Body Language – Piers Morgan Vs Susanna Reid Vs Jacob Rees-Mogg


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Adam Nixon

I was raised a leftist “vote for Democrats and women ” I was told my whole life, but now that I’ve been blessed enough to wake up I see things much differently and the more I watch women in powerful places the less I want to vote for them in government.
Especially with what they do in the European governments!
Men may get us into ridiculous wars and all kinds of trouble but at least they dont flood our countries with the third world, while at the same time disarming and guilting and shaming us.


Glad that woman is in England and not here!

Bonnie Hawkins

Excellent as usual. I like the British quiet staunchness. TY.


Thanks Mandy…it would have been great to hear further assessment of the characters in the interview. smile smart

Gen. Stewart

Hi Mandy,hope all is well ! Just as long as they stay on their side of the pond. Cucks !


Heavy !


I would NOT want to work with those two. Talk about tense.


Jeremy clarkson punched piers morgan in the face for a reason. Because he is an ass hat.


Bless her little pea-picking heart… she just cannot abide someone talking, other than herself, of course. 🤣

Diane Hering

This heifer was auditioning to fill in for Stephanie Ruhle on MSNBC. Such arrogance. Great analysis.

I can’t wait to see what you have for us on Gov Northam.


Particularly like your introduction of the word ” heifer” to ascribe to female ex-bbc interogator ! 10/10 for that one ! XD happy


I am so grateful for Jacob Rees-Mogg and for people like him.

Drew Stevenson

Spot on, Susanna used to work for the BBC and is still very much BBC material (as in brainwashed leftie). Morgan although a remainer does understand the electorate voted leave and that is what must happen, as for Mogg I find he is the only one who talks sense and very well too, he understands our constitution and at this moment in time talks for the people.


Right on Drew….what a dog’s breakfast t.may has made of it…too,too slow by half allowing the legal rats of all parties to organise against her.She has messed it up big time. No leadership experience,no succesful track record…how the hell did she get the job ?


I’ve seen them together enough to sense Morgan can’t stand his sidekick. She’s a real establishment wonk, while he’s a bit more nuanced. That’s a harsh and well deserved analytical jab to his gov’t partner.


That was amazing! So much body language in all of 7 minutes. What an evil [w]itch! Can’t blame Morgan for being uncomfortable, having to sit next to her. Great video choice, too. It brings the Brexit divide to life. Great job, Mandy!


haha brilliant!


Mandi, did you say “you should marry him”? Holy fright!


a freudian slip, perhaps? grin


Oh my, what would Mr No Name say??


Yeah I don’t get that one either…I thought you are married Mandy,Ian smile

Lars Steffensen

Jacob Rees-Mogg is softspoken in terms of volume and etiquette. But he can slice any careless opponent with his sharp wit and clever tongue.


he does it very well, indeed

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