Body Language – Government Shutdown Trump Vs Chuck & Pelosi

Body Language - Government Shutdown Trump Vs Chuck & Pelosi

Note: All comments in my videos are strictly my opinion.

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Laurel Vickoren

What happened to her face? When she finished speaking, her whole face seemed to drop to the floor. Was she trying to look sad? As you said, this is so rigid and contrived you can almost see the strings pulling their mouths up and down like ventriloquists’ dummies. Their lies are so rehearsed, they almost believe them themselves. If you say something over and over, it becomes your truth.
I think these two know they are lying and how foolish they look. Conservative sites have done a great job of showing videos of them speaking about the need for a wall. It completely shows their hypocracy.


She is lieing about Veterans. WTH is wrong with Chuckie? I can decide if he’s been drugged or if he’s pretending to be a vampire. He looks really creepy.

They don’t have facts to argue on because generally the facts dont support what they say, they don’t speak supported truth. At best they give us half truths or downright misdirectional bs. I noticed it the first time Obama ran, no substance just appealing to emotions. Thats all they are is hot air and the shimmering of illusion.

louis caputo

Nancy Pelosi reminds me of that possessed doll, I believe it was called Annabelle.

Renzo Fabriek

There is something I noticed right now. Trump left eye is small and that other guy (names don’t interest me) is left.
There is a conection with the feeling part. Once a old hippie told me if your left ear “beeps” somone is talking positive about you and right is negative. Not realy science but in this case I wonder if there is a conection in the light of body language. Can anybody understand what I’m searching for?


Is Nancy Pelosi even breathing while Chuck talks?

Pat Rizing

Chucky & bride of Chucky in less than one month have out of their own mouths changed their talking points from humanitarian “CRISIS” to humanitarian “CHALLENGE” just because potus starting using the dems own wordings .
And the bill from dems in congress to re-open the partial gov shutdown had zero funding dollars for any type of border barrier but had a lot of pork in it (as usual) in the billion$ earmarked for abortions in other countries.
Ms Mandy thank you for all the work your do to be able to share knowledge in your videos with us, it’s greatly appreciated.

Renzo Fabriek

If you want to know how untrustworthy people look like, these two are are a perfect example. There is absolutly no feeling in their speech. She looks like a crazy person. He… I get shivers down my spine.
It could be a scene from a movie


Hmm. So the choice is:
DJT – Protect with border barrier, the USA from illegally trafficked disease, drugs and children VS
Chuck & Nancy – stop giving federal workers a (delayed) paid furlough vacation?


I just got a update from your body langage on You Tube.. You are being censored🇺🇸
Now what?


apparently, they were not letting my partner comment on his own video, and some unknown put a copyright claim on him. It has since been resolved.


Despicable swamp rats. These astonishing liars must be sociopathic. I honestly can’t tolerate looking at them. I have a physical reaction of stomach clenching and slight nausea. I had the same reaction to Bill and Hillary Clinton the first time I saw them on tv announcing his presidential candidacy. My antennas are very attuned to slimy frauds.


Video of Chuck flip flopping.


Robert H

R eyelid raised, left one lowered, any idea what that would indicate, please.

Gen. Stewart

I am in texas ! Bred,born and raised. I have been to Reynosa Mexico several times and further in. My uncle lived there 18years and died there. To prove what President Trump is saying is true,go to: UTUBE: “Grand Premiere News” Trouble on the border. PASS IT ON !


I’m surprised they didn’t call each other “citizen Pelosi” and “Citizen Schumer” or “Comrade Pelosi” and “Comrade Schumer”. It would have been more appropriate.


I thought it would have been very interesting if Trump had quoted a democrat saying they wanted a wall.
Also, when I saw Chuck & Pelosi all I got out of it was they attacked the person (Trump), not the argument.


I’ve been waiting for this analysis!


why is one eye open and the other half closed?


Probably ptosis.


Wonder how much of our tax dollars are going to all that work on Pelosi’s face. And upchuck with his “My fellow Americans” like he’s somebody. Love your analysis and glad you did this one.
This is why term limits will never pass.


If Nancy, ahem, Speaker Pelosi, isn’t careful with the ‘believe me look’ plastered on her face, she’s going to undo all of her plastic surgeon’s work.


Congrats, Mandy- only you could get me to risk projectile vomiting by watching the Penguin and Skelator attempting to confuse the American people. The American Gothic reference helped keep my breakfast down long enough to get through it. You cut it off in the nick of time. Thanks for another good one!


Women can be criminals too. And they will use children as their shield.

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