Body Language – Confronting Belle


Note: All comments in my videos are strictly my opinion.

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I couldn’t help but notice the face she pulled around 6:36, it was a half-snarl type facial expression.


She is quite clearly describing what they do when taking a lie detector test when she describes the man and his cancer detection machine.


I loved this one. I like the lengthier ones you do. We got a good story along with a detailed explanation of the body language. Keep up the great work!


thank you


Gotta admit, she’s a most excellent liar.


I know a person exactly like her. I unfortunately can NOT rid her in my life. The moment I told her I SEE you for what you are stop manipulating me. I’m not doing this any longer. Always KNOW in my head even if I’m not calling you on your BS I SEE it, I know. That was the moment when she went full on trying to destroy me with everyone we know. She likes to get drama going with her manipulations. She gets things out of it whether its – or +. But she does exactly what this woman does & more. The victim card is always there & the most usable. I never engage. That is what I learned. No matter what engaging is losing. You said it at the end people LEARN to AVOID. I can’t remove her but, man do I AVOID her!! This video hit home because I live it!


ClusterB mixture ..


Very interesting to watch as I heard your brilliant analisis follow her deceptions.

Kiley VanArsdale

Just found out about Belle Gibson a number of months ago and I can’t get it out of my head. So glad you did a video on her–I clicked on it so fast!


Surprised the interviewer did not ask her if she felt guilty about misleading others who actually did have cancer and perhaps delayed conventional treatment with fatal results. It would have made somebody else the victim and really is the central question, is it not? Believe she said twice “I have lost everything” revealing her extreme narcissism. These type of individuals are extremely slippery with casting themselves in the victim role and attempting to garner sympathy. It does become ingrained in their personality from an early age. This is why personality disorders are so hard to treat. They rarely think they have a problem. Not being as astute at body language, I always looked for the narcissism first If I knew then what I have picked up from your work, Mandy, it would have made my work a lot easier. I have tipped off quite a few still practicing school and therapy people to the site and they love it. Keep up the good work.


thank you, I’m glad that its helping people to see. I do believe that this will make society better.

Gen. Stewart

She’s just a predator that has honed her skills for many years. She patiently waits to read her prey’s reaction to whatever bait she throws out.


My mother had an inoperable malignant tumor. After 9 months, it disappeared from her body. To this day I still live!


You should do the Red Hat kid video. The Left would lynch that kid if they had the chance.


My first thought was, “Can’t wait til Mandy reviews this!”. smile


how crazy to think the interview might help


Dear God, She’s like a greased pig. Get the feeling she’s been getting away w/ her BS for a very long time. She screams ‘liar’.


First thing I noticed (after the huge oversized sweater) was the fake eyebrows & heavy face “contouring” make-up.
Everything real is hidden.
Secondly her voice is constantly breaking as if she’s about to break down crying but her eyes don’t reflect the same emotion.
You’re a lot better than me in reading the body movements but they seem to indicate the same thing.


Is anyone else reading this familiar with Borderline Personality Disorder? Because that is what I see here.

(I’m not a health professional. This is strictly my opinion.)


i dont know…i personally dont know how far she went in her deception


You know who she reminds me of? Elizabeth Holmes,


Ha! I kept seeing Hilary Clinton in all of her movements and expressions.

Shawn Murphy

What jumped out like a 100 frogs was how this 60 MINUTES Australia segment was cut & edited on purpose to discredit, demean, & bully. The interviewer has a predetermined goal – To discredit “The Truth About Cancer” & that Cancer is a very preventable & treatable condition. The interviewer is disingenuous & a beyotch. I know nothing about this young woman & nothing about any of the story or backstory. I am trained in media / I know media / this is a hatchet job & Tara the correspondent doesn’t care about the truth. The purpose is to SCARE the public & discredit a movement that will not be stopped. Mandy you cannot get a totally accurate read from a news magazine segment that is so biased in it’s Agenda & so skillfully cut & pieced / Edited to destroy! THIS IS FAKE NEWS!!! Want real info about cancer? Do your own research.
The Dr. Rath Foundation (Excellent Sources all 3)

– Never get a Mammogram! – Mammograms increase the odds of getting breast cancer – No safe mammogram exists!
– Get a Thermogram! – thermography detects Breast Cancer @ least 5 years before any mammograms can & it is 100% safe!!!

