens when you put a regular person into the snake pit called Washington DC. Talk about collusion. This classic collusion not to mention sedition. Our poor President Trump and our poor country.

Gen. Stewart

I was a staunch supporter of Session’s,but after his treasonous performance ,i believe they have something on him. As long as he has been in politics,he’s had to have done something dirty.


I’ve always held the belief that Sessions was a leading neocon in the Senate, like Romney. When he endorsed Trump’s bid for the Presidency, the stench of a rat filled my nostrils. When Pres. Trump made him AG, I groaned and waited to see if Trump was one of “them” or if Trump would learn the hard way. At least I can now say he learned the hard way.

Rez Zircon

I think this ‘interview’ was rehearsed. And I’ll *bet* y’all at the FBI were stressed… no one knew who might next get outed as a rat and fired. Goodbye pension, hello prison!

Well, let’s find out which cabinet officials would support ‘removing Trump’ …. so Trump can fire them. And I think they went fishing for anti-Trump votes because only removing Trump would save their asses, once all the Obama-era malfeasance came out.


That was pretty nifty wink


Outstanding, Mandy. Loved how you teased out the deceptive parts from the cautious and belief system parts with this practiced and highly experienced liar. I find it interesting that he is trying to make a case for it to be appropriate and legal for unelected bureaucrats to engage in a conspiratorial plot to take out a duly elected President by implying that they were concerned about his intent and beliefs. It strikes me that they are all so arrogant that the mere thought that a President would fire an FBI director (who flagrantly violated protocols with his public statements and leaks) is evidence that the President is unhinged. He is essentially confessing to a traitorous conspiracy while trying to make his case. I can’t wait to see justice served on these rats. Firing them is not enough. They are traitors as are the people they served in this. Don’t even get me started on Pelly’s softball interview. Thanks for another great one.

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