Body Language – Economic Director Larry Kudlow


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i love your commentary at the end where he nopes out of it. very colorful. that’s what i love about you is how colorful your language is about what you’re describing.


Listening to Larry’s radio show and following some of his financial advice was a big part of the reason I was able to retire at 61. I think part of his sketchy body language has to do with his knowlege that a very big reorganization including an RIF in the federal government and big changes to the Fed will follow the next government shutdown in February. I have seen him speak many times and he definitely knows something he can’t reveal. As usual, even the best and smartest of the media are asking questions that show that they are fighting the last war and are playing checkers while the administration is playing global chess. Roberst is one of the better ones, but even he is trapped inside the DC bubble and cannot think outside of that box. The OMB has zero credibility and their main function appears to be to prevent positive economic changes from happening and in conjuncion with the Fed, prevent a great and highly profitable economy.


This analysis was insightful as usual. There is much cause for concern, as our economy been under the control of world bankers for generations now. At this point, the auto industry and housing are still slowing, and coupled with the increasing tendency of overpriced stocks to go down, there will yet be more economic problems and instability.

Gen. Stewart

Thank you,Mandy. How’s the baby coming along ? Hope all is well. It seems there’s bad news there. I personally can accept bad news,as long as it’s honest. I would rather get bad new early in order to deal with it before it gets out of hand.


Drain the swamp. We don’t need a huge central government.

Tom Nova

Good read. There are truths he can’t convey but he knows otherwise. He’s trying to be positive. Between now and 2020 the hunt for money will increase through taxes; especially within each of our 50 states. BTW, hey Mr No Name are you guys completely out of the “EU” buy now or is that still pending ?

sky captain

I think what Larry knows would blow our minds, and he can’t talk about ANY of it. Trump is AT WAR with powers and principalities that most folks don’t even know exist. He intends to wield a strong American economy like a battle ax on the world stage. At the risk of sounding provincial, God’s hand is in motion and Larry just happens to have a bird’s eye view. Mum’s the word loves.


You are exactly right. Well said.


Thanks. He’s so casual when he speaks I’d almost believe anything he says. Your analysis gave me a whole different perspective.
Acosta was standing and leaning on a wall attracting as much attention to himself as he could and Roberts is really not that good.

J H Martin

He is an honest guy, who can’t look us in the eye because there is concern about the economy. Consumer confidence is reported as falling, China is slipping due to the trade war and their are issues with resolving it and, I believe it was the IMF that has just downgraded Global Growth numbers which will impact us. Don’t fprget the treaty just negotiated to replace NAFTA which the Dems may very well may give a thumbs down. And that’s just the surface stuff.
Otherwise things are great… and yet we still well may keep chugging along.
Larry is an optimist and he would have said the same thing on his radio program even thought he knows this stuff and more in great detail.


Reporter at 4:10 is John Roberts & currently serves as the chief White House correspondent for FOX News.

Thank you very much for helping me with my body language skills. I am very impressed with your skill sets and I am starting to see past the words. Xoxo


That was great Mandy. Larry use to be on TV for either MSNBC or CNBC as a financial person. He’s not afraid of talking to the press or the public. This was spot on.


He tends to be this way when I’ve seen him interviewed. Maybe he also was just not comfortable being in front of a hostile press. The reporter you think is intelligent is John Roberts of Fox News.

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