Body Language – Trudeau on SNC Lavalin Fraud Case


Note: All comments in my videos are strictly my opinion.

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All I can say is “what in the hell happened to the men of Canada?”. Is this metrosexual twerp the best they can do? Call me a stereotyper but they used to be known for lumberjacks, hunters, fishermen and wrestlers like Mad Dog Vachon. Now this. Faith Goldy for PM.


Love your analysis, not sure I agree with everything but it is still thought provoking. Something not too common in today’s world. Totally understand your emotions with your segment on the Homeless State of Mind. That one hurt.
As for trudeau. Nice young man with great hair. Qualified for the job? Doesn’t matter, it’s a ‘Democracy’. In a democracy, the people get the government they deserve. I’m afraid democracies are designed to fail. Any time the majority can vote themselves someone else’s money…ain’t gunna last.
As you and others have very aptly noted, he’s an ex drama teacher. Unqualified for anything but fluff stuff. He’s a puppet. And a fool. And a Trust Fund Baby. And Entitled. And since people generally don’t look beyond today, they require more pain to come to the truth. He’s going to win another election. When he ran for the liberal party leadership, I said he was not only going to be their leader, but that he was going to be in for two terms. Sad. I only watch/listen to him through a veil. Gotta keep whats left of my sanity…


Tampon Boy does this thing with his voice when he tries to explain away bullshit… It is like he is totally relaxing his voice box. I started to notice it after I had to learn how to do that when I developed vocal chord dysfunction. When you are stressed you need to swallow more often to relax the muscles in your throat so you can talk properly and not have your voice go squeaky.

It is actually a really neat trick when you need to do public speaking and are nervous.


Trudeau is a globalist puppet. I can’t help but wonder how much of the stress is due to him wanting to please his handlers.

Lars Steffensen

“Tampon-boy” is such an apt nickname for him. Fit like a glove, says it all and has a nice reference to various bodily fluids for extra salience. really sick

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