Body Language – AOC’s Adviser ‘Green New Deal’ on Tucker Carlson


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Sonja Alcock

How do I do that?


click on submit video…it takes you to a page of videos to vote on

Hot Cheese

I posted a Jussie Smollett interview. I would love to hear your take. Cheers.

Nancy Drew

I submitted a request for Sidney and Tammy Moorer in the disappearance of Heather Elvis from Myrtle Beach, SC. Been following this story and it’s twists and turns since Heather first went missing. Would love your take on the people involved.


Tucker really plays them into his and the audience”s hands. This idiot professor thinks he actually convinced Tucker with his lies.
So entertaining when someone exhibits such juvenile transparency. I guess the professor missed the ethics lectures.
Thanks for such an entertaining reveal.


He’s got that FF look.


I lived with a drug addict for a year, I’m not even sure what drugs but the behavior of this guy… it’s sooo similar.


Wow, that was comical.

Toni Hooper

That was brilliant! So funny Mandy. The other one of your videos which I go back to now and then for a laugh is the Superhero one. 🤣

Mark Odum

Wow! Holy crap, was that illuminating or what!? One of the best ones that isn’t the Theranos legend (by now surely).

Gen. Stewart

These people keep me praying for the forgiveness of my evil thoughts. My primal urge is to machete these people that are destroying our unsuspecting children. These people were the Booger eaters we all knew in school.


Looks like Grima Wormtongue from Lord of the Rings.


Deja vu…I remember listening about Agenda 21 and their plan to use the environment as their pass to enslave the people. No wonder this guy was wiggling in his chair…he knows he is playing the part in a devious plan to take away all our freedoms.


I can see his soul at the edges of his eyes, its corrosive. And i don’t like his face, it makes me want to do things to it.


Dear Mandy, you just made my day👌 I laughed out loud with this one😂❤️


OMG you are soooo funny! I’m disappointed that you cut your analysis short but of course these people like Robert Hawkins are unbelievably ridiculous! Thank you for these wonderful videos!


That guy looks like a character from some weird movie where they want to make sure you know he’s wimp.

Roland Thompson

Why do I get a creepy feeling like he used to own a van and claim to have puppies and candy for little kids?

This idiots haircut is ridiculous. If this is Cornell,…Cornell no longer rates. This is a Weenie Arm if there ever was one. Save us.

Hatti Nuff

This dude cracks me up! I love how Tucker gets them to show their true colors!

frank papandrea

too short

d w

omg !!! that was the best at seeing someone do their thing ,, i saw this early @8:00 pm and i thought this guy is lyin threw his teeth…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he was so squishy and so is aol…bombards drop the bomb on this one 100%…. can u please do more on tampon man im a canadian and he is tryin to rip us apart… my beloved country is in trouble bc of him please can you look at the video below..thankyou and keep up the great work!!!!!!!!!!!! god bless




Off to bed with a laugh. Good way to end the night. When he curled up his hands I saw a fetal position. What fun.


I love Tucker. This guy he managed to get on TV … wow, what a slime ball! It’s hysterical.

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