Body Language – William Barr A.G. Confirmation Hearing

Body Language - William Barr A.G. Confirmation Hearing

Note: All comments in my videos are strictly my opinion.

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Of course the evil Dems say something like Barr “undermine Mueller”. What a freaking joke! And “willingness to reach conclusions”….Omg….Isn’t it so obvious the Dems have created a coup?!!

Carrol Freedman

I thought Mrs. Barr had some unique expressions during this hearing. I almost wanted you to read her body language.

Laurel Vickoren

It still boggles the mind why Trump would nominate a man who is a very close personal friend of the man who is sworn to discredit and destroy him. He is supportive of continuing Robert Mueller’s unlawful persecution of Trump and his associates. So WHY on God’s green earth would he choose him?

Laura Schwickrath

So interesting. Also captivating are the facial expressions of those speaking and also surrounding him.

Gen. Stewart

This man does not,suffer fools ! I enjoyed watching,what I believe to be his daughter and wife. This is a intelligent and mutually engaged family. It is clear that his daughter has listened to his thoughts on his beliefs and had more tells than he was giving up. I like you, believe graham to be a usurping sycophant. The buzz word that left me with hope,was when graham ask him to promise to investigate 2016. It was an open invitation to investigate Hillary Clinton’s role in this mess.


“I wouldn’t let him out of the perimeter I put him in.” Not sure of the meaning of this. Good analysis.


meaning, the job I expect him to do is all the ‘good’ i would expect. any misdeeds outside of that, would not surprise me

Barr said,….“We need to push along the ERPOs so that we have these red flag [gun confiscation] laws…this is the single most important thing I think we can do in the gun control area.”

Laurel Vickoren

This probably is the most important piece of legislation…to enable the government to confiscate weapons belonging to American citizens!. Unfortunately it is so problematic, I hope it never passes. It reminds me a lot of Nazi Germany and other totalitarian regimes where people are encouraged, if not pressured, to turn in family members, friends, and neighbors.
My daughter has an intense hatred for us because we called CPS years ago to protect her children. If they pass this law, I can guarantee she would be at the head of the line to tell the authorities that we are unbalanced, delusional, crazy and dangerous. We each have a handgun for self-defense, neither of which has ever been fired, although we know how. She would have those taken away in a second to hurt or inconvenience us, and leave us unprotected.
This is a personal example of how these laws can be misused and misapplied to innocent people. For every 10-20 guns confiscated, one suicide is prevented? That is not an absolute; it also means between 9-19 innocent people are unconstitutionally deprived of their means of self-protection. I don’t see a cost-benefit advantage here.
I don’t mean to rant, but I find these laws very concerning from the point of view of an armed family with no history of violence, drug abuse, or psychosis.


Have not seen much of the hearings. But it doesn’t look like I missed anything. What we we do without the Mueller investigation? He does appear to be an ally though. I like a man with few words and I hope it bothers Lindsey and Diane. But still don’t trust him.


yeah, I think most Americans are over the dog and pony circus. I know I am….


Congrats on the baby and good luck with the visa. At least the guy appears to be smarter than Sessions. Still have an innate distrust of swampers and he is definitely a member of the club. We can always hope for justice to be served and that this guy might clean up 24 years of corruption, but I am skeptical. Who he chooses to replace Pencil Neck Rosenstein might tell us more.


This whole analysis is helpful and interesting. I appreciate that you also focused in on Graham. No, a tiger can’t change his stripes but, I still don’t know for sure if he is a snake or just a typical politician who blows with the prevailing wind to keep his cushy job and lifestyle as a result of it.

These “terrible times” have been created by feinstein and the cult she so represents. I have never witnessed a more delusional cluster of elected officials in my entire lifetime. I have never read more everyday trash from an entire media in all my years. Politicking is not and was never meant to be a Full Time Occupation. Where and when did we forget this? How lazy the people continue to be. This dangerous game these idiots play was never intended to be a way of life and Now, for all the world to witness,..America has a mother Criminal sitting with her wannabes spewing hypocrisy,….again. The questions you have heard at this confirmation hearing were derived from the lies and negative agenda of a disgusting cult who call themselves democrats.


Help! I cannot see the videos, are they here? no video link to click, what am I doing wrong?

terry florence

Again, Your discernment is a blessing to all those with eyes to SEE and ears to HEAR. Let the reader understand…

Debra Beckman

Why do I always get the message html5: video not properly encoded. ??


What do we know about Barr? Not much, but this much we do know.
1) Mr. Barr strongly supports the Patriot Act which violates every American’s fourth amendment right to privacy.
2) He has been a big fan of taking people’s property through civil asset forfeiture without a conviction. So will he do the right thing?
Not #metoo Mother Frankenstein. She has dysentery of the brain. Apparently Barr will not side with Trump’ s call to end the circus called the Mueller investigation.


no..i expect him to the the 90s AG he was in the 90’s. But you know what…i dont expect him to be there very long either… i dont know why, i just cant see him being there for more than 2 years.

Laurel Vickoren

I sincerely and absolutely hope you are right. We don’t need an AG bent on PERSECUTING innocent people because of their contact with our President; someone who favors the Patriot Act, which is the most unpatriotic and unconstitutional law ever passed; and who favors civil forfeitures and weapon seizures under ERPOs.
If he is in office for two years, it will mean another obstructionist preventing DJT from getting things done. It also means 2 more years of the unconstitutional, unlawful games being played by Robert Mueller and his FBI SWAT team.

Bonnie Hawkins

Love to you and family. I trust your assessments of body language.


thanks Bonnie!


The wife had 2 massive looks of incredulity during the pivotal questions on Mueller. As in “no way is Barr going to do anything to stop Mueller, you idiot -do you know nothing?!”. I am a sceptic and think Trump will regret this. If Mueller brings new rabbit trails he wants to go down, his bud Barr is not going to tell him no.


yeah i dont really see barr challenging fake evidence


Thank you, Mandy! Have missed you and your body language ‘readings’.


yes with the baby on the way and the VISA process…our schedule has really taken a beating smile


Baby? How wonderful! Salute! Slainte! Geusundheit! Wishing you the best of everything!


thank you!!!

Susan McCall

Did I read right Mandy that you are going to have a baby???? This is wonderful and so exciting! Congratulations! This won’t affect your perception of bad behavior will it? Just kidding Mandy – love to you and yours….

Gen. Stewart

Congrats ! I pray that all goes well for you and yours.


Maybe Feinstein is so comfortable with Graham because she knows things. 😎🤔😇

Barry seems solid mentally. Hopefully, he and his ethics are allies to our Constitution.

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