Body Language – Donald Trump Deal To End Shutdown


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Mandy, can you comment on the speculation by others that Trump will not be allowed to say too much? The statement came from a video by headlines with a voice. She commented that she believed Trump had been drugged? I’m not trying to be paranoid, but trying to be realistic.. do they have the control and power?


At the end of the press conference with Pelosi and Schumer reporters were asking if Trump showed them who was boss, referring to the new Congress. Because if wasn’t that long ago they were literally screaming “impeach the m f’er.” Now Pelosi and Schumer are claiming to be on board with border security, a huge attitude adjustment.


I think Mandy might have unintentionally created a new dance craze- the “Trump Secret Plan Twist”. To hell with the Ninth Circuit. I doubt if some Hawaiian judge is going to lay in front of the Army Corps bulldozers as they build the damnred wall once and for all to slow the flood of slaves, criminals and drugs into our country. The Ninth Circuit would also forbid the President fo fight back if Pearl Harbor was attacked again. Many people who do not understand the President think of him as a politician and do not get that he is on a mission to resolve the problems created by generations of lying politicans and that he does not give a hoot about the things that would give most of them heart palpitations. Hope he keeps doing the Trump Twist. Thanks, Mandy.


The govt reopen also allows fulfillment of Pelosi stance no SOTU speech becuz of govt shut down.

With reopen – SOTU can occur on world stage that sees Ruth Ginsberg that failed to show up for all of Supreme Court sessions in January 2019 – still remains non-existent at the SOTU speech.

Time for new Supreme Court #3 replacement.


The “21” day notice to Congress that border security will occur even if the Dems block ‘National Security’ fulfills 10 USC 284 – Law that requires a timed notice before Army Corp of Engineers can be used to build walls etc (“military construction project”) to stop international drug traffic.
Does not appear to need a “national emergency” with the std Dem 9th circus Court block.

US Code:


Pauses – May mean the words are set to time markers. If you track Q posts many of the Twitters are “timestamped” by date and time to coordinate with numerology.


I thought this is what he said he wasn’t going to do. HUH……..


My nephew has military experience and works for the BLM. He says if POTUS uses the military to build the wall system, it’ll be permanently funded, with little fear of a future Congress or even future President tearing it down. Trump needs this pathway.


We’re at the pains of democracy now at this point. He needs to get the wall up, even if it costs him his reelection. I’m OK with that, because if he does it then I’m ready to deal with whatever comes after that. With or without congress, it needs to get done in order to convince everyone that this is still a republic; or at least it still can be.

Lucas Barbuzzi

Why a wall would convince people that this is still a republic?

Dawn Brown

Im seeing him as reading a hastily written speech someone else wrote,but not really looking uncomfortable with his plan of action. From what I see he is still going to follow a set plan,though he needed to slightly modify it after finally seeing people voting in the House/Senate.He needed to let people get a few paychecks under their belt before initiating Part B of his plan which will place full responsibility on the Dems-primarily Pelosi and Chuckey. The tide is turning and we have dems actually telling telling Pelosi to “give him the damn money already” One way or another,he will win this battle. I think now he will also be able to give hs SOTU speech reaching the public-which would be an interesting speech for you to break down Mandy,no matter which way the tide comes in


Another example of Trump playing 4D chess. Open it back up for 3 weeks, Trump gets to hold the state of the union and take huge shit all over the D’s, then when no deal happens (which melted cheese face Pelosi will not negotiate on) and after 3 weeks it gets shut down again and all the blame of the shutdown will fall squarely from Trump’s shoulders onto the D’s shoulders as they refused to negotiate… The guy is a wizard.


His plan is to use his authority to declare an emergency and divert funds to build the wall/fence/whatever. Then all hell will break lose in the House, with the help of the GOP Never Trumpers in both the House and Senate (led by Romney), and we will see even more gridlock until the next rigged election.

I was hoping you’d do this one and was surprised to see it posted so fast. Thank you, Mandy!


Problem with that is from what i can gather from listening to others comment on it is that if he tries a state of emergency and divert funds from agency X or Y then the 9th circuit will toss it out almost immediately. Someone please correct me if i am wrong on this, My facts are coming from youtube commentators.


He can ask for the supreme Court after that, and if they turn it down or rule against him he can ignore that decession, just like president Andrew Jackson did. The only thing they can do to stop him would be something despotic.
Congress would not want that to happen because that would be proof that the government is broken.
Then there’s the conspiracy option….


Dear god if it ever got that far….. i think they would stop it purely based on liberals having strokes en masse


I didn’t say it would work. Just the opposite. You’re right about the 9th circuit tossing it out. My point was that unless something else is going on that we don’t know about and he does have a very different plan, nothing is going to get done in DC. The swamp rats will make sure of that. Buddy is also right. the government IS broken but, I also think the swamp rats will stop at nothing, until they get their way. I just wish Trump would finally allow the truth to get and declassify the redacted documents.


POTUS directs, runs the military. They should build it.


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