Body Language – Whitaker Vs Nadler Vs Jordan House Hearing


Note: All comments in my videos are strictly my opinion.

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Catherine Dale

Mandy, I can tell you are not a mean person and neither am I so I do not know why I think this fact is so funny. They kick you off you tube but your competition who has lowered the price of her course from $199.99 to $14.95 gets to stay on. I have read so very many books on this subject. I am not good at the actual practice but know the theory well. I know that you are great at this because what you say goes right along with what the instructional books teach.. I have 2,333 audio books and many are on this subject. As soon as a new one comes out, I buy it.
Back to the lady that gets to stay on you tube. .. In the introduction the lady was throwing her arms around so actively (
(with no sound), I had no idea what she was doing. I could not even guess!!

Catherine Dale

I just saw a rerun of Michael Moore actually saying that he wishes AOC was old enough to run for president. I cannot believe he cannot see how uneducated she is even though she has a degree. If you ever read Michael Moore I will have to take nausea medicine before I can watch it!

Curtis Rice

after the guy on the right in the yellow tie was brought up, I watch him too. the very last question that Jordan asked and Whitaker struggled to answer in an allied way, the guy on the right sealed his lips as to will Whitaker not to say anything. I’m not an experienced BLR, but I think my opinion of this is correct.


Nadler, like Schumer, went directly from law school into politics. These crooked, weasely politicians who have never worked a day in their lives make me ill. I hope that Barr keeps Whitaker on the team.


I watched this hearing and all the Democrats were trying to get him to answer yes or no. This was their plan, and all they got anymore. At times they were even giving his answer for him as in “I’ll take that for a yes”. Just trying to trick him into anything they can use as lying to congress. Such an old pitiful group that should have been gone long ago. Term limits? I like how strong he was and saw right through them. Awesome analysis Mandy!!!

Tim Laabs

Hey any chance you can do a body language review of Nathan Phillps the guy with the drum from the right to life march who got in the face of the 15 year old catholic boy?

Robert Santorelli

Thank you for your analysis. Even though I intuitively get a sense of what’s really going on in these exchanges, to have someone break it down the way you did was not only educational, but confirmed my perception on what was happening.


Wow! Great analysis, Mandy! This whole hearing was a waste of time, scripted, dog and pony show but, the body language you revealed was definitely worth the time sitting through it.

Whitaker had the questions in advance and Nadler, apparently, already knew the answers because he actually had a SCRIPTED REPLY to Whitaker’s testimony. Collins nailed it towards the beginning of this video. This whole thing is nothing more than political theater produced by the Dems to bring down Trump. It is amazing to me that the Dems seem to think that the American people are incapable of seeing what is so glaringly obvious and the more they play act, the more we see how ridiculous (and ignorant and arrogant) they truly are. I think that’s why Whitaker’s body language changed towards the end of Nadler’s buffoonery. He had lost his patience with the stupidity.

Thank God we have Jim Jordan on our side. He asked intelligent, to the heart of the matter, questions. Again we see Whitaker’s body language change, which tells me there just may be a light at the end of this seemingly endless tunnel.


All of the hearings since the Democrats have taken over are scripted and in LOCK STEP. Ilhan Omar’s “questioning” of Elliot Abrams was grotesque & celebrated in the Middle East. It was a set up by the Democrats. THIS is Nancy Pelosi’s HOUSE! Lindsey Graham was so right when he espoused he “Boy, you all want power. … I hope you never get it,” Well they did &they plan on destroying everything in their path!

Amie Snyder

Please look at this video…


John App

How do I vote?


thank you for putting this together mandy. i kind of wished you had done something more like this for the sotu, but maybe that’s to come.


Oops. Wrong video.


Is there a video of Session being questioned about his recusal? I may have missed that, but if you haven’t, I’d love to get a reading on his veracity. At this point, I believe Sessions was a DS plant in the Trump campaign and admin.
What a contrast between Whitaker and that rat Nadler. Whitaker showed how smart and unbendable his it. I’m impressed. Our country needs more like strong, smart folks like Whitaker. Thanks, I missed this Democrat inquisition monstrosity. What foul and rotten group of people they’ve become.
The Jordan/Whitaker exchange was intriguing. Whitaker didn’t give away the store, but you could be right: he’s knows stuff that’ll be revealed in due course.


I checked: you have not done an analysis of Sessions discussing his recusal. Please do …


i did do sessions…i believe it was lost when youtube took down my channel.


Currently, there are two Sessions sessions, but neither address his recusal. Can you shed some light on his veracity? Was he a Deep State plan? As we know, the opposition is maniacal, planning four-steps ahead …

Catherine Dale

I live in Alabama and have known Jeff Sessions for many years. He is not a deep state plant. He is a little elf with bug eyes just like he looks. He was way out of his league. If there were going to be a deep state plant or plan they surely would have found someone more intelligent and devious than little Jeff jumping around.


One day we’ll know the entire story surrounding the coup, but until then, Sessions remains on my suspect list.

Dawn Brown

awesome!! And the “parry”,(parry: the defender’s movement of the blade used to deflect the attacker’s incoming blade) lol Nadler, your 5 min are up grin Love how he interacted with Jim. This was fantastic Mandy
lesson learned- “Be a Matt Whitaker” laughing hand

Lars Steffensen

This was extremely interesting. The recording and your comments is a great illustration of how humans work: The brain have to constantly “decide” if behavior is driven from limbic impulses or from plans put together by the prefrontal cortex. This pseudo decision is made by an arrangement of “mutual inhibitory connections” between any two cells or groups of cells in the brain, So if your limbic system flares up if someone raises their voice, you no longer think clearly or act according to plan, The limbic brain will actually shut down the pfc and the plan-following process to a point where you can no longer remember what your facts and plans were or how to deal creatively with a situation. So having a weak mind is something very real and physiological as well.


thats is very true and well said… smile

Gen. Stewart

My limbic impulses,have kicked the shit out of several men that chose to speak down to me. Men that had been raised to think that they could do that to everyone. Whitaker pissed on a little yapping dog,that was nipping at his heel. Both my grandfathers survived WW1.My Father and Uncles survived WW11. All my Brothers, Sister and cousins served. My 18yr old Nephew was killed during Desert Storm. I was raised to be respectful and to protect people I was in charge of. To see these people sit in a position of authority,enrages me. These are not people that should be Leaders.


nothing worse than some one in charge, that should not be

Hatti Nuff

I thoroughly enjoy (and learned much from) your insights! I watched the entire hearing and agree with your assessment 100%.


Thank you!!!


Thank you for bringing your wonderful talent of reading people to us. My favorite, so far, is this one with AG Whitaker. Love this guy! He’s not taking any crap from them and I like it. Some of the committee act like they are in a Roman forum and bully others until they get an answer they like. Not this one lol.


whitaker is definitely Bull size crying

Catherine Dale

This was gratifying to watch. Whitaker has the best smile as he drives the dems crazy. I love him. I hope he gets another job in the administration.


Thank you for sharing your gift and insights, Mandy!


So, it looks like red-hair-yellow-tie guy knew where Jordan was going with the questions and why. Also, who is Nadler’s puppetmaster/string-puller that’s behind him? The guy who keeps getting up and directing Nadler? Does Nadler not have an original thought, but has to be kept on task? 🤔 God bless Jim Jordan!


definitely tells you that Nadler and many of the weak ones are just puppets

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