Mandy – I love your work & you have skills I don’t have, but I do have the gift of discernment, so I’m good @ the Big Picture!!! Cancer needs refined sugars to live in the body. Everyone should be eating raw organic healthy foods & a PH alkaline level of 7.5 will help prevent Cancer. If you have known active cancer you need 7.7 to start. Eliminate all Processed foods & all sugar to start. Go to the websites to learn the truth about Cancer. I GTG.
Kindest Regards,

P.S. 5G causes Cancer, Wi-Fi causes Cancer, GMO’s cause Cancer, Chemotherapy causes Cancer, etc…

P.P.S. Cancer has been cured 100’s of different ways… cancer is a condition that can be treated most successfully by avoiding… Surgery – CUT. Chemotherapy – POISON (THINK MUSTARD GAS WWI). Radiation – BURN…

P.P.P.S. To cure cancer the whole body must be treated in a Holistic, Logical, Systemic fashion. If a tumor exists do not DISTURB it or it will send seeds throughout the bloodstream. RSO is excellent if made properly from good plant material! AKA Rick Simpson Oil. If you have active cancer you need to do 5 -6 different protocols to start & NEVER FEAR!!! Western allopathic medicine wants to SCARE & SHAME you into submission. Coffee enemas will be essential. Dr. Burzynski in Texas has been curing incurable brain cancer for decades – despite all the powers that be always trying to take his MD license away. MICRONUTRIENTS & MINERALS ARE ESSENTIAL TO GOOD HEALTH!


this read was not about cancer, it was about a person who lied about having it….


True. I did get that, Mandy. Still, Shawn Murphy isn’t wrong. In fact, that the interviewer was trying to falsely debunk alternative medicine was one of my first thoughts when watching the video. Cancer is much too lucrative a disease to allow for any actual cure to be made available to the public. But, I do get that the subject was about a habitual liar and nothing else.


dear god how many non-sequiturs can you fit into a paragraph? Are you also an anti vaxxer?

Shawn Murphy

Truth is independent of one’s understanding or belief…


To be fair, chemotherapy is literally poison. That’s a fact.
It goes like this: we will poison your body, so that hopefully the cancer dies before you die.
Sounds pretty stupid to me, sorry. It works in certain cases, sure, still sounds pretty stupid.
Tons of so called real medications treat symptoms (only) and not the actual causes, which is kinda laughable.

When your bath room gets flooded, you would stop the cause (water flowing out of a pipe) instead of trying to shovel out water over and over again / adding a drainage in the bathroom.

I personally suffer from a chronic disease (not cancer) and even got chemo therapy 10 years ago, which didn’t work out, wow was that fun. I then got a medicine (no shaken water), that was on trial back then, which actually helped and it still is not available outside of trial, although it’s nothing dangerous, quite the opposite especially compared to chemo. I also removed everything from my meals that contains industrial sugar. That also helped. Guess what the official big pharma information on the disease still is: “food intake does not matter, eat whatever you like”. I know better, sorry. I know that that information is a lie.

Big Pharma is at the stock markets.
What’s the point of stock markets?
Cure people for a one time fee, or give them (expensive) medication 24/7 aka earn more and more money?

Shaken water and such is BS (well except for the placebo effect, which is real, it’s simply your body/immune system working and that’s somehow affected by psyche).
But that doesn’t mean that everything Big Pharma throws out is the opposite.

About vaccines btw.
Maybe look up “A lowered probability of pregnancy in females in the USA aged 25–29 who received a human papillomavirus vaccine injection” (2018). Strangely that study was totally ignored by main stream media, I wonder why… All that matters is that the lights are out.

Not even saying that all of them are bad, but some definitely are (and possibly even intentionally – why did certain people push for HPV vaccines everywhere especially in Africa for very young females? Coincidence? Strangely it makes sense when you look at it from a certain dark perspective and hey the same people murdered tons of people in Afghanistan, Iraq, etc. etc. intentionally as well, so please no one tell me that anyone of those would have morals or wants to do something good for mankind).


Yes, I agree this was painful to watch.

Jackie Boudreaux

Where do I find the video that is advertised? The Aaron Harper show bit??


in criminal minds

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