Body Language – Trump Border Security Press Conference

Body Language - Trump Border Security Press Conference

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The almost gleeful twist, with a corresponding slight smile.


Carry on!


I was kinda hoping he was going to announce we’re closing our border and I’m meeting with my Generals. I just hope this isn’t the first baby step to finally giving in and just signing whatever they give him.

Gen. Stewart

Hi,mandy ! Thank you,once again. If the leftist have their way ? The border will be torn down and the flood of unskilled people will bankrupt Us. That’s exactly what obama was trying to do. Bankrupt our middle class, thereby forcing everyone on government assistance. A people that depends on the government, do as they’re told. The people that is helping to destroy America would take their promised place as the new ruling class in a council of world leaders. This is a war of attrition ! An every so slowly erosion of our Values and our Culture. They stopped the pledge of ALLEGIANCE,we did in school. They stopped PRAYER.They took down the TEN COMMANDMENTS in our government buildings and on our lawns.Now our statues,holidays and speech by way of technology. Through our education system,teachers and professors have socially conditioned the last two generations of us and our children to submit without question. They are turning our young men into emasculated cowards and our women into facilitating it. Courage is doing the very thing we are afraid to do. We as a people need to gather our strength,what little of it we have left.

Janeen Chell

Living 10 min from the Mexican border in So Ca I see what comes over DAILY! I’ve watched people from the Mexico side climb the existing sorry-excuse-for-a-border-fence and be apprehended moments after their running feet hit the ground. The impact illegal immigration has on our local school system is crippling. Classrooms full of low to non English speaking students. Teachers are caught between a rock and a hard place. Some teachers just teach their classes in Spanish because it’s the easiest way to get the material across to the students. What about the 3 English-only speaking kids in the class? They’re not supposed to do that obviously, but test scores…
Anchor babies at our local hospitals are common. Pregnant women in labor cross the border then give birth for free, and have American citizenship status to boot… I have no problem what so ever with legal immigration. I have watched (legal) immigrant families become successful business owners, children of immigrants become attorneys and medical professionals. I know that when those who have done it right see freebies handed to those who came across illegally, it cheapens the whole situation and years of hard work they put in. We need a wall. Now.


Well said!

Zana Price

The President knows exactly what is going on since November 2016. Tic Tock

Shawn Murphy

President Trump already knew exactly what the response from those who oppose His policies would be, before He even announced yesterday, that He would be addressing the Nation today. He is controlling the narrative & even though the Southern Border crisis is a very real issue, this is all political theater, much is going on behind the scenes… This situation is playing out well for President Trump, His Counter Moves to Nancy Pelosi’s uninvite for The SoTU address, sent a strong message & made Pelosi reveal much about herself. She looked like a fool & a deer caught in the headlights trying to respond to the media about her military flights being cancelled by President Trump & then when she tried to fly commercially her flight details were leaked & the media hammered her, she got frustrated and left the airport. President Trump is in election mode for 2020 & He is TROLLING the Demonrats daily, He is relentlessly pounding His opposition daily & it’s great entertainment for me!!! Indeed President Trump has accomplished much in 2 years, but He can’t drain the swamp if the Shutdown ends & the Federal Government reopens! It will stay shutdown until President Trump makes the Federal Government smaller & more efficient & at least a good portion of the Deep State Swamp has been removed from their Federal employee status. Much, much, much more is happening behind the scenes & anyone who thinks 6 Billion dollars has anything to do with any of this political theater, well President Trump has a few other things to sell you that you will gladly swallow. Only time & history will tell the full story, pray for Our President Trump, He surely needs them!!! Give them hell Don, give them all hell!

Gen. Stewart

Ditto ! A weak leader never won a damn thing. Whether it was a male or Female.


Great comment! I fully agree. I would only add that the President has figured out the deep state scheme to recreate the democrat plantation through co-opting dependent illegal aliens with the groups they already control in the urban hellholes, coastal elite centers, and identity populations which are not reproducing fast enough to maintain their power. He will not allow it to happen and is about the only one with the guts and Olympian energy to fight hard enough to prevent it. This is why his approval rating with legal Hispanics has increased 19 points since the shutdown started. He and all other Patriots are in my prayers.

Mandy thoughts? since she left the country with her whole family


Wow. Just wow. Is it so incredulous as to be believable? The part about JFK’s cabinet is what struck me the most. Are the correlations prevented by this man logical? Do they align with other known information about JFK’s assassination? Definitely continuing to pray for our president, and all of our elected leaders.


Whoa! Hadn’t even considered that angle. As outlandish as it seems, it does add up, though. Frightening! Sure hope Trump is totally prepared to act very quickly. Is there any cure for Trump Derangement Syndrome? This insanity has to end and a lot of people must be brought to justice soon. Whoa… really sick


She claimed to be going to Afghanistan to be “debriefed” by the military there. Of the reported 98 people on the junket, 7 were politicians. Some were surely staff, but the rest were reported as family, including grandkids. Who the H€££ brings their GRANDKIDS to a War zone???
Something is very fishy.


Saw the same thing. What has happened in the past to Presidents who have threatened the maintenance of various stages of the democrat plantation/deep state/NWO? Lincoln, Kennedy, Reagan (unsuccessful). I think Trump knows what will happen when the rats are cornered and will take steps to prevent it, but needs prayers and support from all loyal Patriots.


I am firmly convinced that God had His hand in the 2016 election. What I don’t know is if was because of our prayers or because of His own plan. Either way, God chose Trump for these times and God enables those he chooses. Having said that, I truly believe our prayers for a successful outcome must continue.


At first I took the 92 people including family and cabinet members leaving on a military jet plane as just talk as I don’t know where to go to verify this info. I mean who would be approved to take that many people on a trip to the middle East for work related stuff? And seriously who could pick a more unsafe location for all those people to go to?

It also blows my mind to think that in a modern and civil scociety elected members of government would even consider doing this. They will eventually get voted in so why go to that effort?

This administration must be making some powerful changes that scare them.


im just glad it blew up in her face. I dont know if she was able to go or not. im just glad trump has a plan and not just dicking around


They say he’s a real good chess player. I think he’s also a good people reader.


i swear sometimes i think he says watch this…and people will literally choose the cage and lock it themselves when he done


Being a sly old fox is not always a bad thing!


no it isnt and by the comment that this could be months to over a year from the last presser…he is serious


I think he is very serious. Some of the people that are not getting paid are the ones in the deep state working to leak and undermine him. I think there is little sympathy for those partisan traitors!

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