Body Language – State Of The Union SOTU 2019


Note: All comments in my videos are strictly my opinion.

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Glad I was was watching a blues concert on a cruise ship in the Virgin Islands and did not watch this live. 90 percent of those backstabbing scumbags do not deserve to nor do they represent anyone but themselves. Even if they stand and clap like trained seals at the circus, Trump is their worst nightmare since he wants to restore power to the people and see the law enforced fairly. Almost all of the Democrats and the majority of Republicans either enabled or benefited from the corruption of the Clintons, Bushes and Obama.The President gave a good speech, but he will need to fight every step of the way to solve the problems they have all conspired to keep going for their own benefit. I think those Justices all know that with Bader probably dead and the new wave of post-birth abortion laws, ( first degree murder) they will have to take a stand for once instead of hiding behind legal tecnicalities. Great analysis, Mandy. My prayers to the Patriots and the President. Most of congress belongs in GItmo or at the end of a rope.

Robert Santorelli

Thank you so much for your analysis. In particular explaining why the judges and military didn’t participate in the standing ovations.


I wonder, is Schumers perpetual smile a disability of some sort. Nobody I’ve met smiles that much. And it’s a cheshire cat smile. Makes me very leary of him.


Thanks for the breakdown Mandy.
Kavanaugh’s tension is most likely the result of being stuck in a room with cameras rolling, surrounded by the same people who just a few months ago labeled him a violent rapist and a liar. really angry

Patrick Archer

I covered up the mouths of the SCOTUS. I could not see the stress. They looked happy to be there to me.
OK. I looked at it again and now I see it. They’re not thrilled to be there. Their smiles seem like something practiced over the years..


I enjoyed this analysis so much. Perfect about Nancy… she didn’t deserve any more than you gave, and you were spot on! I can’t wait for your videos.

Zarmo P. Fudpucker

I Don’t see a LIKE button here. so I will comment that I like what you doe.thank you. I was waiting for this video since the speech. Please do more on this speech. Thank You.


It was hilarious at the one point in the speech when he actually got ALL the white dressed weidos to stand and applaud. He was talking about employment and the number of women in congress. It was brilliant. His smirk was like he just won a bet that he couldn’t get them all to stand and applaud and he did.


I could watch this video all day. I love this speech and this analysis was amazing as usual Mandy. I wish you would have gotten to the part where Chucky literally made his back into a hunch because he was so uncomfortable. Thanks again!!


Could the secret be some arrests soon to come? Wishful thinking…


anyone else think the holocaust survivor @ 21:38 is pissed off because hes told he cant stand to salute the man that liberated him?
then @ 22:58 he says sarcastically am i allow to stand now. i find that is be awkward, even the solider that liberated him didnt seem to embrace him later on in the speech when he had the standing ovation..

Gen. Stewart

Hi ,mandy ! Hope all is well with the baby. Please do one on individuals and their reactions to specific comments made by Trump(kamala,Bernie,AOC and Piglosi). Kirsten Neilson looked broken hearted ? ! Something terrible has happened to her. There are two specific reactions of shock that Piglosi had. As if she knew nothing about them until Trump stated them. She put her wall of papers up between her and the President throughout the speech. She is the easiest person to read. There is many vids in this one event. This was an emotional rollercoaster for me. At times,disgust,pride in America and Trump,profound sadness about our babies. I cried like a broken hearted first love gone bad. At one point I was so angered,I imagined walking through the Democrats with a machete. I had to pray to Jesus,My Lord And Savior to keep them from stealing my joy,for what is happening for our people and country.


I of course don’t know it for a fact but I heard that the speech they gave her didn’t match his words. Causing her to be off track on her cues to her herd.


I think Pense is deep state.

Kevin Fitzpatrick

In your observation Nancy was playing with her dentures, but coming from a dairy background I recognize when a cow chewing its cud.


Great job saw so much I would have missed.

Great work as always Mandy – Thank you for covering this!!!!!!

Marianne Rodgers

Pelosi stopped a bill that would make infanticide illegal. She is a very ugly face of death and EVIL!!!

Gen. Stewart

We should shame New Yorkers 24/7 until they repent and change that abomination of a law.


she has a weak mind. which mean an entity like planned parent hood can control her with green on a stick

Jesse Boyce

Two things:

1. During the speech trump gave out statistics in regards to an ICE officer that was being recognized. He gave a side-eyed look when the first number read off that made me think the stat given wasn’t right…It’s the same kind of look I make when someone is saying something that I know isn’t true but it’s not the time to correct it, or not something worth correcting for whatever reason (usually socially or politically not the right move to make). I was wondering if Bombard might be willing to comment on that read?


2. Also, and as a side note because it was a funny thought I had, starting @ 23:37 Buzz Aldrin’s expression and body language as trump said Americans would be returning to space on American rockets

“Oh God, no one knows the nightmares waiting for them out there…Something bad is coming”


To your second point, that struck me, too. My thoughts at the time were 1) that Aldrin is really old (he just turned 89 a few days ago) and maybe was having a senior moment; or, and this is off the walls but, 2) maybe the conspiracy theory that Stanley Kubrick filmed the entire moon landing in a studio somewhere and those guys never walked on the moon at all is true and that was what Aldrin’s expression was showing.


I don’t think Buzz was having a senior moment but rather he knows something the rest of us don’t. Even though he’s older now I’m certain that his going to the moon, or the faking thereof, will always be fresh in his mind. Perhaps Mandy can weigh in.


It would be great if Mandy would weigh in on that! I’d love to get her opinion.


he has a medical condition… i dont know what it is. but it gives him a lot of what looks like intestinal pain


kiss Thank you, Mandy.

Jesse Boyce

Haha, thank you. I’ll stick with my make believe scenario that there’s a secret hell dimension out there that he hasn’t told anyone about…Or an evil war-like alien race that no one believed him about.


Maybe it’s the internal parasite alien he picked up while on the moon. ☺️

Mitzi Cole

You didn’t show it, but toward the end of his speech Pelosi was looking like she needed a stiff drink.

Gen. Stewart

Her monkey was screaming for it’s crack pipe.


That little girl, the cancer survivor, stole the show. She was adorable. Imagine, you’re the president giving the most important speech of the year, and you’re being totally upstaged by a little girl. How embarrassing.

Gen. Stewart

To be embarrassed at that ,would be an act of arrogance and the best tell of an insatiable ego. Or the opportunity for the watcher to witness true kindness and humility. Beautiful little girl ! May the lord Jesus be as forgiving to us all.


Relax. You should learn a little bit rhetoric.

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